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  1. Filter Augur

    Lack of dps is the weakness. Strength is survivability. war/bard/zerker is a great option. The bard boosts dps of both war and zerker, you have pulling, great dps. I suppose rogues are good replacement to the zerker but I play a zerker so I'm biased.

    My two cps.
  2. Belkar_OotS Augur

    As a main warrior who 5 boxes now (occasionally I 6 box the girlfriends toon when she or a friend isn't playing with me). I would like to share some insights that you may find helpful.

    A great deal of your success is contingent on how your boxing is set up. The more streamlined and slick your set up the better you will do. I have mine set up extremely well for not using [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] or any other programs outside of a programmable keyboard, and all my toons have a dedicated computer. So take what I say with this set up in mind.

    A. Merc healers suck horribly. 1 player healer can replace 3 mercs pretty handily. Mercs also WILL let you die on occasion for some inexplicable reason. I will always have someone who can heal when the mercs stroke out. Having a player controlled healer will counteract alot of mechanics better and allows you freedom to try out old raids. Any of the 3 is fine.

    B. Dps mercs also suck, I just find their sucking less obnoxious. 1 good player dps can replace the dps merc output pretty easily.

    C. Utility is king! Well not quite but it is great for a box team if you are skilled at using it.

    I would recommend adding a 4th healer box even as a free to play (probably shaman or druid to fill as a dps most of the time, and a simple tab once and macro some dots would likely be plenty to beat a merc though I can't verify that assertion at the moment).

    I would then pick whichever melee or hybrid class strikes your interest the most. This toon would act as your primary dps, though a warrior in a 1h stance with a bard is actually pretty good dps to the point where you have to be a pretty good dps player to beat them without putting in effort to disc.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    brd/rog/war will be a good setup with high DPS, OK utility, OK survivability. Its weakness is relying on a merc healer that will get overwhelmed in certain situations and perform poorly in missions with goofy problems. brd/ber/war will have similar DPS and challenges.

    brd/sha/war is a good setup with good DPS, high utility, high survivability. The shaman/bard will boost each other and the warrior to be able to surmount most situations and do progression. The biggest problem is that getting the most out of the bard and shaman will be challenging, but just playing melody and hitting a few keys on the bard and hitting a DoT social macro or heal social macro on the shaman will perform adequately for many situations.

    brd/sha/war makeup the core of my team that you can read about here:

    I'm currently using that core + 3 berserkers that add stupid amounts of DPS.
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  4. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    I ran War/Brd/Shm with various merc combos from VoA to EoK (where I swapped War to SK for unrelated reasons). It's a very solid combo and, once you get the hang of it, can handle pretty much anything.
  5. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Hi guys, I have a question am running a warrior/bard/zerker all are 110 lvl. What is the best 4th spot?
    i have the following ranger/chanter and a shaman all lvl 105 atm. In the past shaman has worked good for named and chanter worked good when i pulled to many at once. (i pull with warrior) bard just sits off to the side untill a named pops. And the Ranger i just made recently so am kinda new to the class.
    So my question is what would work the best from here on out. I will be moving to ROS and TBL soon.
    I am almost done camping augs in EOK.
    thank you for any info
  6. Tucoh Augur

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  7. bortage spammin lifetaps

    second zerker
  8. Apricots Lorekeeper

    war/brd/bst if you are in content you can tank with 2h warr. war/brd/zerk-rog-monk if you gotta sword and board. war/brd/priest if you're doing difficult content.
  9. Abrax New Member

    Warrior,Bard,Shaman is really nice.
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  10. RangerGuy Elder

    Horrible bard with AA and 111+ dots is still 200k auto attack dps, war dual wield with bard is rock solid tank and dps, toss in a healer and you can do it all. Rogue mercs mod'd by bard for group content are pretty powerful.
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  11. Zolmaz Zo'Boto Elder

    Any Tank, Any melee DPS, with a Bard is good fun. Merc heals amped, DPS amped, and Tank amped. Not much to go wrong. Warrior is best for box because you can disc and forget once the aggro is set. Other tank classes require more attention to be optimal.

    I box War/Sham/Zerk as a personal preference, when grouped with a Bard all perform exceptional.
  12. Snack Augur

    I agree with this, my main 3 are SK/Monk/Bard. SK/Monk is fun on it's own, the mobile DJ just makes it more fun.
  13. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Hey guys I know this is the wrong section but i have a question. I know alot of you guys box mages I read the new mage DS lvl 111 is a 5187 DS is that correct? If so that is a huge boost from the old one.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    Yeah they boosted all the damage shields significantly. I took a quick look at it right before release and came up with the below table.

    It sucks that Exothermic Veil doesn't stack with Brace for Impact.
  15. Valendil New Member

    Ok.....im on board with the warrior/bard....blank train. So out of the three priests which would be the absolute best to have as the third? Shaman seems to be the obvious one but
  16. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    A Shaman is probably the strongest option slows/procs/dot dps however a Druid is a very good alternative too with atk debuff, dots & nukes plus evac/ports, Cleric has the least utility for a boxer.
  17. Tucoh Augur

    Shaman and it's not even close.
  18. TYBARIS Journeyman

    /agree with Tucoh
  19. Eggolas Augur

    Bard/Shaman/Warrior . . . yup.
  20. Reisil New Member

    I use Warrior/Bard/Shaman, isn't a single thing this expansion I haven't done with just the 3 and mercs.

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