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  1. Randomized Augur

    The issue isnt the zone spread. Even with a new TSS style expansion with an 80-120 zones set up, they’re still not going to see each other. The 115-120s aren’t going to be hanging around the level 80-90 zones. There’s no reason for them to be there. Same reason you don’t see your CoV geared 115s hanging around HoT/VOA/RoF. What reason do they have to be there aside from a quick Hunters cheeve?

    The issue is that below roughly 105-110, the population for specific level ranges just isn’t there. It doesn’t matter if they try to funnel everyone into 5 zones or one specific xpac. If you’re the only one that’s between 85-90, it doesn’t matter if there’s 5 expansions worth of zones at that level range or just the one, you’re not going to see anyone any way.

    The issue is that there’s not many returnees at the same time, or not many people rolling legitimate alts (mean by leveling the normal way and it getting PLd to 115 to be a quick box char). So making a new expansion with 80-120 zones would do nothing for the 80-100 level range. There’s not many people there. And your 115s looking to hit 120’are going to be in that 115-120 zones. If they did this type of expansion again, they’d have give out free heroics or something with purchase so there’d be an influx of people making new 85s or 90s or whatever to play through the entire story line and zones. Otherwise it’s a flop.

    Every level cap raise is especially hard on tanks because they’re the most gear dependent. Means they’re needing to replace all those augs and farm out those AAs before they feel as efficient as they did before. How are you not picking up on this information yet. Everyone that’s replied to you keeps bringing up gear/AAs/augs. And this is going to lead into this very next part:

    That SK is considerably under geared. May not seem like it with his 100k health, but he’s only on 5k AAs. I think SKs at 85 with autogrant are at like 7k plus? So at level 100 he’s missing like 8 expansions worth of AAs (probably close to 10,000 AAs). And if he’s lacking there, I’m sure he’s missing a lot of AC as well. Missing out on so many ranks of CA/CS (your main mitigation AAs) as well as base AC.

    Next: CoTF max level was 100. So that Namer he went up against was probably 103. And with his mindset that he was just going to waltz in and steam roll the place shows that he wasn’t prepared to take on a Named mob. And it’s a Named…not just som me trash like your story. Do not similar. Similar in youre under geared and not prepared but that’s about it.

    Quit trying to look for fault in others. Some times you just need to accept that you’re not ready for certain content. My 115s have not even gotten close to stepping into CoV content yet. I still have a few ToV missions to finish off and all that jazz. Am I supposed to go run into CoV and go splat and then come here and complain that CoV is over tuned and they need to do something because I’m the only one having issues?
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  2. Randomized Augur

    Just to touch on this as well. Every expansion is released with the generalization that EVERYONE has the highest tier group gear, and MAX AAs going into the next expansion. So like Alnitak says, not meeting such criteria and jumping ahead (as you are jumping ahead multiple expansions into TBM) is going to make life tough. Especially for the most gear/aa dependent role
  3. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    I never said a TSS style expansion. My feedback is to use Dragonscale Hills as a zone template with various camps offering different level ranges and kill quests. It's a very large open world zone with distinct areas that lends itself to designing "leveling pockets". It's a worthwhile venture for the game's longevity.

    You continually make bad points regarding the leveling path. There's too many options and its bad for the health of the game. For example at 85, you could be in SoF, SoD, UF, HoT. There is simply too much spread and not enough players for multiple decades now.
  4. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    No, lol.
  5. Dragnath Elder

    Are all of your characters FTP? Autogrant AA (or earned max) is huge for most classes but a necessity for your tank.
  6. Randomized Augur

    So your answer is to take away choice and streamline only one option for leveling? Yeah that’ll be fun.

    And even with pick zones, can the server handle the entire live population in a single zone? Because you’re going to have hundreds of people fighting for the same 4 camps. I mean EoK FM camps were always taken and full up and that was just one level range, and one zone. And you want to take 40 levels worth of characters and throw them into a single zone together

    If people thing server stability and lag are an issue now, just see what happens with your idea
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    I have to agree with Randomized on this. In the early days of a new expansion you have to go where the tank can be effective. Once you get T1 gear on your tank, you can move to more difficult content. It's always been this way. Perhaps you misunderstood.
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  8. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    Always is a big statement, you can do ToV T1, GMM, RoS T1, EoK T1, and going even further back HoT, SoD, SoF, TBS, DoDH, etc in non-maxed out group gear.

    I do it all the time with my scrub group.

    Choice isn't gone, did the zones get deleted?

    Come on man, we're talking about Live EQ. TLPs pack more people into GFay than anything a Live server could do.
  9. Randomized Augur

    1) never said it wasn’t doable. I said the expansions are designed (mob difficulty) based off of the previous expansion. They expect you to have progressed through ToV and acquired the gear/AAs while it’s current and waiting for CoV. Likewise, they’re expecting players to progress through CoV and acquire the gear/AAs from this expansion before going into the next one. Don’t be dense.

