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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sithsonn, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Sithsonn Elder

    I seriously would like you guys to consider a change on when you get rewarded vet aas! Me being a new player to the game and being a top tier player on any toon I play and yet you guys still hold the potential back by making those vet aas unachievable for anyone new to get without years entitled on an account. I literally have no lifed this game for 2 years catching up, yet regardless of what I achieve I still cant have certain abilites that mostly everyone who plays has. PEOPLE CAN MAKE SILVER ACCOUNTS AND NOT PAY BUT STILL GET THE YEARS ENTITLED ON THE ACCOUNT! NOT FAIR!! Make account transfers a thing again, make it that there be a quest line thats hard as hell to do to be able to obtain vet aas. I'm not sure but I play so much, more than most and I just dont get why that isnt a thing yet... NOT ASKING FOR ANYTHING, but there should be a way to obtain veteran AAs a different way! please please please consider! ty for reading
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  2. enclee Augur

  3. Yinla Augur

    Really? Sure seems like it to me.
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  4. CatsPaws Augur


    The best they can do is recover an old account which if old enough would then become "Silver" and yes, they would get vet rewards because they had the account years ago. To deny them that would be like telling veterans that they would not get vet benefits for fighting in WWII and only recent vets would get benefits.

    If you start a free account and a paid account at the same time then they would earn vet rewards at the same time/rate.

    You said you have been playing 2 years so you have 2 more year's worth of vet rewards than 90% of my box group. Gratz!

    Afaik this is as close to a participation reward you can get in this game. :rolleyes:
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  5. Laronk Augur

    Guys, I'm really really good on any character top tier even but you're holding me back!
  6. Borm FV New Member

    Not just NO, but *$#@&*$# NO
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  7. Boyboi Lorekeeper

    Found the veteran.

    In seriousness though, I started playing this game near release, and I would have re-obtained my original account if I knew about veteran rewards when I came back. But I didn't, maxed out a toon, and now I have to wait 10 years for the good stuff. Pretty arbitrary, and I agree there should be a way to obtain them without waiting 10 years. Of course, all the people who have access to their 20 year old accounts are going to disagree, because it makes them feel so special inside to have something newer players don't.

    But I'm with ya OP.
  8. Zamiam Augur

    ya umm NO ..

    I wish they would bring back issuing vet rewards .. I have max vets and would love to see new ones coming .. :( but I doubt that ..
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  9. enclee Augur

    Yes I’m a veteran, but my oldest account just recently got all the get rewards while my alt accounts are varying ages of <1 year to 10 years. Some things just need to be exclusive rewards for various things account age, collectors editions, etc. Not every thing is for everybody, and that’s ok.
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  10. Karve_AB Journeyman

    I would like extra new vet rewards as my accounts are now > 20 years old.

  11. Mopman New Member

    Veteran rewards are for long service or supporting the game and community over a long time period.

    You get them when you earned them.
  12. Boyboi Lorekeeper

    Except you don't, you can also get them if you happened to disappear from EQ 20 years ago and never contributed a dime to the game and went and played WoW your entire life and came back yesterday. There's new-ish players out there who've contributed thousands of dollars to the game who don't have access to vet rewards, so it's not really a fair system.
  13. Boyboi Lorekeeper

    That's one way to look at it. I doubt veteran rewards will be made available to everybody, but making certain things completely unavailable locked behind decades of time or behind collector's editions is going to discourage completionists and min/maxers from playing the game.

    Them's the breaks, and I'm guessing allowing players to purchase time into the future (i.e. purchase 7 years of Gold time if you want 7th year vet awards) would be pretty lucrative for DBG and a pretty cool solution imo, leaving little room for the "but they didn't earn it!!!!" argument.
  14. yepmetoo Augur

    Except that's how it originally was, and they changed it for 3 reasons:

    1) People were scamming the system. There are people with 30 years entitled that were never a guide. People would buy years at a time, but then cancel or some such, retaining the time entitled.

    2) The system was buggy. With having to turn off and on entitled time, it would constantly bug out, stop working, and people had to petition to get time entitled corrected, wasting their resources and time.

    3) They introduced free to play, and wanted to allow all accounts to accrue the rewards, so switched from paid time to time in existence.

    Suck it up buttercup, its just the way it is. Life isn't fair. This is the system they use.
  15. Zamiam Augur

    and its a fine system .. I have 12 Accounts only about 6 to 8 I actually play at any 1 time and I have accounts that range from >19 years to <1 year .. and I'm not complaining .. true the accounts that I do actively play are the ones that have most if not all vets but there are a few that only have lesson plus a few others ..

    I like the loyalty rewards I use those other accounts for mules and lotto tickets
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  16. smash Augur

    It is no secret about the veteran rewards.

    And it is the same in real life, where you customer at some point, and they give their old customers a thing for having being time behind them. Will I get the added benefit without being their customer for those years, NO.
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  17. Boyboi Lorekeeper

    Lol yes, thanks guy, I'm aware that life isn't fair. Please don't ever try to get into video game development, I can see it now..."yes the game is completely imbalanced, but life isn't fair!!!"

    And all of the issues you listed are fixable, if DBG were to decide to give it another go. I'm not the OP, I just happen to agree with him.
  18. Cadira Augur

  19. Elyssanda Augur

    Nope. veteran rewards only count for PAID accounts.. I've been playing since 2002. but I left for a few years, so I only have 14 that count for /veteran.

    This sounds like a coupe people I have met over the past 2 or 3 years, who want to join a raid guild, and without putting in the time, and earning their share of DKP, want to have all of the brand new gear handed to them immediately. Never mind it's a new expansion, no one has the gear, and there are people who have put in the time and effort to earn the right (DKP) for their own gear.

    No. this is a REWARD for the time you have paid to play in this game. FTP and silver accounts don't earn this. Only Gold over time. and if you think we haven't paid for things, think again.
  20. Montag Augur

    My account is from beta in 1998 and i wouldn’t mindthis at all.

    One thing you could look into is, i think if you buy a year subscription it immediately grants you that years vet level.
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