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  1. Gialana Augur

    Whoops :). I guess it's too late to fix now that you've quoted me.
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  2. Randomized Augur

    Yes, ToV was designed with the mindset that you had gone through TBL and done that progression.

    If not, then mob difficulty wouldn’t have gone up. What’s the point of making a second expansion that’s just as easy as RoS? If you’re decked out in gear/AA and just stomping RoS content, you’re going to roflstomp TBL content too. So they look at the mob health from RoS, their hit/resist checks and up it accordingly. So that way, even though you’re not gaining levels, things aren’t staying stagnant. Content is getting harder.

    So yes, they make the next expansion based off the idealism that you progressed through the previous expansion. They’re not taking player skill into consideration. Just straight numbers. Player skill allows you to go into ToV while skipping TBL. That’s the difference. One is by design. One is by skill.

    Oh this is going to be fun. You’re so oblivious and your comprehension is next to nil.

    I too am a returning player within the last couple months. Go check my post history, it’ll confirm. I just understand the mechanics of the game better than you. Again, I am a returning player as well. I’ve mentioned that more than once in this thread alone. So with that out of the way, let’s get started shall we?

    1 Yes that’s exactly what I said

    1A The while point is, it doesn’t matter how you design zones, there’s no one below level 100-105 to group with. Log in and do a /who all 90 99. You’ll see like 3 other people online besides you and your team. That’s the issue. Redesigning a zone or a future expansion isn’t suddenly going to make it so there’s people in your level range to group with. This game is like 22 years old. Everyone’s played through those levels multiple times. That’s why most everyone is 110+ and sticks to those areas. As I mentioned, there needs to be an incentive to have more 85-100 level characters running around. A new expansion that gives people a heroic character to test out the new zones would probably do that. Making a new TSS style expac doesn’t suddenly spawn hundreds of new 90s level toons for you to group with.

    2 that’s exactly what I said
    2A I read the question and the answer eluded you. Tanks are always going to seem like they struggle while leveling. They do not catch up until they max out. If you’re constantly leveling and upgrading, you’re going to constantly be behind. So every 5 levels is hard for tanks. 90-95. 95-100. 100-105. Once you get to 115 and can focus on upgrading gear that’s not going to be getting replaced right away, then you start to level out and come into your own. And once the next xpac drops, yay you’re behind again until 120.

    As far as the pet ordeal, that was already answered. They come built in to tank with no effort. Player tanks need to be active. A 115 raid tank will drop faster than a 115 mage pet with them both AFK auto attacking the same mob. At every level range, a competent person playing a tank will be OP compared to a mage pet. If you think wearing plate and auto attacking a mob makes you a tank, then you’re going to end up like that 100 SK who had to FD on the pull.

    3 yes
    3A Because of the amount of damage he took at his level. And like you, you’re undergeared for the content you’re trying to do. I did not say for your level. I said you’re under geared for the level of content you’re trying to do. Difference is, at 94 you’re in the VoA and RoF level content. And if you went and did that content, I’m sure you’d roll through it no issues because you’re geared for that level of content in accordance with your level.

    PS I’ve read everything you’ve said. I know exactly what I’m talking about. Learn to take your lumpings. I’m throwing them where they’re deserved and with reason.

    4 Just to get this out of the way. You’re claiming that your failures are not your fault. If it’s not your fault, then who’s is it. Doesn’t matter, you’re claiming that you’re not failing by your own faults so it’s someone else’s fault. You’re placing faults onto others.

    Now let’s get into that “cookie cutter” response that you don’t like hearing. YOU NEED THE AAs. Congratulations. You have auto-grant. For level 94. You don’t even have all the AAs from VoA, and you’re trying to take on TBM content.

    Now let’s look at scalable content. Yay, they took level 105-108 mobs and scaled them down to level 94 for you. And therefor you think because you’re at the same level you should be able to handle them.

    But those TBM mobs are designed to have damage profiles assuming you’ve got the AAs from VoA, RoF, CoTF, TDS, and some into TBM. You’re missing about 4.5 expansions worth of mitigation, attack power, resist/hit checks, etc etc.

    Those TBM mobs had their health and level scaled down appropriately. Yes. But their damage profile is still set expecting you to have those AAs/gear to handle that because that’s how mobs from that expansion are built. I tried explaining this to you in my post concerning level 94 mobs from different expansions and why some are harder than others.

    They’re not over tuned. You are under geared for that content. Just because it drops them to your level does not mean you are ready. AAs are part of being geared. I could turn off auto-grant, not get a single AA, and still be 115 and geared in CoV gear…does not make me geared for that content.

    My 115 BST ran to 115. After auto grant ran out, I did not focus on AAs. I wanted to to get to max level ASAP. And as such, I lack the pet defensive AAs to allow my Warder tank (which is what I did, used healer merc in harder content and a rogue merc when I could heal him) current content. So I avoid the content I cannot successfully do without those AAs. I know my Warder would struggle immensely against CoV mobs, so I’m not going to try it and risk losing my Warder and his pet you’d and full round of buffs because im arrogant and thinking because im the same level i can tank them. This does not make that content over tuned. It makes me under geared.

