warrior needs hamstring (snare) badly

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  1. RaZoor Journeyman

    I admit that i am too lazy to go through the posts and find where I am sure that this has been said numerous times.

    I played eq several times from original to now. I never really played a warrior. I am now and i see why... what a shame. without the simple addition of a snare, it is nearly an impossible class to play (self heal or not) outside of a full team.

    at level 13 my 2 friends and I (cleric/chanter) realized quickly that we needed to roll a SK tank. too bad.
  2. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I wonder how all those raid main tank warriors ever made it that far. Gee, you're right, warriors aren't worth playing.


    On morale fail mobs, just aggro next mob before target mob is under 20 / 17 /15%

    I can solo Lguk on a warrior

    Even in monster mission form, like OMMs

    and I suck at warrior play mostly.
  3. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    also, procs and clickies are things.
  4. Karanthal Augur

    Would definitely help at lower levels. Warriors get "Call of Challenge" AA at level 70, but its long after you probably stop using snare because mobs die to fast to run away.
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  5. Alnitak Augur

    xxx Suspension of Slime XX is also a thing. Proces 5 ticks of Snare. Ask a friendly shaman to make a gazillion of those - all from cheap merchant-bought components.
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  6. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    You have 2 classes capable of rooting. Why do you need snare?
  7. Cadira Augur

    You played a class to 13 and determined the lack of a single ability deemed it completely useless?
  8. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

  9. Repthor Augur

    at higher lvls warriors have one of the most consistant snare out there beeing able to snare everything thats snarble with a physical resist check it barely ever gets resisted and even if the target is immune to snare and is not a raidboss it trips their flee tag and stays anyway its a catch all snare/anti run away fucntion you can just put in your spam key and never have to think about snare or running away mobs ever again
  10. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    go to PoK / Lobby Get these buffs (basics)

    Cleric- Temperance
    Shaman Harnessing of Spirit / Chloroplast (which is a druid spell, either class can cast)
    Druid/Mage Damage shield- Druid is Shield of thorns, single cast or legacy of spike for group, will not tag any pets, single cast those if you're petting. I skip pets until later as I want the mobs on ME. or mage cast Shield of Lava

    SHAMAN make DS potions also (bazaar search term "skinspikes" sort by rank. If none your level, ask in guild / general, it helps if you look up the recipe on EQTC (Eqtraderscorner) and farm / buy the dropped component(s) for the rank you need if none in bazaar.
    ROGUES make a poison useable by all/all called bite of the shissar (rank____) for EXTRA! with a capital EXTRA! damage.

    Beastlord Spiritual Light (regen stacks with Chloro) and HP buff spiritual brawn also stacks with temp and HoS

    In Crescent Reach and PoK there are potion vendors, Direct DD heals, Heal over time, pseudo beaslord regen (sprituality) and Haste.

    <<<note>>> until around level 20, your damage is hard capped, so delay of weapon means a LOT more toward ratio. I look for any 1 hand weapon with a delay of 20 or under. Haste item (worn) also helps with this)

    <<<note>>> a strong DS can killsteal you on low HP mobs like the rats and bats and little spiders. I use a ranger DS instead, it's fewer points of damage and won't KS noob mobs prior to level 4+ Or i just find a weapon with a .5 or better ratio and a shield for secondary slot AC and skip DS

    Running around the tutorial with an /open hotkey and clicking all the barrels and crates will make well more than enough plat to get you rolling.

    Tutorial 1-10, no morale fails. I personally go to the tutorial, do all the hail and clicks, do the Clearing the Vermin Nests and /open and loot 4x Nests for silks for Valara, then get Rebellion reloaded, Aracnidae. and Spider Tamer Gugan, then exit Tutorial and get a strong DS- The timing of DS applications at this point is based entirely on- do I, or do I now had a ranged damage on this character or will a DS killsteal my mobs before I damage them. Either level 4 or level 6.

