Want to come back!

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Sicarious, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Sicarious New Member

    I honestly didn't even know this game was still going! I want to sub and run around Norrath again. I just like to play mmos with people =)
    Are there any noob friendly active guilds on FV or another server? I'm not looking for hand outs or hand holding. Just people to run with and chat with while we play.
  2. Quigly Journeyman

    If you start on Mangler let me know. Our guild is extremely new player friendly and have willing members to help out even if you dont join us. We are still small but love new blood and like sharing our knowledge and experience. Feel free to join our discord, ask questions and talk with us about anything! https://discord.gg/PJhRXfa
  3. samner New Member

    If you are happy starting with the classic content I would definitely recommend one of the TLP servers that just launched. I am on Mangler and a whole lot of us are also noobs in that we have not played in many years.

    If you just want to get yo more recent content right away then obviously one of other server a better choice.
  4. Sicarious New Member

    sweet thanks guys I will check it out.

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