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  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Two things I want to ask the devs about From the May patch:


    First of all, can you please change this so that the progression keys are not scaled to increase as further expansions release. The nature of all progression servers is that people want to do content when it is current. No guilds are hanging back doing several expansion old content. At most they are doing one expansion back content for the loot.

    Every expansion should launch immediately with the final/maximum number of keys dropping. The way it is coded right now is pointless because no one will be going back to do past expansion raids because group gear is comparable and far less effort in the current expansion. Look at the number of people raiding 2 or 3 expansion old content on Phinigel as an example. Absolutely no guilds are raiding Tower in SoD or Crystallos in SoF while we are in HoT. Group gear in the top tier of HoT is 1400 HP/Mana while top tier raid gear in SoD is 1100 HP/Mana and in Crystallos it’s about 800 HP/Mana (this is less than what’s available in the Bazaar for less than 1000 platinum).

    Please reconsider the current implementation. You did the work to solve an issue that is present on TLPs that have raiding population this late in expansion progression. It’s just the timetable that it takes for this solution to come in to play ends up making your solution worthless as guilds have already moved on and forgotten about that content.

    Secondly, how does this function for VoA? During VoA you needed to attend each raid and click your book after the raid to gain a certain amount of evolution on the item.

    Tier 1 (1 Raid) - 33% per click - Takes 3 lockout cycles to progress
    Tier 2 (2 Raids) - 11% per click - Takes 5 lockout cycles to progress
    Tier 3 (3 Raids) - 7.69% per click - Takes 5 lockout cycles to progress
    Tier 4 (3 Raids) - 33% per click - Takes 1 clear to progress
    Tier 4.5 Sepulcher (5 Raids)

    So no keys are dropped. I would assume we should expect the percent evolution to increase per raid. The ideal case would be that a full clear of a tier allows you to move on to the next tier. Like so:

    Tier 1 (1 Raid) - 100% per click - Takes 1 clear to progress
    Tier 2 (2 Raids) - 50% per click - Takes 1 clear to progress
    Tier 3 (3 Raids) - 33% per click - Takes 1 clear to progress
    Tier 4 (3 Raids) - 33% per click - Takes 1 clear to progress
    Tier 4.5 Sepulcher (5 Raids)

    Can you confirm it is coded to allow this progression arc, which is the best case solution for a healthy raiding population on servers making it into the back half of the EverQuest expansions?
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  2. Numiko Augur

    Have to agree the more keys dropped thing does not make sense for VOA.
    Hopefully it will end up being a faction/language boost instead.
  3. Aegir Augur

    Yeah, would be nice to know how the Bonus applies to the VoA Progression when the expansion launches on Phinigel. Being stuck with only 1 new raid for 3 lockouts is just torture, lol!
  4. Machentoo Augur

    Especially when that raid can be defeated by a single player running three level 17 monks.

    Oops, did I say that out loud?
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  5. Aegir Augur

    At least I think, you've got their attention now! ;-)
  6. Catashe Augur

    currently on test the raids do seem to give alot more XP for the tales book... idk if thats because of the change or a normal thing.. right now one tier 1 raid gets you to 11% into phase 2 of the book...

    I'm guessing if they did change the XP rate on the book for the whole 3 6 9 month thing like the patch note thing... You'll probably have to kill tier 1 probably 2 times(down from 3) and 5 or 6 on tier 2(down 3 or 4) on launch day... not ideal but better than nothin
  7. Alundis New Member

    I agree with the following sentiment.

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  8. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    This is what I’m saying. They have the best solution to the issue of prolonged flagging processes on shorter timeline TLPs. They just have it coded to take 9 months after an expansion launches to get to that point in flagging, and by that point Bazaar gear surpasses the raid loot and no one is progressing through those raids any longer.

    They need to remove the 3-6-9 month scaling flagging and have it always launch with the final 9-month flag amounts.
  9. Boze Augur

    Since HoT was 1.5x keys rounded up, I'd assume the same for XP boost. So per click would be:
    Tier 1: 50%, two lockouts
    Tier 2: 17%, three lockouts
    Tier 3: 12%, three lockouts
    Tier 4: 50%, can do 4.5 same week.

    Assuming you just raid weekly and not on lockout this puts a guild into final raid zones with a month remaining, which is probably what the devs intended. I think most players would prefer faster.

    Point of the thread is spot on. Delaying accelerated keying on TLPs is totally pointless. Most recent expansion is the only one that maintains any relevancy. Even then, all the guilds that couldn't progress in UF and were stuck raiding SoD content folded (I know this wasn't key related just making the point that old content doesn't keep subs).
  10. Baldur Augur

    If the lockout is 4.5 days and you raid on lockout you can be in the final zone in 5 weeks if my calculation is right.

    No amount of splitting will speed things up though, what's OGC gonna do? :D
  11. Glowerss Elder

    Knowing Dima? Split raid the crap out of it anyway.
  12. Machentoo Augur

    Your calculations are wrong, because tyou don't have to wait for tier 1 to be off lockout to start tier 2, etc. You have to wait two cycles of tier 1 to get into tier 2, but as soon as you've done the second cycle, you are immediately into tier 2 without having to wait another five days.

    So, off lockout guilds can start tier 2 on day 6. Tier 3 on day 16, and Tier 4 on day 26. This is assuming every raid is beat the first day it is available.
  13. Baldur Augur

    Right, that's exactly what I did. I may have added an extra 5 days because I didn't quite understand the tier 4 flagging.
  14. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    With Classic WoW around the corner after VoA launch its probably best to not make that expansion a painful process to reach the end zone. Especially when the end raid still crashes as you do it.

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