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  1. Adeptis New Member


    As a level 20 warrior I am really sucking at this and cleric and then dps in the group has been paying the price. Just cannot get and keep aggro for love or money and it is very discouraging.

    What is the secret? There must be one because surely warriors cannot suck this much in classic! Can really use some instruction here.

    Even if I beat a mob to 70% I still tend to lose aggro as soon as heals and nukes start landing. Multiple mobs .. they will end up on the cleric like white on rice.

    Taunt works 'sometimes' on blues or white. Yellow or red ... using taunt seems to gain a mobs contempt rather than aggro.

    Using 2 forged swords with level 20 melee augs.
  2. Diemond Augur

    Warrior agro sucks at lower levels just keep at it, use dual wield and put dmg augs in both weapons for now.
  3. Thrawnseg Augur

    Make sure to get your Provoke book also.
  4. Ducreux Augur

    Get provoke disc (freeport unsure NPC). Use wulfenite augs in weapons for aggro (available in home cities).

    Can also ghetto aggro if you have someone in your group root the mobs. Stand as close as possible to them and they will default aggro to you, aggro may bounce when root breaks though.
  5. Banuvan Augur

    I didn't see reliable agro on my warrior till 30+. It's kinda a cluster until then.
  6. Dafootfistway Lorekeeper

    If you vote yes to kunark theyll nerf guise before you get it, seeing as how youre level 20.
  7. Arrk Augur

    Lol ...the botters are so desperate to get kunark... they have started spamming "Vote Kunark.. it will cure cancer"
  8. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    So typically warriors aggro was very bad in classic, just the way its always been. However because of the changes since then its a lot better then it uses to be... You will want to get your self your melee tomes from Teniyu Emua in West Freeport, located outside the temple of marr. Secondly you will want to buy the "stun" augs from the melee augment vendor in your home city. Wulfenite is what they are called, there is one to buy every 10 levels up to 50.. when you hit 50 you'll want to use the level 40 and 50 one while dual wielding.

    Now a little lesson in taunt. Taunt in EQ isn't like taunt in any other game, its not an aggro generator. Taunt will add +1 aggro too you, from the person who is on top of the hate list. So you don't want to be spaming taunt over n over again, you want to save its cooldown and only use it when someone else has aggro. It still fails a lot, and will always be that way. Provoke is your main source of aggro right now, combined with your swing aggro. The abilities you want to spam are bash/kick and disarm.

    Its not an easy task right now for a warrior to keep aggro on multiple mobs. Its your groups responsibility to control their aggro as well and to make sure not to over DPS. The heal aggro there isn't much way to get around currently other then with provoke, if your group is having difficulty you'll just need to make sure there is less mobs in camp.

    Hope this helps! cheers fellow warrior!
  9. Bole New Member

    good info from bigz. but if you want to snap, and grab argo go sk. your only lvl 20 right now not to late to reroll into what you want/need to do.
  10. Flandersian Augur

    Obsidian Shard. You're welcome....if it procs. ;)
  11. Banai Augur

    Warrior agro really isn't that difficult provided you have a semi competent group. Tell casters not to nuke until 75% or so and tell clerics not to use big heals close to the start of a fight unless they have to. Multi mob tanking right now is pretty much not going to happen for a warrior. Best you can hope for is taunting one and provoking another. Switch to mobs to try to build a little threat but usually single heals will take it from you. Best thing you can do is make friends with a bard or chanter to mezz adds.

    In terms of taunt, low lvl use that crap on cd. Need to keep it capped. Once capped you can go back to using it when needed. Personally, pre end game I almost use it on cd since most dps on the TLP will constantly pull especially those that don't know how to control hate
  12. liveitup1216 Augur

    The problem is your groups. They should be playing like they have a warrior in group. Nobody on this server roots for reasons I don't understand, but its damn good for cc'ing instead of standing there getting your face bashed in.

    Warriors lack snap or even consistent aggro, your group needs to play around it and not be terrible.

    Edit: even with an enchanter, if your casters arent rooting loose adds when the ench is busy or getting smooshed, they're your problem. Warriors are fine.
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  13. Elkay Augur

    Rangers are useful for something in Classic!
  14. Banuvan Augur

    Best at taking DTs!
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  15. Jent Elder

    Phantom Aggressor is nice, too. Oh, wait...
  16. Numiko Augur

    just keep your health below 10% for the extra low-health agro! .. also makes boring camps more exciting by adding in the exciting mini game of "will the heal land in time!" :p
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  17. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    once warriors go berserk at low health that's a great tactic I implore while exping...
  18. Rauven Augur

    As Ducreux said. Get the Tome of Provoke from the vendor in West Freeport. You'll hold better threat than a Knight.

    You can also get Tome of Elbow Strike which does 5 damage, its not much but a little extra threat as well.
  19. Repthor Augur

    as a warrior keep in mind hate overide discs havent been inplemented yet you want to get ON the hate list b4 you use your provoke disc or your loseing out on alot of the first tick front loaded aggro the provoke disc supplys you with. throw stone is great for getting on the aggro list
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  20. taliefer Augur

    this means pull with bow and arrow, not provoke, all you bad warriors ive seen out there~
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