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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by WhatUptime, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. WhatUptime New Member

    Hello everybody,

    I have finally given in and I'm now levelling a real tank. After trying SK and War, I've decided to go with the warrior, it just seems to suit me better.

    My warrior is now 110, mostly in Faded Snowbound, with some IE gear and some conflagrant and no augs, so, until I gear him up, he's gonna be grouping with my friend's SK and not tanking at all.

    My question is, what's the best way to DPS with him? I got him a 2H weapon (which nicely reduced aggro compared to dual wielding), and I'm using (from memory, server is down!) bash, throat jab, gut punch, shield sunder, field champion (hey, it helps!), knee strike, battle leap.

    Anything else I should be doing to get more DPS without pulling too much aggro?

    Am I right to assume that I will be using the same buttons + all the aggro ones once I get to tank?

  2. p2aa Augur

    Cycle through your DPS discs like this :
    1) Start by clicking Battle Leap if not done yet (if you are tanking click Determined Reprisal on cooldown).
    1) Brutal Onslaught + Vehement Rage + Rampage (unless mobs mezzed and you don't want to wake it)
    2) Mighty Strike
    3) When Vehement Rage done, click Offensive Disc, and War Sheol Heroic Blade
    4) While you wait for Offensive Disc refresh, click the like of Strikethrough, Weapon Covenant to fill your disc slot, fill in Rage of Rallos Zek when it's up and Weapon covenant not running. Click Vehement Rage when Offensive disc not running.
    5) Click Circle of Power when War Sheol done.
    5) Try to time your Rampage click for when Brutal Onslaught is back up, for the rest use it on cooldown.
    6) Use Brutal Onslaught, Mighty Strike, War Sheol Heroic Blade when they refresh (don't use War sheol while Brutal or Mighty Strike runs)
    7) Repeat with Offensive Disc to fill time until Brutal, Mighty, etc are back up.
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  3. WhatUptime New Member

    Thanks a lot! That's way more than I expected.
  4. WhatUptime New Member

    Sorry, is there anything else to add to the dps mash key?
  5. Szilent Augur

    no & I'd take Throat Jab & Field Champion off

    also I can't tell if you mean you're mashing Battle Leap? that'd be super weird, almost surely cost you dps. once each time you zone.
  6. Spankage Lorekeeper

    Has Mighty Strike been proven to be the best of the three disc effected by Anguish BP? Always felt that this was never actually clarified anywhere and just taken as gospel, inquiring minds would like to know.
  7. Szilent Augur

    Guardian's Plate Chestguard of War only extends Fellstrike Discipline. In that BP's era, it was judged to be the best thing going on for warriors. It doesn't effect any other discipline.

    Fellstrike Discipline is heavily deprecated by Battle Leap Warcry. With the level 105 tier of Battle Leap Warcry (VI), Fellstrike is relegated to, functionally, just a modifier to minimum damage. It's a higher mod to minimum damage than Offensive Discipline, but neither is …superduper (good at all).

    Mighty Strike Discipline's value goes up with every rank of Veteran's Wrath AA.
    Mighty Strike's value goes to 0 when the warrior can achieve 100% melee crits by other means, like with some combination of high stats, ranger Auspice & shm Ancestral Aid.
    Nearly no warriors asking for dps advice are in a situation that maximizes their melee crit rate without Mighty Strike.

    Charge Discipline is what's left on Timer 4. Depending on gear & buffs, melee accuracy is 70-90%, so Charge does gain 10% even when all the rest is as good as it can get.

    conclusion: Mighty Strike > others, until it does nothing. Then, Charge.
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  8. WhatUptime New Member

    Thanks, very useful!

    And yeah, I was hitting leap on most mobs!
  9. Tucoh Augur

    p2aa and Szilent got your questions covered, but one thing I'll note is that while 2H is superior DPS to dual wield, it's not better by a huge margin (except for when you hit rampage). Last time I parsed it, dual wield was around 90% the DPS as 2H, while being dramatically better for physical damage mitigation.

    So, use 2H when your SK buddy has mob aggro on lockdown, but don't be ashamed to sit in dual wield before then so you can better survive mobs in your current gear/AA level.

    Additionally, you'll also want to improve your tanking skills steadily as you level and gear because learning the mechanics and building the muscle memory to use the massive number of tools available to you is going to happen more slowly than hitting 115 and getting geared. I'd recommend letting your SK buddy take care of business when the fight starts and after things are settled start peeling single, easy mobs off of him and tanking them. Unless you're currently running Mighty Strike the difference between tanking in dual wield vs DPSing in 2H is going to be overshadowed by the benefit of you learning how to tank, and it'll be more fun doing it.
  10. Spankage Lorekeeper

    Well don't I feel silly for equipping that BP for half a second each disc, that's a relief though. Overall what you've posted is how I've viewed it but I wasn't confident with that information until reading this over.

    I don't play a whole lot outside raids given the content was so short-lived but typically will forego MS for Charge due to the ADPS mods that are in play on most raids. Otherwise in groups I box a bard so I'm assuming I'll want to continue running Charge in that setting too. I feel extremely confident in everything else I've been doing but that particular detail had eluded me for some time, so thank you sir.
  11. Szilent Augur

    Bard doesn't do …much? anything? for crit rate. You'll have to check your own logs to see, I suppose, but I suspect Mighty Strike will be best for you.
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  12. WhatUptime New Member

    Thanks, I use 2H for DPSing also because it seems to generate less aggro - I think there is an aa that increases aggro when using dual or shield but I can't find it right now.

    And yes, I try to peel aggro off him and stay alive and mostly healthy! I can always stop hitting and he will pick up aggro very quickly.
  13. Spankage Lorekeeper

    Whoops, correct again. I was confusing the extra crit chance on FE for casters with melee

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