VP key ground spawns remind me why I quit this game for half a decade.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Montag, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Trident New Member

    Really lol?
  2. Risiko Augur

    Kunark = expansion.

    VP = zone.

    Expansion != Zone
  3. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    So this thread again, like the same ones that were on Phinigel when Kunark launched...dunno about you but I didn't find the DRASTICALLY reduced spawn timers for the key parts to be that big of a bottleneck, I mean, they could have left them at 8 - 12 hours rather than 4ish hours in multiple picks.

    And yeah, the folks that are saying that VP is garbage and can be skipped, are 100% correct, there are possibly 3 drops in VP off of PD (Robe, Cloak, Crown) that will not be replaced the instant you hit NToV (no key quest bruh, day 1 of Velious) and even they have upgrades. Your epic weapon is > VP dropped weapon for your class. The #1 use of VP is twinking alts you don't want to get Epics on.
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  4. Funk Augur

    It's always the same people telling others "Just wait till the next expansion" or "That place isn't worth going to anyway, just skip it"

    So the people who play on Agnarr specifically to experience Kunark should just skip Kunark? What if they wanted to come back to experience Veeshan's Peak because they didn't get a chance to in era? So now they again won't get to experience it because of cheaters/hackers. And it's your place to tell them "hey don't worry about it! that place is lame anyway and you we're only wasting your time".

    So tell me then, why do the other guilds who are griefing go there? Why do they block others from going to a place that is deemed worthless for the most part? They are there for a reason, others wish to experience the zone for that same reason. To experience Kunark and all it has to offer...and you guys are telling them just forget it, that's lame.
  5. Kahna Augur

    One pick. Not multiple. I mean, Kaesora might have 2 picks for 50% of the time, but swamp never has more than one pick. Picks worked differently on Phinny. One person could hold a pick open, not so on Angarr, and swamp takes 60 people to spawn a pick. 20 per pick to hold it open. Seeing as how even one pick doubles the number of items entering the system not having them is a pretty huge difference.
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Don't worry guys. They nerfed Runnyeye just in time for it to be a bag reminder. I'm sure vp keys will come one day when we no longer care.
  7. Jerakor New Member

    People are cancelling their sub because the VP key is awful. They are quitting with the intention of coming back for Velious but who knows if they actually will.

    The SoNH item is awful, everything else you can deal with. AJ is frustrating but reasonable. Kaesora you can spawn picks for with a reasonable amount of people. But you have no answer for SoNH. This has meant the SoNH item is almost 100% owned by people who just want to sell the ** and are willing to cheat to get the pickup. Between that and the Jade Prod they might as well just put keys to VP and HS in the marketplace at $45 a pop.
  8. Trident New Member

    Non-Agnarr player that doesn't know the pick mechanics on agnarr #325 welcome.
  9. Evil.Iguana Elder

    So you feel that staring at a single point for hours on end and attempting to click a little brown bag before a dozen other players is compelling gameplay?
  10. Bobbybick Augur

    Bet ya'll can't wait for round 2 in Luclin, have fun in Fungus Grove.
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  11. HoodenShuklak Augur

    how else do you turn a free ground spawn into a 3 krono transaction?
  12. Machentoo Augur

    Pretty sure the guys turning the free ground spawn into a 3 krono transaction aren't staring at the ground for hours.
  13. smash Augur

    A fix could be that the gs was changed to lore + no destroy + no pet.
  14. Tweadle New Member

    You have no plans to do anything about the ground spawns...fine, w/e . How about the cheating ? Is that ok now , do you even care ? Is this tacit approval for the player base to engage in any and all awful behavior with the expectation of zero repercussions? Just curious...
  15. MyShadower Augur

    Intriguing. Daybreak could sell the old expansions to TLP players and grant all-access! The collector's edition could come with the keys you no longer need for nostalgia!
  16. Seliris New Member

    Calling it now- this will 100% be part of the next TLP.

    Maybe not as far as selling it, but "new and improved progression" where VP and other outdated key quests become revamped for raid progression I.E. killing trak for VP keys, etc.
  17. oldkracow Augur

    Glad I'm not doing the VP key because if I was, I wouldn't do it without 3rd party scripting help. Ran by swamp saw almost 15 - 20 people grouped up waiting on that spawn..... o_O
  18. Wolrok Elder

    Considering the fastest way to get someone banned for cheating is to post video online of them cheating, the rule that seems to be in play is: anything goes, just don't get caught.
  19. oldkracow Augur

    The video tickets seem to be 1 video ticket for what looks like cheating = ban after a bit, no idea how long
    video ticket for training = 2nd ticket with 2nd video is a 14 - 21 day vacation
  20. Renshu Elder

    If you don't get your epic, clear VP, kill Trak/VS/Dragons, etc - you are skipping Kunark. These progression servers have been created to allow players to go back and relive all of this content and progress through it. Saying 'skip VP' and 'skip Kunark' are the same thing. Would PoP be the same if everyone 'skipped time'?

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