    Is it possible to enter CoV without doing all of ToV. Sure. It’ll be harder on yourself but it is able to be done.

    And you just complained about there being choices and that the correct way to do it is funnel everyone into a single path and get rid of choices. You’re technically advocating for the one thing you’re complaining about by adding another choice to the list.

    And I’ve never stepped foot into a TLP. Or not enough to say I did. But I do know that upon a new release, a TLP servers population is going to be spread throughout what, like 12-14 different starting zones? You’re wanting to take an entire servers population and put them all in one place.
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  10. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    Was ToV designed around people completing TBL?

    This is such a tangent, when the core topic is scalable leveling content that is inappropriately designed for its intent.
  11. demi Augur

    yes , also they made the T1 gear in ToV very easy to get .. but im sure if tanks went into ToV with RoS gear and AA's they would of had a very hard time in ToV vs if they had TBL tier'd gear on ..

    and ToV was/is considered an easy expansion compared to TBL or CoV ..
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  12. Raccoo Augur

    This was a named, and from the way this is worded sounds to me like the tank took 60k damage as one hit. That makes me think he took spell damage from a special ability of the named, then let the pet take over tanking. Maybe the named only does this ability once? Maybe the pet is immune to this ability because it doesn't do whatever causes the ability to fire? (In TBL there are several named that have an ability that deals huge damage to tanks if they attack while a debuff from the named is on them, however pets don't have to deal with this at all. These named have taken down raid geared tanks easily).

    Does your server not use General channel? It sounds like you think people have to be within /ooc to count as being fellow players in your community. On my server they're all over and we use General to keep in touch for those who want to be communicative. Or are you really just wanting people in your group? It'd be interesting to know what server you play on.
  13. quakedragon Augur

    Whoa whoa ok you coming in swinging. I'm just a returner letting you know how it.

    I mean your not recent returner, your points more invalid. You don't walk in the recent returning shoes.

    Let me explain since you missed some points.
    1. Even with a new TSS style expansion with an 80-120 zones set up, they’re still not going to see each other. The 115-120s aren’t going to be hanging around the level 80-90 zones.
    1A. The point is NOT 115s to be playing with 80s and 90s, its 80s and 90s coming together in a single zone to play with each other. Its not 80s90s looking for free rides with 115. 80s and 90s don't give a hoot about 115s in their zones, matter of fact they are opposite they're anti, get out of here when they see 115s in there zone, because usually the 115s is just clearing it, the good parts of it too. 80s and 90s aren't looking for PL's they looking for good content, enjoying the game while getting good xp.

    So AGAIN, 80s90s find each other, its not 115s will be in zone with them.

    2. Every level cap raise is especially hard on tanks because they’re the most gear dependent.
    2A. Why you answer this, giving me cookie cutter answer, and not even reading the question which was, "Wondering if 95-100 was bad level for tanks, was it a mage pet level range? "
    Meaning are mage pets OP in 95-100, and tanks they just werent good during this time? Thats what the allakhazam post is making me think.

    If you read it, (here it is again)
    Pet HP never went under 50%. Sick. There was no risk. I even went AFK while pet tanked mob and mercs did their job. I just use SK for pulling now. Heh.

    So: Pet too OP, don't need a real tank. Or pets are very effective in HA's, thats what I'm wondering.

    btw, I can handle nameds too, in Yrelia #1, theres a named that fights the queen at the end, easy.
    Now I goto Neriak 4th gate, theres a named, OVERSCALED,
    What's that? What they say in this thread?

    Oh overscaled, do not attempt, attempt your own risk.
    Shirik`s Guardian

    This dude will spank any 80s 90s group, with his 104 overscaledness
    Hoppling the Unstoppable
    (hes not even in allakhazam), but hes not a hard name and hes the very last step. Meanwhile Shiriks Guardian that's only step 3 or 4, theres more punishing content after him if you even get by him in the 80s 90s.

    But again, I wonder if a mage pet 96 would be able to handle Shirik's Guardian, and the mage can go afk because its so easy since mage pets (were they OP?) in the 96-100.

    MAYBE just MAYBE the secret is using mage pets rather than real tanks, is there some secret calculator that mage pets take less damage in HA's compared to real tanks?

    3. SK was undergeared/AA and just like me?
    3A. How do you know there gear? Yes 5KAA is low, but your saying "just like me"
    Need to read before throwing punches,
    This is on the first page. Too much cookie cutter explanations from you. This stuff is already address, but people keep going back to cookie cutter "get gear get AA", so sick of hearing that cookie cutter.

    Autogrant is ON, can't get more useful AA's.
    I believe you went straight to cookie cutter rather than reading what's going on here.

