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  1. demi Augur

    HA's now scale to the highest person in group .. doesnt matter how many lower lvl toons you drop in group if you have a lvl 90 toon or 100 or 110 or 115 the HA will scale to the highest lvl toon .. Except if the toon is higher than the expansion lvl then the HA scales to the highest lvl that the expansion was made for so TBM iirc was a 105 lvl expansion so if you have a 110 in group the highest lvl HA would be 105 , also however named are still higher like 107 or 108 .

    you also have to remember that TDS was the lvl cap increase expansion so they made TBM even harder than usual due to it not being a lvl increase .. which was mentioned above in another post somewhere.. but as far as the mobs inside the HA they will be harder than say TDS HA's .. another doozy for HA's or just mobs that hit harder and AE's is RoS expansion there were 3 expansions prior all same lvl cap TDS , TBM and EoK all were lvl 105 and no lvl increase .. then came RoS and mobs and HA's were a nightmare for most ..

    TBL was another nightmare mainly due to flagging and locked zones but the AE's from named were horrible ..
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  2. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    The leveling experience is really bad and painful, and very off-putting to new & returning players. That is a common theme across many forum threads right now.

    You are experiencing it first-hand. You have my sympathy, as I experienced it first hand many years ago. And you have my empathy, because I think it has only gotten worse.
  3. Alnitak Augur

    I think CoTF HA's still scale to the group average. When my 115 toon PL's newly made Heroic the group average is 100, and I see many mobs lvl 97-98-99. Meanwhile, if I do those HA's as an achievement check for some of the alt and group average level is 115 then I see mostly lvl 100-101 trash in HA's (which is max scaling for the expansion).

    TBM HA's, on the other hand, definitely scale to the highest level in the group,and maxxed to 105 scale (for trash). 115+85 group or 115x6 group sees the same lvl 104-108 lvl trash. Nameds are still 109,but their spells are scaled to 110 and are much nastier, as it seems.
    And that high-level scaling makes TBM really good for PL'ing. Lvl 85 character gets alot of experience per kill from lvl 106-108 mobs.

    TDS is also very nice for PL. TDS HA's seem not to scale at all (again, it seems so, I didn't do actual measuring). Combine Dredge, Degmar, Thuliasaur Island HA's are full of lvl 105-108 mobs, also very nice exp for an alt.
  4. Randomized Augur

    You say you get it and then go on to explain exactly why you don’t get it.

    Take into account all these Expansions have level 94 mobs.

    VOA: easiest level 94 mobs
    RoF: a little bit harder 94 mobs
    CoTF: harder 94 mobs
    TDS: considerably harder 94 mobs
    TBM: hardest 94 mobs

    This is the same thing as going from RoS level 110 mobs into CoV t2 110 mobs while wearing RoS t1 gear.

    Scaling content scales levels. The damage/difficulty output stays in accordance with their expansion. That’s why Gribbles (CoTF missions) level 94 mobs are a cake walk compared to your TBM mission 94 mobs
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  5. Randomized Augur

    CoTF max level is 100, that’s why you see those levels. It maxes out for that expansions max level
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  6. Fenthen aka Rath

    House of Thule - level 86 - 90
    Veil of Alaris - level 91 - 95
    Rain of Fear - level 96 - 100
    Call of the Forsaken - level 98 - 100
    The Darkened Sea - level 101 - 105

    There you go. You have content. You have entire expansions. Have fun. You're welcome.
  7. demi Augur

    I think you meant to say 115 ?
  8. aozs Elder

    I also want to point out that this is actually a good opportunity to learn how to overcome challenges presented by this game.

