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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by KC13, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. KC13 Augur

    Prior to the recent change, I was able to claim veteran rewards on Silver and Green accounts by issuing the /veteranreward command. This no longer exists and you cannot toggle the AA button on these accounts. Is this working as designed? Do Silver and Green accounts no longer qualify for the veteran AA's?
  2. Skuz Augur

    Tried using just "/veteran" ?
  3. KC13 Augur

    Just tried. Not a valid command.
  4. Soulbanshee Augur

    All accounts get veteran AA auto buy and theres no restrictions on number per account so there's no need for the command any more, it's disabled. Veteran AA are still on the special tab but have been placed in the expansion they unlock at instead of the old Veteran grouping. They are supposed to auto buy except there are at least 3 that are not. Look for any that are 0/1 and can be trained for 0 AA, you'll have to manually buy them.

    If the AA ID got changed, you will have to dump the old hotkey and create a new one.
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  5. Dzarn Developer

    Thank you for this report.
    There was an error in the auto-grant data that caused veteran abilities to not auto-purchase until 3 expansions later (the usual auto-grant cycle). These abilities are intended to auto-purchase immediately with the release of their corresponding expansion. This will be fixed in our next full update.
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  6. KC13 Augur

    Thank You, manually purchasing works!! I might add though, that you should check all previous veterans as not all AA's will have been granted. A few seem to have gotten lost and need to be manually purchased as mentioned by Soulbanshee.

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