Warning: Phinigel MPG Raid Trials Achievement

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Sep 14, 2017.

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  1. Clueless123 New Member

    AoS guide to getting anguish flagged

  2. Sdoofbuc Augur

    How cool. When you zone out you can see the #1 guild in all of EverQuest standing there. Sad Dragons! Go us!

    Ohh, and we too have beat all the trials and got the correct flags to zone into Anguish.
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  3. Ckador Augur

    Awesome Pentium III computer. Please consider RMT'ing your entire guildbank to purchase a new PC if you insist on creating these celebratory videos of your Serverwide Sloppy 2,222nd's slide inside of Anguish's mudflaps.
  4. AgentofChange Augur

    Your guild made a bad mistake, then posted this thread just begging to be trolled. Then you make posts like this and look even worse. Why do you keep feeding your enemy?
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  5. Ckador Augur

    I do what I want.
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  6. Clueless123 New Member


    RL picture of ckador before he kissed dima's ring
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  7. Podiatryst New Member

    Sounds like your upset that we uplift our leader, he is truly a leadership genius. A lot of people he dominates feel the same way but you have to understand once youve seen his amazing work in play you'll feel like we do friend.

    May Tunare bless both of our paths brother
  8. Burles New Member

    So sad, developer who has no idea how encounter works, either do something or interact with something. Makes me wonder why am I still playing this game.
  9. Dadcop Journeyman

    Many other aging MMOs dont do TLPs for the simple reason that changes have unintended consequences. You're looking a gift horse in the mouth. I'm thankful developers are sharing their observations and recollections so candidly.
  10. Febb Augur

    He wasn't giving a in depth analysis of the event. He likely skimmed the code and didn't read it all the way through. Ngreth has been an EQ dev for a long time so he knows what he is doing.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I was not even on the team at the time this was made. I looked up the achievement and saw that an additional player flag was required, and stopped there.
    What I said was true. An extra step was required to get the achievement.
    I did not say (or even know) if this extra step was correct or a bug. It turns out it was not a bug in the achievement, but the event itself (See Prathun's posts) And if the event worked properly, the achievement would have. Prathun decided to change how the event gave flags and in the process updated the achievement (for the patch)
    Yes, I don't know the full details of every single piece of data in the game. None of us do!
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  12. lobos Journeyman

    I mean you didnt know, not even OGC knew and they've been raiding TLP's since Fippy...not a big deal!
  13. Podiatryst New Member

    You are angel Ngreth dont let these heathens get to you friend.
  14. Finchy Augur

    This thread...man i'll tell ya. Majority of us have been playing this game too damn long, and have seen and done this content many times over. There is only 2 reasons you "test" things on this server as a top guild.

    1. There have been changes made to code where something doesn't work the same as last time.
    2. You look for shortcuts and tricks to beat the last time you completed something.

    Put all the BS to the side, that's really what a lot of higher end guilds do on these TLPs. What can we do to beat our times last time is the question asked. Sure sure OGC vs AoS blah blah blah. Competition is high, people want to be the first for everything I get it. Sure I was frustrated about MPG trials, but OGC missed a piece, it's unfortunate but it happened. We moved on and are ready to continue moving forward like the rest.

    One thing i keep seeing in this thread is tipt/vxed issue. You guys have the right to be pissed off about it, but you may want to revisit who you point that blame on. Tipt has been "nerfed" several times in the past, the devs knew you can charm a certain mob, and that another certain mob triggered certain things. They knew this, has they have nerfed it previously, but instead of properly fixing it, let it go. Not to mention if they just kept a specific mob from spawning they could allow tipt/vxed to be open for people to complete epics.

    It's kind of funny. we get laughed at for not being able to identify a very specific flagging "issue" where another guild stumbled upon the solution, yet when someone else stumbles upon something they get belittled and called a cheater.

    regardless, it was a fun launch, and congrats to AoS for winning it. hopefully the competition is closer on the next big one ;)
  15. AgentofChange Augur

    It wasn't widely known. You're the only guild who attempted it and knew about it. Your guild held onto this knowledge for weeks prior to launch in hopes that it would get you ahead, rather than report it and have it fixed. You are literally the only people who took advantage of it, and single handedly got the zones removed from the game until the next patch.

    It seems pretty fair for people to be upset with you. Instead of just trying to play within the spirit of the game, you look for shortcuts and now the rest of the server has to pay for you being shady individuals.

    The fact that you got locked out of Anguish for 5 days is a small consolation. At least you received a small portion of Karma, but I doubt it's a lesson learned. I'm sure every expansion in the future you will look for equally shady and cheap shortcuts.
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  16. Finchy Augur

    I can appreciate you being upset, regardless if you need tipt/vxed, but you need to understand this has been known about for years, not months, not weeks, not days, but years. As mentioned previously, the mechanic has been adjusted by a dev (from what I understand to be multiple times) so the knowledge it existed is definitely there.

    I am curious how you say it's not within the spirit of the game. Not sure your in game character, but are you in a top raiding guild on a TLP?
  17. Finchy Augur

    What part do you feel was "cheated"? Curious.
  18. taliefer Augur

    eh, its been known about for literally years. people leveled on quarm from various guilds doing the exact same thing.

    the fact some of the people complaining about this and screaming "karma" about our lockout situation, are some of the same people who took advantage of the corpse banking exploit is pretty fantastic and just goes to show it isnt about actual game integrity but about the guild tag above peoples head.

    i do think its great that DBG is taking steps to fix these fast leveling tactics to preserve future TLPs however, regardless of who it effects. cheese is cheese, whether its on my burger or my neighbors.
  19. AgentofChange Augur

    And some of those people are just people trying to enjoy the server, and your guild ****** them over by getting a zone removed from the game.

    It's hard to defend when a dev has to literally intervene and take down a zone because you (and only you) are exploiting it.

    What's worse is your guild is going off in this thread like it's some kind of joke. Not even a hint of remorse. Pretty low if you ask me.
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  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yeah. This thread is done.
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