Vintage Vanguards - *The* progression place to be on Bristlebane

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Silv, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Silv Augur

    Vintage Vanguards
    Website: TBA this week

    High level character with nothing to do? Want to escape your server? New player returned but missed all those expansions? WE ARE FOR YOU! These other “Progression” guilds are not your only choices despite what they will tell you.

    Vintage Vanguards’ is a ‘new’ old-school raiding guild on Bristlebane. We will re-experience much raid content with a twist. We allow high level intervention when appropriate. Normally we will raid with the expectation of a Lv. 70 to Lv. 80/85 max raid force.

    Anyone feel free to apply. Current players may keep their identity private if they wish.

    *MAIN Raiding times: THU/FRI/SAT evenings

    INTERMEDIATE Raiding times: SUN/MON/TUE/WED late evenings

    MINOR Raiding times: potential for any calendar day in the morning/afternoon

    *THU/FRI/SAT evenings will be the MAIN raiding time and expected attendance.
    Initial Startup: Members will be assisted in achieving level goals if they lack the means to do so independently. ALL members will be outfitted in raid gear from PoTime, Tacvi, DON, or Anguish PRIOR to starting our adventure into Demi-plane. We will be doing this as quickly as possible and will not be typical of our guild philosophy.

    Feel free to contact Silv, Eudial, Attickus, Bloodwulfe, Celia, Mimette, or Cyprine at this time on Bristlebane.

    If you are returning and starting a new character or are not yet of sufficient level still contact us and we can see about getting you up to speed.
  2. Silv Augur

    Slowly getting people in and several are already leveling up alt(s) for this to join up. If I can get another group or two in this coming week I'll buy the fancy guild hall and start getting people outfitted in gear to tackle the real deal.

    Just did like 4 or 5 PoTime and Tacvi clears getting people into sets to start raiding already :)

    Again, even if you aren't close to our req. level or are interested in returning to the game in general, send me (or one of the others named above) a /tell if you have any interest.