Vulak`Aerr to Fippy Darkpaw Server Merge - October 18, 2017

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Spellfire Augur

    More merges coming I assume? Any info when/what servers? Thanks :).
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  2. Roxxlyy Augur

    Though it is possible that additional merges could happen in the future, we don't currently have any plans for more. The plural was more to detail the fact that the functionality of the window is here to stay, as the merging process has varied throughout the years.
  3. Lilybeme Journeyman


    Now add Trakanon and Brekt and You might field 100-150 players
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  4. Brohg Augur

    Trakanon and BREKT, you mean
  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Brekt will never be merged with any server other than possibly FV.

    Also, unless Fippy and Vulak somehow caught up to the rest of the servers and I missed it, then I don't see the new Fippy server being merged with any other server until they catch up or the other non-Truebox progression servers catch up to them.
  6. Eric Colby New Member

    We are past the 7 hour estimated downtime. Can we get a new approximation as to when the servers will be coming back up? I took today off from work and planned on working on some stuff in the great world of Everquest today only to find the servers are down, and were suppose to be back up 50 minutes ago. Is there any possibility we can get a new estimation when to the approximate time you guys are looking at now to get the servers back up and running?
  7. Nodden New Member

    They're supposed to be down for another 2 hours.
  8. Stephsanity Augur

    we got 2 hrs before its past the 7 hrs just a FYI
  9. Asparagus New Member

    What Nodden said. 6:30 am was PT, so adding 7 hours is 1:30 PT or 3:30 CST, which is my zone, maybe yours, too.
  10. jeskola Augur

    Did this happen? I logged into Fippy and my Vulak Character isn't there. I had a Level 70 on Vulak and a level 1 of the same name on Fippy and the level 1 is there but not the 70.
  11. jeskola Augur

    Checked another account where I had a level 70 on Vulak and I have zero characters on Fippy. What gives?!
  12. jeskola Augur

    I guess no one cares, but apparently we are expected to petition on each account that our Vulak characters did not move to Fippy. Aka this was a massive failure.
  13. jeskola Augur

    Any official solution here yet? I am being told by players I need to petition each account with no characters transferred, however the same players tell me their petitions are going unanswered.
  14. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Not that I am taking up for their issues or lack of response but it is a Saturday so no one is in the office and you likely won't get any sort of response here until Monday. As you well know petitions always take a long time generally speaking.
  15. Mixolydian New Member

    For what it is worth I petitioned right after the servers came back up on Wed and haven't heard anything yet.

    My characters with more unique names made it fine, the ones that I guessed would have a naming conflict are the ones that are missing - so I'm guessing an issue with the "who gets to keep their name" script. My guild and guild bank made it fine as well.

    I petitioned on one account but included the names from another so I am hoping I don't need to petition per account.
  16. jeskola Augur

    Yes but merge happened Wednesday and the other players I talked to petitioned immediately.
  17. jeskola Augur

    Moral of the story is the new merge code failed miserably and we should not count on this experiment to mean lj/rf merge or any other live server merge.
  18. The Hated One Augur

    12 accounts. Level 75 toons on each account on Vulak. NONE were on fippy. Some of the alts were there. But none of the wife's and my main toons were moved to fippy. We had checked them periodically over the last year. In fact I logged a few on to get a gander of OOW gear before OOW popped on phinny. So yeah... something seriously got messed up. Wife has sent a petition. Curious to see if anything comes of it.
  19. Brovar New Member

    That would be really great IF they transferred over!

    Now, now, you do happen to have dinosaurs on this dinosaur tour? Yes?!

    Everquest has been around for 18 years and had its share of server merges in the past and yet here we are today with a massive fail on a server merge. Does anyone at DBG test anything out anymore? Is this Fisher Price: My First MMO or what?
  20. klanderso Developer

    For those of you missing any characters, please shoot me a PM with the character's name and the server it was on before the merge (either Vulak or Fippy). It'll help me sort out what happened so I can fix them :)

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