Warrior - best 3 or 4 box team?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Zaltan, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Zaltan Journeyman

    Not sure if this is the right location for this type of post but i thought i would get peoples opinions on a box team.

    My main is a warrior so i'm wondering what classes compliment a 3/4 man box team with the warrior being in raid gear and the rest just in group stuff with the odd raid piece. (Or what teams other warriors use on there box teams)

    I box 4 accounts completely manual so that might change some peoples opinions . Im open to making new characters for this to work depending on what the suggestions are but this currently is what i have available.

    Account 1 > Warrior
    Account 2 > Bard/Enchanter
    Account 3 > Shm/Zerk/Mage/Druid
    Account 4 > Bst/Nec/Cleric/Rogue

    My usual atm is Warrior/Bard/Rog/Shm or Mage But im tempted to also make a 2nd mage on my account 4 so it would be warrior/bard/mag/mag.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Filter Augur

    My main is a zerker but when I box I "main" my war. I went with war, zerker, zerker, shammy, bard and mobs just melt. I don't use any third party software and I don't box particularly well so I prefer easy.
    I pull with war, bard sits back and just melodies. Zerkers I jump on next and get them started, then I slow, adps and HoT with shammy. This expansion is so easy that half the time I don't slow anything. When I get a named, I do it the correct way and maximize heals, dps and mitigation.

    War is group geared (you would have a huge advantage over my setup)
    zerker1 is my main and is raid geared now
    zerker2 is just dps in T3 group gear
    shammy in T3 group gear
    bard in T3 and T1 group gear
    merc for heals, when she feels like it the lazy poc

    Since your dps is boosted with bard/shammy together, I would make sure those are the basis of my group. If you like Rog instead of zerker, you should do that instead. The war needs very little attention, shammy can be done in 2 or 3 macro's and forgotten, bard stupid simple and boost your groups dps by a fair amount and toss in which ever dps toon you want but make it melee to benefit for you nucleus (war/sham/brd).

    There isn't anything you can't kill in this expansion or next with that setup but you have to like it in order for it to work.
  3. Zaltan Journeyman

    Tbh the more i read i may make a zerker on the rogues account. I think warr/zerk/bard then i will swap out my shmy or mage depending if the content is hard or not. I found trying to box both the rogue and zerk manually was a little annoying as i always had to run the characters in place
  4. Docmoon New Member

    I have been boxing 3 characters for about 7-8 years now. I main a ranger (fully raid geared), war (group geared and just recently some hand me down raid gear) and shaman, (group geared). I have been able to do 90% of the content on my own. Occasionally, there comes a mission I just can't do alone (and it helps to have friends). But I can box 3/4 of the tov missions on my own with a cleric and 2 melee dps mercs. I have to take a bull in china shop approach with that setup, but the group healing from the shaman helps. I use 3 difference computers so my reaction time is pretty good if staying in one spot. The ranger takes the most button pushing and hotkeys on these characters make the difference in being successful.
  5. German Augur

    Warrior, Shaman, Bard, pure melee. Thats going to be fun.

    I don't enjoy driving a caster in a box setup as much as pure melee and it is less exhausting to keep your mind in a melee state than switching between the two each mob.
  6. Tucoh Augur

  7. Zaltan Journeyman

    I quite enjoyed the video, just an update. I ended up ditching my rogue for a zerker so my team is warr/bard/zerk/Shmy or warrior/bard/zerk/zerk if i just dont need the shmy. (Im still unsure about running x2 zerks as i have a mage on that account which i could have instead)

    The rogue is great though if anyone is wondering why i got rid. It was more the fact i think Zerkers are more fun, they provide adps to the group and they have great damage in group content with dicho etc.
  8. Filter Augur

    Mage makes life easier for sure. The dps gain you get out of two zerkers is outstanding and there are couple guys in my guild that go with 3 zerkers which is complete overkill with this expansion but things die incredibly fast for a box group.
    I leveled a mage to have for fun but the lack of dps is hard to stomach. I'm very spoiled with the dps I have with my group (war/shammy/bard/zerker/zerker/healer merc for training wheels).

    Glad you're enjoying the zerker Zaltan!
  9. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    For a boxed team using i-s-box-er with a war being the main driver and tank for the team, I like to opt for having access to adps and buffs as much as possible. Further boosting the team overall and even more so the warrior as well.

    I have war, shm, bard, bst, rng, monk. I went monk as it was an old main, otherwise I'd likely have opted for zerker. I have a clr, mage and enc that i can also log in for buffs.if i want. Basically pretty "raid buffed" anytime i want.

    With this team I typically hover around 1.7m dps sustained, and have bursted down named in velks with 7m+ dps. Having more zerkers could possibly beat that I'm sure but it's already WAY overkill.

