Vex Thal AoC instance on test

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vanrau, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Vanrau Augur

    Is it intentional that trash re-spawn in Vex Thal AoC instance on test? That's going to make it a nightmare to clear if a wipe happens.
  2. Heartland Augur

    I agree this is ridiculous.

    Can't we just have chests spawn when we zone in and open them? Why do we need to kill these mobs?
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  3. Aenoan Augur

    Only if there is a 65% chance that the chest does a zonewide aoe dt that also reduced players by 1 level.
  4. Risiko Augur

    I was under the impression that trash does not respawn in all the raid instances on Phinigel so far. Seems odd that it would for VT.
  5. Dsarthe Journeyman

    In non-instanced version of VT, trash did respawn, right? The not respawning is more of a "makes life easier" thing?
  6. Aenoan Augur

    Yeah, trash has always respawned in normal VT.
    Instances I dunno I can't remember if trash ever respawned or not, the only time I did any instances was a naggy raid and that was over to quick to matter.
  7. Riley Augur

    Sounds as though it's working as intended. Trash respawns were a huge element of Vex Thal. Bypassing that element of the zone is basically bypassing half of the challenge...
  8. Trevalon Augur

    Trash doesn't spawn in any instance yet (including Ssra and other Luclin Instances). The reason Trash doesn't respawn is because if it did you could go in and farm the trash indefinitely in your own private instances for drops.

    This must be a bug...
  9. PathToEternity The Janitor

    Really? You didn't park CotH boxes in VT? I can't think of a worse strategy for open world VT then to clear all the trash for zero reason at all.
  10. EQcleric Elder

    People also said that you couldn't do tov in under 6...
  11. EQcleric Elder

    If you watched a guild take 35 minutes to kill vulak, they are either really bad, or it was not a full raid. OGC splits vulak every week and it takes us 40 minutes.... thats with 35 people.

    With a full raid, we would easily kill vulak sub 20mins.

    All I'm saying, is that people are scared because it's a long instance. Back in the day we used to clear it in 8 hours. I'm positive we could do it in 6 now, trash and all.

    The first week we cleared everything in ToV except triplets and LTKS wing. We do everything in tov now except vulak, doze and LTK (and kreizenn) in under 3 hours.

    We can 100% kill every mob in the zone In under 6.
  12. Aenoan Augur

    Back in the day our guild was big so we actually had 1 raid plus a smaller raid (more like 10 players or so) I don't know if you guys did it, but we used to have dps races and it was always fun to KS each other. I don't remember how big or small raids were back then, so maybe im remembering the numbers wrong but we definitely had two groups and we'd go back and forth to KS each other on trash in VT, so much fun. VT took ages back then and it was kinda like a mini game.
  13. Progress Augur

    We used to just use a necro/mage/cleric and selo's train to the safe spots - necro fds - rez's cleric - cleric rez's mage - mage coth raids. It was quicker to do that route rather than clear splitting trash all night.
  14. AgentofChange Augur

    AoS did Vulak with 36 people in 31 minutes and with 56 people they did it in just over 16 mins so I doubt you watched them take 35 mins to kill it with 62 people...
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  15. Taeluuin Entariel Elder

    Which is why guilds had mage bots at strategic locations so they could split VT up into 3 days of raiding when it was their clear.... since it could take 6 hours to clear bottom if no mistakes were made, and those guys you've been competitive with don't show up and train you for SnG, - which can't be done in the instanced versions.

    For the instanced VTs I believe we should have trash up to bosses that have been killed respawn, but if you've killed a boss, all the trash past it should repop if you don't continue. In effect this would be like using coh teams to bypass trash when you split VT across raid days... which is precisely whats going to happen on Phinny - every guild will have mage bots scattered around VT so they can coh past trash.
  16. Finley Augur

    Well you most likely cannot do all of Temple of Veeshan in 6 hours with an average raid force. Now that people are geared doing North in a single raid night is pretty easy though.
  17. Mashef_8013 Elder

    Back in the day there were no such thing as multiple raids due to being to large. You had individual 6 man groups working in unison to kill a mob(s). Erego the above statement implies you did not ever raid VT during Luclin era. Formal raiding was a PoP feature.

    How do you know how challenging VT should or should not be if you were not there before level 65? Honest question here. Not a troll. For real. Serious. VT didn't even take ages during SoL after you had 3-4 runs to get gear. Maybe a 5-7 hour full clear. Usually there was competition from 1, maybe 2 other guilds so you couldn't even get all the mobs. It would die in about 3 hours tops if you didn't get all the mobs.

    Thanks for your participation in EverQuest.
  18. Aenoan Augur

    I actually DID play during Luclin raided VT, I am sorry if my memory isn't what it used to be and pretty sure that I mentioned that. Oh, but what I said that.
  19. Adonhiram Augur


    Don't worry, the main argument people throw at each other's face on the TLP forums is "Thou have not carried the True parts of theTrue Cross". Same as religions, lol
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  20. Vanrau Augur

    Ya I've done VT when it was current content the first time and did VT again when it was current on the The combine and about to do it again in era on Phinigel.

    The point is, instances don't respawn NPC's. However this same thing is happening in the AoC Ssra temple instance as well. In the cursed cycle area. Maybe it has to do with some scripts some where that got over looked.
  21. Aenoan Augur

    If instances normally despawn and stayed despawned, this need to be fixed.

    BTW: ROI? On combine?