    Into the temple (b), even with the current scaling and murderous golem mobs, is a lot easier than many of the group missions waiting later in the game. If you want to do those, you'll have to learn how to play the game more optimally at some point, might as well start now.
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  9. Alnitak Augur

    Let me fix what Randomized wrote:

    This is the same thing as going from RoS level 113 mobs into CoV t2 113 mobs while wearing RoS t1 gear.

    a Krellnacor Soldier lvl 113 in OT is a total joke comparing to any CoV mob.
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  10. Wulfhere Augur

    Agreed. Complete the first 3 missions to get the mirror fragment. The rewards are worth a full level of experience at 75. I take all my level 75s there to ding 76 or 77 in one session. The rare spawns are not scaled properly but otherwise they are great.
  11. Alnitak Augur

    Psst, man. Come here and listen to my secret: TBM Into the Temple allows lvl 70 characters to join.
    And the gear from the frog in the PoTranquility is lvl 70-wearable with lvl 110 focus. Only type 6 and 9 augs are lvl 75 and up. Blank merchant gear is required lvl 70.
  12. Wulfhere Augur

    Yep that's true, but a 70 cannot handle the mission so I wait until 75 usually, tho 73-74 with fabled raid or HcHeritage gear works on the non-tanks.
  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Hi. No offense intended, but are you seriously asking in what way does HA scaling violate risk v reward?

    I can't even. Your lack of awareness troubles me.
  14. Kinetic New Member

    Well, that was a bit ignorant of them to scale it that way. A few years ago I went from 85 to 105 on 3 different toons in 1 weekend of grinding Gribbles.

    Honestly, I don't think any new/returning player should have trouble leveling up. Considering some lvl 115 could invite them to their group and just let them leech until lvl 105 or whenever they feel like kicking them out. I would think there is decent people on the game still with not much to do and willing to help. It's not like there is pvp contested content or anything of that nature to make them reluctant to help.

    I would like to suggest the OP get J5 mercs tho, I couldn't do anything without a J5 merc after level 85.
  15. demi Augur

    you are correct .. there are plenty of lvl 115's willing to help or let you leach xp .. I have for guildies and peeps in general all the time .. if im HS in FM with an alt and someone is LFG that is 85+ I tell them they can come join me if they dont mind me taking afk's now and then .. usually they dont mind and often enough sense they are playing during the times I am they put me on friends and when im on they send me a tell and ask what im doing and if they can join .. 9X out 10 i say yes ..
  16. Elskidor Augur

    I'm back and forth on it. I don't mind helping when I can and have offered in the past, but it has lead to stalker-like behavior from giving one freebie that turns into tells every time I get on begging for more. Most appreciate it's likely just a one time gesture though and don't get pushy.
  17. Zunnoab Augur

    Reading through this, it's kind of silly to introduce a popular feature then do everything possible to make it undesirable. I never thought much on it before, but that's how it seems.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'll add to this.

    When HAs were first released they were aimed at 3 players and 3 mercs. Later expansion this changed to being a group of players.

    The initial HAs in CotF also have some harder than others. The same way we have the difference in T1 & T2 mob difficulty in static content. Dead Hills have 3 levels of difficulty from 3 different NPCs while you maybe able to do Gribbles with few issues, your going to have a hard time doing the 3 from the Captain, with the Axeman being somewhere inbetween.

    The last set of HAs in Bixie Warfont that were added part way through the expansion are a lot harder than the sets that were in at release.Players are expected to have gained gear before doing those HAs released later in the expansions.

    It's like expecting to be able to do end zone content in an expansion without picking up any gear from that expansion. Your going to struggle until you improve augs, gear and AAs. Although if your on a live server with auto grant on your not going to have to worry about AA until you hit 106.
  19. Dragnath Elder

    You haven't given me much to work with here but I am inferring from this response that you think the risk is too low for the reward?

    I can see that based on what EQ was back in the day where most of the player base was in their late teens early 20's, but considering the player base now is 20+ years older I think the risk vs reward is right where it should be. I get 1 night a week to play outside of family commitments so it is good to be able to accomplish something...

    I apologize for my lack of "awareness", maybe rather than having me try to assume what you meant on "violate risk v reward" you could elaborate a bit on what you mean.
  20. Tucoh Augur

    I'll ask the same question. HA scaling isn't perfect but the design intent is in line with risk vs reward principles.