    If I'd scale it down to a 3-4 box I'd keep war, shm, brd as main three. Use three melee mercs with this and you are in a good place dps wise.

    If you rather use casters i switch out bst, rng, monk with my mage, enc, wiz. If you use caster mercs, wiz alliance can proc from them. But I find their dps too low in general for use vs melee mercs nowadays.

    Having teams built up, classes to learn and become an expert in has for me kept me interested between the expansions.

    Have fun!
  10. Zaltan Journeyman

    Thanks Thoxsel! I usually duo with a friend so i my main team is Warr/bard/Zerk and he runs Shmy/Ranger/Monk so its very close :) (I add my shmy in when im soloing now after this thread or the additional dps character)

    I have quite a lot of the classes 115 now so iv been lucky in the fact iv got to see what a lot of the classes provide. it definitely keeps the game interesting for me.
  11. Cuuthbert Augur

    Based on your accounts and what toons you have on them I would go
    Warrior, Bard, Zerker, Cleric
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  12. Reisil New Member

    Warrior, Bard, Shaman, x

    As long as you make sure you have the bard and shaman, anything else after that is just a plus. Beast would be hard to maintain, as a ton of their DPS comes from knowing the class, and it is one of the hardest classes to maximize on let alone box. Other option would be a mage, summoning your group instead of running all of them is nice.

    But if we are choosing from the ones you listed.
    1. Warrior
    2. Bard
    3. Shaman
    4. Rogue.
    Looks like the best setup from what you have available.
  13. hiolpe Journeyman

    How crucial is the cleric in the war/brd/mag/cle group? Can a shammy provide similar survivability or does the cleric make things wayy easier? Assuming a decent AA/gear/trophy plate tank.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    A shaman will do fine. They are great healers now due to synergy, alliance and the reckless heals. A shaman will also improve melee dps and give some debuffs, damage and CC if you're try harding.

    A cleric is easier though. You can just spam heals, keep shining and DI up on the tank and you'll have an immense amount of healing.
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  15. Vaeeldar Augur

    So i've only been back a few weeks and admittedly I almost always prefer cleric to my shaman in group (just easier to ignore the tank/healer/crowd control 3some) but what am I missing on shaman alliance? I use synergy with the various heals. but I'm missing how solo shaman works with alliance?
  16. Tucoh Augur

    Healer mercs proc the priest alliances. If you don't use a merc, the alliance does nothing with a solo shaman.
  17. Valdest Journeyman

    I have been back a little over a year. I run a War, Shm, Wiz and Brd.

    I have found that Wiz DPS is appears to be very AA dependent. I was told that a BST's DPS would have been better with the Brd then the wizard. But hey, I have ports and evac.

    From your list, I would do War, Shm, Brd and then Bst. Ports are not a big thing with guild halls. Teleport to bind is really awesome. Running with bard speed is nice.
  18. Vaeeldar Augur

    Most dps is AA dependent. I basicalaly have mage, wiz, necro, ber all at 115 with at least one char max aa or max minus full TOV/COV. In the group game they just can’t keep up with the damage and mana pools - frankly they need much bigger nukes for the HP on mobs in COV. I like the longer fights - necro super useful again in groups but i think my 3 wizzes are going to be retired at this point. I’ll probably star up 3 monks instead.

    If you recently returned the biggest piece what level/content era? TBL wiz hurt a little but toV and now COV has them in a very bad spot. Hopefully it changes but right now they are hurting.
  19. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    This post is timely - glad to see some of the old warhorses still around -> looks at Tucoh... lol

    I've been gone awhile and got lost in WoW & dabbled in FFXIV - but you all know the deal... #EQ4LIFE

    SO..... my crew needs to be dusted off.... I need to log in and see what toons are where but I believe I have the following to work with - 3/4 accts (prefer to run 3)

    acct #1 RoS enabled
    105 Warrior EoK T2
    105 Mage EoK T2

    acct #2 EoK enabled
    105 Bard EoK T2
    105 Enchanter EoK T1

    acct #3 EoK enabled DPS toonsall EoK T1 & T2
    105 Monk
    105 Wizard
    102 Zerker

    acct#4 EoK enabled
    105 Shaman - would be willing to move to one of the 3

    what’s the move here ? Been getting caught up through forums and given my history I am quite happy to work through the path to relevance again....would even be open to bringing up other toons if needed...have a great mix of classes in the 85-100 range

    I would prefer to have Warr or Mage as centerpiece for tanking but heard Mage pets no longer keep aggrieved on mission bosses?

  20. Vaeeldar Augur

    War, BDr, zerker, shaman no question. The only one that even gets close is swap monk with zerk. Wiz is utterly useless in the modern game today. I have a 3 wiz wiz group (alliance all day long) that is now retired and port bots - just not worth while with COV hp and the need for really sustained dps.

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