[WAR] New AA's brainstorm for IRC chat

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Dre., Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Dre. Augur

  2. Dre. Augur

    My ideas (these received generally favorable responses on TSW)
    • Very large % chance to resist DD's (Knights should get this also)
    • Dominance: Complete mitigation of weaker hits/hits in the lower DI range (1-3 or 1-5)
    • Dual Wield Specialist: Large bonus to parry chance and increased swing rate when DW'ing.
    • Two-handed Specialist: Large bonus to riposte chance and a hundred-hands proc for 2H.
    • Brash attacks: Hatemod that stacks with items.
    Other ideas presented:
    • Offhand triple attack/flurry
    • Large spell rune proc when berserk
    • Large melee rune proc when hit with DD
    • Improvements to Rampage (Destructive force?)
    More ideas:
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  3. Reval Augur

    I consider myself a minor voice in this, so if there are people playing warriors every day I think their voice should trump mine in anything about warriors.

    I'd like to see an aa like this:
    -pent up frustration: reuse every 30 seconds. It procs a debuff on the targetted mob that works like a dot (lasts 2 ticks), but any damage assigned to the warrior is also dealt through the dot to the npc.

    In my mind, this would make the grouping dynamic for warriors different from sk's and paladins who due to healing have much better survivability in groups by giving them more damage in groups, but being more likely to require a healer at the higher end if they want to be at their best. It is only going to be useful for the warrior that is tanking unless you have a ton of clerics, so it won't be a situation where rogues don't get groups over warriors.

    It might be something that seems overpowered, but I like the way that it is powerful. It isn't the kind of overpowering wherein the class that gets it can just go off and solo for more exp than anyone else could ever get.

    Also I think it would be beneficial for healers, which have to some degree been replaced by mercs. People with a warrior in their group will want a real healer even more than they do now so that they can do a bit more damage.
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