    Do not attack nests / crates / barrels, use the /open hotbutton on socials tab. level 1 can make upwards of 300 PP / Hr just using this in turorial and getting ahead start on the "Tableflipper" achievement (5k container loots)

    Between level 4, when Scouts kaikachi and Zajeer give their quests, I get those and then kill as much of "Battle of Gloomingdeep" kills as I need to get level 6, then head to guard Maddoc back near start and grab the quest Kobold Leadership (4x Captains), then back to Arias, get to PoK, fully buff, then plow everything that's left level 6-10 in 15 mintues, leaving 15 min of DS to Crescent Reach pumas.

    Don't forget to re-hail Maddoc after some progress between 5-10 and get the final quest to kill the Pit Fiend (Krenshin)

    Having any ranged attack that does damage when it hits- (warrior has Throw Stone) = 1 pt damage = mobs die in piles on DS and regen and you have like 1200 HP. I use no pet, no merc whatsoever until Treants, I pop a melee dps merc. Once I can kill treants fast, I drop the merc to keep the XP up, finish 100 treants, then move to Rats and Gubjak the Lost in Blightfire. Melee DPS merc kills off runners, snare or not. Rats are the first to morale fail and 2/3 of them do not. about 1/3 do. At a certain point you will find yourself with no living rats up, head to Gubjak and start his quests, Gnarl Thorns , then kellies at the clearing. I do a stage of Gubjack, rats repoop while I do, then kill rats until they're all despawned and move to next Gubjak phase so always killing.

    From treants at 20 to rats to level 40+ all mobs can drop rough defiant gear, approximately 1 in 10 kills over 1000+ kills parsed. That's 200 trips to the loot table in 20 levels. in 3x 30 min damage shield casts.

    Some DoTs land with a damage hit, some take 6 ticks to damage. (Flame lick is OP! hehe)

    !00 Pumas, !00 Bears in caves in CR = level 20 (takes all of 1x 30 min DS per 100 kills, very fast repops)

    100 treants, Blightfire moors, get Sporali 1 from Roanoak for extra XP = level 28, grab any 2-3+ pieces Get a melee dps merc and kill rats near Goru Kar Mesa. VERY limited loot table, so not a lot of junk loots. Fine Rat Pancreas vendors 12PP+ and stacks. Lots of rough (and some simple off the lowes level treants) approzimately 1:10 kills

    After treants, hit bazaar and seack "nate def" and select your class and fill any slots you can do cheaply (you won't be at this level long, don't spend much) with Ornate Defiant armor pcs.

    Pok and buy defiant jewelry, - note the rings and ears are <not> lore. look at the stats of both and decide, some classes prefer 2 of the same ear/finger.

    after level 20, Franklin Teek on PoK overs Dailies. Part of the reward for those will be non visible armor slots (waist / back / shoulders) and PP / XP.

    At level 40, hit the current HZ / Burning Wood has scattered undead ruins of 2-5 mobs each camp, eare waaaaay old low HP low damage dealing mobs that don't run and will get you 51.
    Something something Velketor's Lab, but learnnig curve vs zone itself and often camped by PLers after shlepping all the way there.

    The buffs you can get shift quite a bit at level 46, Virtue replaces temp, etc. With these buffs and even 3-4 pcs of Ornate defiant gear / flawed defiants and you are overpowered to Luclin era end zones like Grieg's End and could actually solo to 70+ Humanoid mobs = pockets = coin to pay for merc and many gem drops.

    This is now only 5 levels away from groupablilty with level 85 (many people have heroics / use heroics to farm materials and so on, ask your guild for anyone doing hunter achievements etc to let you tag in. Getting 50-56 in GE or similar, like Planes of Power tier 1 zones etc is a sleepwalk, even solo and poorly equipped.

    By level 61 you can wear level 85 and level 90 buffs and can be waaaaay OP through 61-80

    Splitpaw lair and Dragonscale Hills are prime real estate at 65-71+ Mobs are light blue to 85 so you can get grouped help or just plow and do DSH hunter to 80+ by the time you finish the list.

