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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by 80NGZI11A, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. 80NGZI11A New Member

    This account was created in Kunark. I have multiple characters dating to 2000 on it that have never been transferred in any way, save server merges. I am only entitled to 14 years on veteran rewards, is it only paid years that count?
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    There are only 14 rewards for 14 years so even if you showed more years - there is not a 15th vet reward

    And its not time paid although it used to be but they changed it to include free accounts.

    From Fanra: Veteran Rewards are bonuses granted to accounts based on how long your account has been active. For every year the account has been active, you gain a veteran reward, up to fourteen rewards. No further rewards are planned.
  3. Cragzop Elder

    I got confused a little by CatsPaws' answer, so going to try to restate.

    For which level of Veteran Rewards you can receive, it is years entitled on your account - shown by /played and the last item listed Your total time entitled on this account...

    You received time entitled based upon paid access (before free to play) and then a running clock since ftp has been active. You could also receive bonuses to time entitled based upon rewards for being a guide, if you paid memberships in advance (for a time), and a few other things. Some folks who were long time guides have very large numbers...

    For each year listed, it gives you access to that year's reward - up to the 14th and final reward, Blessing of the Devoted (20% vet aa timer reduction). Years entitled over 14 add no new rewards.

    For each year listed, you can claim veteran rewards on a character via the /veteran command. The number of characters across servers that you can use the /veteran command is equal to the number of years entitled. If you are below 14 years entitled, each new year you will gain the next level of veteran reward on any toon that you have used /veteran on.

    Note that deleting a character with veteran rewards does not allow you to reuse that use … once used, it is character locked forever and cannot be regained (you will still accrue new rewards once per year entitled gained).
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  4. Grove Augur

    Clarifying question please. Beyond fourteen years there are no more rewards, but are more than fourteen characters authorized?
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    Yes according to some who really came down on my last post about vet rewards :( On Fanra it says: You can claim the rewards on the number of characters that match your account time. So if you have five years on your account, you can claim the rewards 1st year through 5th year on five characters. But it doesn't really clarify after 14.

    While on Zam it states "you can flag 1 character for each year worth of Veteran time you have. So the maximum number of characters you can have flagged is equal to the number of Veteran Rewards you have!)" Note the max number of rewards is 14 at this time.

    Keeping in mind accounts have 14 character slots so that is the vet reward limit since if you delete one of the characters you claimed rewards on, you don't get that claim back. So not sure how people were getting vet rewards on 20 characters.

    these links may help with further questions for everyone since there is always so much angst on vet rewards postings:D :


    Another tip is to make sure you log in thru the patcher so awards are applied correctly and the actual time is rounded so don't get wierded out if you stay at xxx days for a few months or weeks, it will straighten out.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    Opps to clarify I did not mean the response in this post that had caused flames. It was weeks ago.
  7. Grove Augur

    Specifically, beyond fourteen characters applies to characters on more than one server. I wonder about them. But, of course, would apply also when one designated character is deleted.

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