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  1. Mugsie Elder

    A recent topic that sort of came up was something that in the game you actually enjoyed even though it was designed to be inconvenient / very difficult / labor intensive, ect.

    My favorite is Wuoshi, back when the dragon actually camped out at the WL port in ring... a mob that camped druids! You could be non KOS and be fine, and it was usually killed quickly, but there was still that element of 'is it safe to port?' and asking around.

  2. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    Corpse runs! Being a person who lost their corpse and all their gear more then once, I can say that I truly enjoyed the mechanic. It added an element of fear, and made you make smarter choices when it came to how you chose to adventure.

    But the mechanic was removed for a good reason because some people simply couldn't handle losing everything, causing them to do regrettable things. RIP...
  3. Notinterested Augur

    See when people say things like this I begin to wonder if they gave really been around as long as they claim or if they are one of the weirdos that pretend.

    If you've ever lost a corpse completely you are brain dead. You pay a necro to come to the zone and summon your corpse...
  4. Weebaaa Augur

    Duoing the 35AC Aug LDoN Raid every week for months, and months
  5. Meatball Elder

    My favorites are the involved quests that required a lot of exploring, researching, and heavy lifting on the individual player with a few key parts that required groups or even a raid to progress through. If they got something out of it for helping then all the better. Things like:

    Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere
    Breakdown in Communications (& ones similar to it in later expansions)
    Coldain Prayer Shawl (all varieties)
    Coldain Ring Event (10th Ring was incredibly fun)
    Epic Quests of all varieties
    Marsinger's Quests
    PoK Tradeskill quests (Signet/Manuals)
    Natures Defender
    Rogue Master Sketch
    Older Key Quests (Howling Stones, Old Seb, VP, etc.)

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch.

    Simple one-off quests that can be kludged/zerged through, to me, are shallow and boring. I like long, involved quests that just draw you in and take you off on an adventure for days at a time. It really makes me feel like a part of the world and that the things I do in it matter.

    Rolling up to some named and smacking it down to get instant grat loots is ok I guess, and it's great for those who have time constraints, but I prefer situations where you get an unusual item drop off some creature - what is this thing? why was it carrying it? what do I do with it? - and whether it incrementally gets better bit by bit or is merely a trail of bread crumbs leading you to one big payoff, those are the items I treasure the most, every time I click that stick, it procs, or what have you, it reminds me of the journey I took to get it (and the antics of those who may have assisted along the way...)

    So while this may be labeled as "inconvenient" by some players, another i word that comes to mind is immersive.
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  6. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    The 10th ring was awesome because it was a raid level encounter in an open zone. It certainly helped build community.
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  7. Tual Augur

    You either didn't think that through very well, or you started later in the game. I lost gear off a 46 druid permanently, and there was nothing a necro could do about it. There was about 3 years with no summon spell, but a few classes had locate corpse.
  8. Rouan Augur

    One of my favorite EQ memories was being lvl 30 in there as a Ring War was going on and some newb wizard training a giant to Thurgadin. Knowing that if that giant made it the event would be for naught I ran in front of that giant and took it's aggro and called for help. Lasted a whole minute before help arrived. Felt pretty badass that day, heh.

    So yeah, more of that.
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  9. Iila Augur

    Zones with unsafe zone in spots, like Plane of Hate, and Plane of Fear and keyed zones like Howling Stones, Sebilis, and Veeshan's Peak all had real possibilities of corpses rotting without a necro being able to do anything to help.

    The first two were around for a while before the summon corpse spell was even created.

    I had my key corpse outside sebilis rot during a trak run. Luckily I got some help killing the hunter/forager so I didn't have to solo them while naked to make a new key. At some point, we had a wurm add on us while fighting a dragon in VP, it split on us and un-safed the safe spot. All the key corpses were still good, but we did have to summon everyone's corpses and give up till the next patch.
  10. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    To this day I'm nervous about zoning into Veeshan's Peak. The whole permanent one-way trip thing still freaks me out.
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  11. Battleaxe Augur

    Dungeon crawl raids where you didn't just put a dollar in the slot (hail the task giver) and the vending machine gives you a candy bar (out pops a boss mob event).

    PoFear, PoHate, ToV. Especially when the base pop dropped things like armor and was not just a time sink. Was instead part of the challenge and you could wipe to it.

    An all day chew though 100+ mobs that could hurt you (Flurry drakes, a horde of easy to aggro mini-chickens, runners, gaters/summoners, mobs healing other mobs, ...) punctuated by nasties that could really hurt you. Holy cow it was nice.
  12. Sheex Augur

    Agreed. Plus everyone loved all the dead dwarves in thurg on failure.
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  13. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    Well thanks for the insults Notinterested, but yes I really did lose 2 corpses.. back when the game was still in classic and I didn't know about things like corpse summons. The first corpse I lost I was around 27ish I think if I remember right.. and the second one I lost I was level 42. Back when I lost these corpses, you only had 30 mins to retrieve your corpse. But again I thank you for the insults.

    I would like to add when I lost the corpse at level 42, people in EC tunnel were very kind to outfit me in almost a complete set of new gear.. Long live Lanys T'Vyl
  14. Mugsie Elder

    No one mentioned the faction slogging that was progressing through SoV?

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  15. SaderakhBertox Augur

    Ah using a friend's druid account to help collect and carry heads :)
  16. Melanippe Augur

    Chipped Bone Rod was available to everyone, nearly from Day One ;)

  17. Silv Augur

    Yeah... that wasn't a thing when this was actually an issue. I was fortunate and the only time I *really* came close to losing a corpse was in my teens. I fell down the well in Befallen... luckily I had a cleric friend around Lv. 30 who came to my rescue and got my items for me. Oh, and there was the nice GM who summoned me to my corpse when I ran off the cliff in East Karana... :D Try and get that type of customer service today! Corpse recovery was just miserable most of the time though.

    Let's see... the ALL DAY PoHate and PoFear raids... two day PoSky raids... People planned these things at least a week in advance. One Hate raid I was on we wound up having a 3 hour corpse recovery at 1 AM (after starting the raid at like 8 PM) and I fell asleep at my keyboard. Luckily I woke up in time to get a res. People complain about raiding 9 hours a week now... if it was like the old days raiding would be a second 40 hour/wk job.

    Kedge Keep raids and being in charge of casting Enduring Breath (don't forget your fish scales!). It was very stressful because Faerune wasn't a thing.

    CBlocking another guild (sorry Sequel) from killing Emperor so that we could monopolize Vex Thal for another month. Sure, it was a crappy thing to do but stuff like that kept it interesting with server forums and the constant fear of leap frog. No one was safe.

    I "miss" those things in the nostalgic sense but I don't see most of them remotely working in today's game which is probably a good thing. My biggest regret is losing all my screenshots throughout the years.
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  18. McDougal Augur

    Everfrost was tough LOL. No Barb clerics or necros,no druid ring or wizzy spire and you had to go through Blackburrow to get there. Few over level 30 there. I usually tried to pay a 'high level' to loot my corpse. Back then /consent would let others loot it. Had to eat the exp loss though. Looking back on it I can't believe I finally leveled enough to get through Blackburrow finally and made it to Qeynos.
  19. Milfurd Augur

    Or have a rogue pull corpses back to zone.
  20. Melanippe Augur

    Brain dead? Not if you are a level 2 Erudite Necromancer who had just actually managed to loot enough copper and silver to purchase a full set of cloth from the vendor in Paineel and had managed to purchase all her level 1 and level 2 spells then....exited Paineel and promptly fell into The Hole. ;) This was when you returned to bind sans everything except the spells you had memorized. Never saw that corpse again.

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