    This whole process takes around 2.5 hours /played to 40+ at a pretty liesurely pace.
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  11. Dre. Augur

    free pulls, yo!
  12. RaZoor Journeyman

    yes i clearly think that noone should ever play a warrior.. because thats what i said... i think i was just eluding to the fact that not having a snare... makes it pretty dang hard to keep mobs from running off and training you...

    i guess posting logic is still frowned upon...

    no other games give warriors hamstring snare.... i must be crazy.... and with all the other buttons/skills you get to manage its probably overwhelming, so youre probably right...mah bad...
  13. RaZoor Journeyman

    that was helpful, thank you... I played the game previously on Vazaelle at release in a POP/GOD raiding guild experienced top end game through Quarm... guild disbanded I left...... 10 yeears later i came back on Agnaar and boxxed a paladin and 5 ranger team with my friend who boxxed 10 toons... we killed quarm... nothing left to do on Agnaar... so we quit again... didnt feel like rerolling it all over.
    now i got some friends that want to prep for Dark and Darker.. so I brought them here...

    so yes... the leveling spots will be helpful... i was gonna just grind LDON at 20
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  14. Shenanigans Journeyman

    if you type /ach (short for /achievements) -

    on left, the 3rd item down- Hero's Journey

    is a list of level correct tasks (mostly The Serpent Spine expansion progression)

    any time you are unsure what to do, look there. The solo tasks throughout are tuned for Molo (solo with mercenary) "mostly"

    The overarcing rewards, not just the task rewards themselves, but for blocs of HJ (and for that matter most other later progression) awards gear, weapons, bags, etc.

    Farther down the left column on /ach after Overseer starts the list of expansions. Scroll down to The Serpent's Spine expansion banner, click it and under the General header are a compass and a container. Under the Hunter header, see the reward for Novice Hunter of The Serpent's Spine for another bag.

    most expansions released after TSS have a similar setup.

    Just completing the blocs of quests in expansions will also spawn reward windows with "consigned" versions of defiant gear.

    Defiant gear is a catch up mechanic to help new/returning players get going faster. it is droppable, tradeable, attuneable, can be purchased from players in bazaar and can be found via vendor diving. (merchandise players have sold to NPCs, especially- the Small bank in PoK NPCs / Parcel guy Caden Zarik, the NPC vendors at the bazar antrance area and near the bank, the NPCs at top of ramp from soulbinder in PoK all often have items players offloaded. I check them fairly often.

    Attunable means, once equipped it's bound to your character, until then can be banked, sold, traded.

    "consigned" versions come pre attuned to you and cannot be traded and are arc rewards, not typically QUEST rewards, just you'll finish a group of zone quests and a questr reward window will pop up.

    Defiant Gear Ranks by level>required< to equip >recommended< level is a sliding scale and stats will max out as you reach recommended level. The tutorial also rewards Gloomingdeep specific versions of these as quest rewards. (Crude equivalent)

    5 Crude
    10 Simple
    15 rough
    26 Ornate
    37 Flawed
    48 Intricate
    59 Elaborate
    70 Elegant

    They're common as dust (mostly, some pieces my take some hunting around)
  15. Shenanigans Journeyman

    pull another mob before 1st one runs,this prevents morale fails. Rinse and repeat until the last runner has noone to tag in range before you kill it. Use a melee dps merc, it will backstab the lil Bastages.

    Get buffs and pull blue / yellow con mobs 5-10 at a time FTW

    No snares required

    also learn to pull mobs to a safer kill zone / containment space so adds aren't in runner range.

    The point of the post you quoted there was a- No, you don't actually even NEED a snare at lower levels, even in Crushbone or Lower Guk, which are train central. OMM missions, you are a BADLY equipped level 50 classic era character and a warrior can solo it.

    Also, as a side note, all of the above information not withstanding ; How hard is a free to play a box druid?
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  16. Shenanigans Journeyman

    Underrated post.
  17. Herf Augur

    There's a weapon that drops in CoM which procs a darkness snare.
  18. RaZoor Journeyman

    we are on tlp... so unfortunately the merc stuff is a no go... yea we were rooting when possible.. but to be honest at lvl 13 3 manning the basement of Befallen doesnt allow for alot of excess mana on roots
  19. RaZoor Journeyman

    all im saying is the warrior class could use ... one ounce of utility and snare seems logical.. and doesnt break the class... that all.. you guys get too excited
  20. Shenanigans Journeyman