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    <Archaic Guard> is a VERY new and returning player friendly guild made specifically to offer a home to people from ALL the merged servers aside from previous ties to our existing guild concerns. Many of us raid in raidguilds, or have older characters in pre merge guilds and are quite knowledgeable and helpful without an attitude.

    Vox is a PREFERRED new player server, so new players join regularly. It has also just recently had both Phinigel and Miragul servers merged to it and has had Trakanon server merge to it in the not too distant past.

    I personally played on all four involved servers prior to any merges so have ties to guilds and players on all ot them. It is VERY nice to have friends from all of them able to join us under one chill, no expectations roof.

    New to EQ? Been afk since college 15 years ago? Played on a dead server and don't know anyone? Just want to meet people from the three servers you weren't on?

    Want to become part of a guild where everyone is new to the guild, where your level 10 matters and has plenty company?

    We added 11 new members yesterday under level 50 (7/24) we are growing fast, partly because...

    We can and do help and do not ignore anyone or any question asked.

    Interested? Send any member a /tell for a guildinvite or to ask any questions!

    Casual, chill and especially FUN!! Remember when games were FUN and not a second job?
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    If you're looking for us type /who all "archaic guard"

    (with the quotes) and send a tell to any member for invite.
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    The Vox server is flagged at server select as the preferred new player server. We also recently were part of a 3 server merge. There are TONS of low levels grinding and our guild is seeing new adds daily. If you are new / returning after a long break (The 2 we added last night were afk since PoP)

    This is a great server and there's plenty of support for new characters.

    Come join the fun!
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    Best. Guild. Evar!
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    Hi, I know this an older post, but are you still accepting new players?