Warden Hanvar Invulnerability Issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dahaman, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Dahaman Augur

    Issue: Warden Hanvar is not taking damage past 99% health.

    Fight #1 - Killed all 5 commander adds at the start and many thereafter. Warden Hanvar's health would not drop below 99%.

    Fight #2 - Killed 25 commander adds (until they stopped spawning). Beat on Warden Hanvar for ~10 minutes after no adds and tossed everything at him. Warden Hanvar's health would not drop below 99%. We evac'd out at that point (33+ minutes into the event).

    I am NOT familiar with this event. I do not know if there is scripting at play that is hanging this up. I posted to the veteran forums first to look for a scripting solution and was advised it is a bug.

    Forum searches yielded an event in 2016 where this was a noted bug. That's the only thing relatable I found. Allakazam forums noted this bug potential in 2007.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Server: Coirnav
    Date: 9/9/2020
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Since you're on Coirnav server I assume you are well past the OoW expansion, and might be at risk of killing the adds too quickly and breaking the health unlock script. Try killing them slowly and with at least a full couple of ticks between each kill?
  3. Dahaman Augur

    No worries there... we are not bleeding edge raiders...

    We can barely kill the first 5 commanders before they disappear. There are plenty of time between kills. If WE are killing too fast, then the script is guaranteed buggy! :-D
  4. Jondalar Augur

    Did this on xegony a week ago with no problems except long waits between add sets. Killed the adds very quickly.
  5. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Hanvar has crazy regen in era. Crazy regen.

    I used to box the mission with a priest/caster team with a pally tank as soon as I could live through the damage. And the fight would take me almost 90 minutes because my dps was bad. When you are counting on hammer pet dps...

    I have done this dozens of times in the last few years and never had an issue with Hanvar (except falling asleep between waves). My dps is a little better.

    My advice would be to snag an extra group of friends (or 2) and try the event again. Enough Anguish runs are made on Live each week that there would definitely be an outcry if Hanvar event failed often.
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  6. Dahaman Augur

    I concur an outcry would have been made if it were common and that is why I posted first asking if it was a script issue vs. a bug issue. People there said it sounded like a bug, hence I posted here.

    There were 15x level 75 characters focused on warden after all the adds were killed and stopped spawning, so raw damage should not have been the problem.

    I know he has an HP lock at 99%. Supposedly the HP lock decrements with the commanders that you kill. We killed 25 commanders (before they stopped spawning) per the parser count. The HP lock should have been gone, completely, but perhaps there is some other script mechanic we are missing??

    All help is greatly appreciated!

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