Vox level 65 cap Progression guild <Eternal Divinity>

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Schweino, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Schweino Journeyman

    We will not use mercs for raids. We are just a bunch of returning players, or current vets, that made new toons to launch a new progression guild.

    Vox Server. Taking any class that you would have fun with. Hit up Clerico, Chanta, or Drazzax. Come start a new toon, level with us, and explore with us :)
  2. Schweino Journeyman

    Figure id bump an update. Currently have 35 non alts that joined. Lots of people came over and made new toons to join us. Always welcome for more :) Seeking alot of DPS classes.
  3. Schweino Journeyman

    Another bump. Cool to add returning players and vets who want to do what we are. Currently at 46 non alt members. Come join our family if PoP progression sounds fun :)
  4. Schweino Journeyman

    Added 5 more non-alts, bring our roster size to 62/51 non-alts. Looking forward to more comming :)
  5. Schweino Journeyman

    56 non alts so far. Dont be shy, come make a toon and re-explore the old stuff :) Below is the list of need in order:

    1. Bard
    2. Monk
    3. Enchanter
    4. Cleric
    5. Mage
    6. Wizzy
    7. Beastlord
    8. Berserker

    All other classes who are extremely active will be considered!
  6. Schweino Journeyman

    Up to 66 non-alts. And we just became "official" since our base has grown so well.


    Check it out! Come roll a toon and join the family!
  7. Schweino Journeyman

    Sunday Feb 15th we will be starting Planes of Power raiding. Come put an application in and join the family!

  8. Schweino Journeyman

    Considering our growing numbers - we are now looking for a bonafide raid leader!

    We have already started PoP raiding, and I will continue to lead raids - but we are seeking someone that wants to join our family and lead raids full time. If you are on another server - we will power level you to 65 for sure. Schweino68@gmail.com is my e-mail, or hit me up in game Clerico/Chanta!
  9. Schweino Journeyman

    Just an update on our raids. We have taken down a few PoP boss's and have hit 40 attending the past few raids. We are currently seeking ALL dps classes. Please come join us if your into our sorta thang ;)

    Experienced clerics and tanks will be considered!
  10. Raludar Apprentice

    Anyone from Eternal Divinity around that can tell me what's going on with the guild? Looks like the level cap was raised but no one has been on for awhile. Just wondering what the new goal, if any, is for them.

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