    4. Quit trying to fault others
    4A. I didn't fault anyone, thats from Allakhazam, they went into an HA too JUST LIKE ME, and some named some thing all sudden just OVERSCALED.
    So if he said that named was hitting the TANK of all people, 60,000. Thats 15k quads. Possibly higher.

    The TBM 98 golems were hitting me 13k max hit, (53284 max possible) actually 80k possibly, logs show it did 6 hits in a round.
    That guy didn't mention max hit though, so that was an average 60,000 it could have been worse.
    Vilefeaster 101 named,
    Max hit 12,200.

    So that 100 SK, myself, we were fighting stuff that hits HARDER than a 101 named, an actual NAMED not an HA not meant to be so tough named. These HA mobs are hitting harder than a named that drops goodies, an actual named. A real named.

    (btw Vilefeaster is harder than though mobs in HA, he hits a lot faster moves faster and does more stuff than just smack you) we comparing MAX HIT because it matters when determining if something is overscaled for there levels. No I don't need cookie cutter, get more AC to mitigate the damage. I already know this. I'm trying to the bottom of these OVERSCALED mobs, I'm trying to ask about how to defeat overscaled. I shouldn't be facing overscaled stuff in the first place.

    This is point of view from a recent returner (a few months ago returner)
    Maybe I didn't say this enough, so I'll say again
  14. Dragnath Elder

    I agree that Shirik`s Guardian is tough/overscaled, we were plowing through the HA content and went in to that one unprepared (not full mana and missing buffs) and ended up running OOM and wiping. I never tried again as it was late in to a session, but it is definitely doable.

    The bottom line with all of these HAs is some are tougher than others, if you hit a wall just move to something else and come back when you are better geared/more AA/higher level.
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  15. Alnitak Augur

    Yes you can. Here is the story you are carefully ignoring:
    Lark's missions are from Hate Rising expansion, second chapter of CoTF

    By that time you should have progressed through the first chapter and had Achievement like
    Savior of West Karana
    and had been rewarded wi Hero's Special AA
    Hero's Vitality
    and Hero's Fortitude
    Fanra's list of some Hero's AAs:'s_Special_AAs

    Oh, you can't even get those at this moment, because you need to progress through CoTF full of lvl 100 mobs including special missions.

    Lark's missions are tuned for groups, which already spent 3 months in CoTF, and killed those bixie nameds of yours many times, and geared up with that nice lvl 100 gear those nameds drop.

    You are jumping ahead of progression. You have no place in CoTF, go back to VoA and RoF and levelup until you can do first task in a first zone of CoTF. That's the design. They have given a wonderful path for leveling up by allowing HA's from lvl 75, enjoy those HA's you can do and avoid those you can't do.

    And on a side note - CoTF HA's have multiple versions and I know for a fact, that Lark's version has a scriptwhich does NOT spawn Sharik's Guardian in the middle. Do you homework and study harder, and don't use posts made in 2013 as your guidance.
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  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    I do, too, but a lot of players can't pull it off (or most).
  17. Gialana Augur

    The 2013 comment on Allakhazam about pet tanking is outdated. There was a group of vocal players who thought the magician pets were overpowered, and there were very long threads on these forums about it (I wasn't able to find the thread after looking for 10 minutes). Sometime, perhaps 5 years ago or so, magician pets, and possibly beastlord warders and necromancer peters, were nerfed. It may still be that some people would think pets are overpowered at those levels, but I haven't seen anything on the forums.

    With regards to your question asking if level 95 to 100 was a difficult time for tanks, my memory is that it wasn't. Enchanter was my main for a long time. Toward the end of HoT, I started working on my paladin to group with my enchanter. I struggled and couldn't make it all the way through one of the Feerrott missions.

    VoA came out, and I could tank single trash mobs in at least T1 to T3 zones. I could also tank the named in T1 zones. But I was never close to being able to tank named in T2 zones. I worked on getting the cultural gear, which I believe was somewhere between T3 and T4 gear in stats. Even that wasn't enough until I figured out how to use my defensive disciplines and abilities. I was then able to tank named mobs even in T4 zones.

    When RoF came out, I leveled up from 95 to 100 mostly in RoF zones. This was a little bit strange expansion since it was the first with the delayed release schedule. So I got T2 gear before T3 or T4 were released. My group was usually my paladin and enchanter, a guildie monk, and 3 mercenaries (1 or 2 healers and the rest wizards). I may not have been able to do the second EW mission without a full group of non-boxed characters at first. And my group wasn't able to do the second Evantil mission because we lacked the dps to get past the molars before becoming overrun by adds. Other than that, my paladin tanked most of the expansion just fine. So, no, I don't think level 95 to 100 was too difficult on tanks.
  18. Accipiter Old Timer

  19. Alnitak Augur

    C'mon, everybody knows Jeff Peters and Andy Tucker . We just didn't know Jeff became a necro.
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  20. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You either didn't read anything or understood not a single word I wrote.

    Go your own way. You obviously want to.