Fixed Internally [Veteran Reward] Steadfast Servant won't haste characters with AA Overhaste.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by OlavSkullcrusher, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    I was bored while foraging for clockwork grease in PoI, so I pulled out my Steadfast Servants in turn for my 110 Druid, 91 Ranger, and 115 Ranger all on separate accounts and grouped (also completely unbuffed except for a mount buff on one of them and perfected camo). One thing worked as expected: The SS from the lower level ranger conned at lvl 91, so it cast lower level buffs. (Servant's Armor XI, Haste VI, and Clarity IX) The 110 Druid's servant cast Servant's Armor XIV, Haste VI, and Clarity XII, but so did the 115 Ranger's servant. Servant's Haste VI is 70% haste, so that is fine as the maximum, but I would have expected the other buffs to have improved with the increase in level cap. (Did Armor and Clarity get a new rank from RoS raising the cap to 110? I don't know.) I also did not do any fighting, so I did not test what Servant's Elixir each would cast.

    But the thing that caught my eye the most, and what had driven me to test this at all, was that none of the servants cast Servant's Haste on my 110 Druid or 115 Ranger.

    I guess the issue is that it seems that the Steadfast Servants were not updated when level caps went up either with ToV or RoS. Or, they were updated incorrectly.
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  2. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    I now have a 3 box team at lvl 108, and their Steadfast Servants won't cast haste on anyone. They do cast Servant's Clarity, but that's it. (Healer mercs buff with Assurance, so that would block Servant's Armor, which explains why they don't cast that.)

    I don't currently have any toons between 100 and 105, so I can't test what the servant does in that level range. But this is pretty obnoxious that the servants didn't scale up the way that they should have for what looks like 4 expansions.
  3. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    Servants still aren't hasting my higher level toons. Any word?

    [edit] Just to point out that this is more than an inconvenience, as while I can use potions for myself, this means that they don't haste mercs either.
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  4. TrueNorth Developer

    Was not able to find an issue with Steadfast Servant refusing to haste characters over level 110.

    However, while researching this, an issue was found whereby the Steadfast Servant will refuse to haste any character with AA haste such as that granted by items (e.g. Taelosian Guard, Ancient Power, etc.).

    This issue is now being tracked internally. Thank you for your report.
  5. Ratalthor Developer

    This will be fixed in the September Update.
  6. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    Ah, that would explain what I was seeing, as all of my toons that were affected by this had some kind of AA haste, I'm pretty sure. Thank you for looking into it and getting it in line to be fixed!

    [edit] I'll check and see if servants are hasting melee mercs next time I can. Maybe I was missing them doing that.
  7. Eaedyilye Augur

    I broke out my Steadfast Servant tonight, I haven't used it in years. Well, it cast absolutely nothing. I'm a mage with a full set of buffs, so that might have something to do with it, but anyway, back it goes, never to be used again.