Fixed Warrior Discs not functioning

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Hildegarn, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. Hildegarn New Member

    For some odd reason Warrior combat discs (primal defense, resolute stand etc...) stop working. You can press the hotkeys all you want and nothing activates. The only thing that seems to reset this is dying. I have had this happen at least 5 times today.
  2. Hildegarn New Member

    Upon further investigation....if my character moves from one zone to another with a disc active (used primal defense to test this) upon zoning all discs lock up and cannot be used again until I die.
  3. Meeko Developer

    This looks to affect discs of any class that go to the Combat Abilities window (not ones that apply a buff or affect an NPC).

    It's been fixed internally, and will require a patch for those changes to go live. Thanks for the report.
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  4. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    I checked the behaviour of my discs.

    1. At zoning, running discs *continue* after zoning, but the combat window's "remaining uptime" bar goes blank.
    2. After running discs fade out (notification emote happens eventually), discs are *not* available as described in the OP.
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  5. Braikkarrii Journeyman

    When can we expect the fix to be deployed? Currently it's quite risky (even downright dangerous) tanking named mobs with very spiky DPS.
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Much as I enjoyed killing tanks tonight to reset their discs.

    WTB a patch. :)
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  7. DCPD158 Elder

    I had the same problem. I closed the combat abilities window and then reopened it. Fixed the problem for me .
  8. Meeko Developer

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