Warping in the grey and scarlet desert

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  1. Sythrak20 Elder

    Our guild has never warped anywhere. Feel free to report as you please.
  2. jeskola pheerie

    So a good ranger wears high AC gear and tanks a lot, and that's it? That's what all those little blurbs in the graphic say.
  3. Kobra Augur

    Sounds like a bad ranger who doesn't know how to gear his class properly for his role.
  4. Triconix Augur

    Or he's in a guild/group(s) with some of the worst tanks known to man. Regardless, tanking as a ranger and running around with a shield isn't exactly something to brag about considering most modern rangers are using 2h with a bow in modern EQ for the procs. But, he probably doesn't even know that.

    He's also a super bad if his concern is stacking ac rather than hdex. That or he hasn't even seen content which has heroics available to make as a gearing choice, which means he really doesn't know much about the ranger class further than it's most simplistic state.

    I wonder if he knows what TB is or that he should bank it for auspice. Heck, does he even know what auspice is? If so, does he use MGB for pred or auspice?! I guess we will never know because he's too busy tanking potime mobs!
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  5. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Rangers are Hybrids and playing them as Zerkers is what bad players do.

    The meme is talking about SoL-through the level 70 expansions. You can't "stack hDex" in those expansions and it's much better to just hit the 35 hDex softcap and go after AC, Foci and the other Mod 2s. You get 23 hDex in PoP 30 in Ldon and can't hit 35 till GoD. You can't even hit 50 hDex till like DoDH and doing so does jack for DPS and forces you to wear a bunch of bad/ 3 expansion old items that make you suck hard at your other roles.

    Every Ranger should have a shield on Bandolier for ramp tanking, when you're aggressively split raiding in those eras being able to tag early and ramp tanks saves raids from wiping when the main ramp tank dies.

    It's really helpful to be able to tank group content, era back raid content, Anguish aug runs, 2.0 fights ect.

    Yes using proper ADPS buff timing is another thing that helps make you a good ranger. Another example of being more then /autofire on.

    Good Rangers patch heal on tank swaps and until the rotation starts landing in those eras.
    Good Rangers keep the raid properly buffed w/o having to be asked.
    Good Rangers can do kiting duties on fights like Valon and Vish.
  6. a_librarian Augur

    man I'm happy if they can weaponshield, position and put threat on a boss without their pants falling down.
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  7. haaaalp Augur

    That may be the dumbest meme I’ve ever seen.. Have fun afk autofiring. Imagine thinking a ranger can tank better than a sk omegaLUL.

    P.S. better “than” not better “then” kekw
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  8. Xanadas Augur

    Can always tell who is new to certain "things" when they think they see warping.
  9. Ruination Elder

    Sounds like an excuse from the same people who can't play their one toon at a decent level. Can't be others being better must be hacking or playing 6 toons.
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