    Maybe I didn’t say this enough, so let me say this again. This is the viewpoint of a returning player (within the last couple months). You and I are both returnees, but we are not the same.
  3. Samatman Augur

    A huge thank you to you and Randomized for pointing this out. As another returning player who missed all of these expansions, I didn't even know this was a thing. Now I know where to go next.

  4. Randomized Augur

    As much as I’d like to take credit, check who you quoted my friend :)
  5. Samatman Augur

    Both your responses showed the deficiency. IMO grats. Problem solved. Sorry I didn't also quote your reply, I'm not great at forums.
  6. Tappin Augur

    If you take a look at the context clues you can clearly see DP intended for a large portion of the population to skip over the majority TBL. The obvious gear set is just one of the clues (I’ll leave the others clues up to the people posting here). The mobs aren’t really harder than TBL (they are absolutely easier), they have just beefed up HP/Mitigation to combat mudflation of abilities. Compared to similar expansions, ToV wasn’t a big upgrade.

    I absolutely think there’s something wrong with game design when to make new content meaningful, the continuously nerf old content. New content should be similar (hopefully better) in overall experience to old content, not a downgrade.
  7. Flatchy Court Jester

    I guess it never bothered me to just walk away from some mobs that I just could not do. No matter how bad you think your character is there is always someone more bad than you. If the designers just made it so the middle of the road characters or even the most casual players could steam roll content, it would be very boring to a lot of the players.

    Dont be so impatient, you will get there. I did not see a lot of TBL because of the crazy spell mechanics of some of the named. One thing people always told me was dont come asking advice and then start complaining when you do not like the answer.
  8. demi Augur

    I dont think I even saw any zones past the smoke trials .. took me along time to find a group to be able to get those done and i still have not gone back and did anything in TBL

    I was lucky , I'm in a nice family guild and when ToV came out T1 gear was rotting like crazy and dibs went to guildies first... so before long i was deck'd in T1 ToV then it was a slow climb to the T3 TS gear ..

    When CoV came out .. I was still completing ToV stuff so it was a good 3months before i even went into CoV and by that time the dev's had nerfed the CRO's from trash and named .. I was still able to get me some T2 blizzard gear then eventually gear'd my way to T3 TS in CoV again im still not completely T3 gear'd but close ..
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    I cheated, albeit accidentally. I logged out in the trial zone. When I logged back in I was in the real Plane of Smoke. From there I could zone into Empyr. I just stayed in Empyr and never flagged my crew. Boring, but I was pretty tired of progression by that point on Phinny.
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  10. Alnitak Augur

    I didn't do much TBL in-era. Got a very few armor pieces with guildies in some missions, and very soon after release there was GMM, which made TBL-era tolerable. At first, the GMM orc mission was so rewarding that it made almost no sense to spend much more effort in TBL for much less reward. And GMM weapons and invisibles are equal to T3 (tradeskilled) TBL loot and it made much more sense to just grind GMM into oblivion. By the time they have nerfed GMM mission my whole crew with alts had geared up in GMM.

    Only at the end of ToV era I have come back to TBL to farm chase items and coins and do the progression, mostly to farm augs and muhbis for ts augs. And I actually liked TBL at that time, it was still fun and entertaining to do the progression and hunter. By that time my crew had already got wishing lamp, so travel in TBL was not a problem, except static Plane of Smoke, which I got some help from the guildie to unlock.
    Even today Mearatas is a very nice zone to visit, easy DB mobs, fast respawn, some nameds for muhbis for alts, good place to burn lesson for fellowship vitality.
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  11. demi Augur

    yes , I will prolly go back to TBL to do progression once ToL comes out ... I usually do not play in the most recent expansion on opening day I usually wait a month or 2 for them to work the bugs out and so its not so crowded .. during that time is when I'll prolly go back and run TBL also CoV ive still got that whole expansion to do still also as far as merc/part and hunter/collects..

    also why im not sure if i'll buy ToL .. depends on the deets and what they have in this next expansion if it will be worth it .. dont get me wrong i'll still buy the basic expansion of ToL , however if they want me to spend the $140 on the premium the expansion better be good and the items included in the premium better look good :p
  12. aozs Elder

    So I've been leveling a new box crew and took them into Into the Temple first thing as fresh heroics (no augs, I use TBM to gear) and had no issues. Went back at 88 with TBM gear on the tank and cleared the whole zone for exp, still no issues.

    Then I went to Valley of Lunanyn at level 90 and was getting hit quite hard by the t2 trash mobs in the south. Level 94-95 mobs max hitting for 11k, pretty big spikes on the tank, but very manageable tanking one at a time. Healing and tanking tools are pretty limited in the early 90s so I did eat a couple of deaths when taking on 2-3 at once.

    I'm inclined to believe that Into the Temple is not overscaled at all. Red cons are supposed to hit hard and Into the Temple's scaling basically guarantees the golem mobs will be red. I think it's fully in line for expected difficulty.
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