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  1. quakedragon Augur

    So I decided to try TBM because I heard the loot was good.

    So I did Into the temple. At 94s 93s.

    Basically killed 30 mobs in this zone, STILL NO QUEST ITEM.
    PLUS, you have these ... hitting like SEMI's, like if you get 2 YOUR FINISHED if you can't crowd control immediately. As in they both will 1 round combined.

    How much damage should a 94 HANDLE? Whats the typical max damage a mob does that a 94 should be able to handle. Group geared.

    I'm so sick of people telling me, go do HA's.
    We have content for mid game, HA's, go do them.

    I do them. MOBS hitting like SEMI's, not scaled properly.
    Give us an ACTUAL ZONE that is FOR mid game, FOR returners (not mid game current expansions, designed for actual groups, etc. that do not exist today).

    mid game is very hard, I hardly see anyone mid game around, they probably quit. The only people saying this is the ones already have someone at end game.

    94 and fighting lvl 98 cons? where is the logic in this? Stupid. I would have finished this too IF I'd actually get the QUEST item, I can't just clear the entire zone in 6 hours because I DIED over 7 times. COMPLETE WIPE 7+ times.

    Mobs are hitting 13456 QUADS/PENT attacks aka 53824 damage PER ROUND. So if I get a second mob somehow and can't control in time, that means its possible 100K damage per round. I don't have over 100k HP at 94.

    They need to be OPEN with what lvl mobs do max hits, because people need to REPORT this that there HA's "designed for helping mid game returners" are SCALED PROPERLY.

    I hate being the genuine pig in all of this ESPECIALLY when its been around 3+ YEARS.

    btw, I had FULL STACK 115 buffs, these guys pretty much CLEARED that after a few kills and getting lucky with 3-4 MAX DAMAGE hits in a row.

    Is lvl 94 expected to fight group content trash that is capable of dealing 53824 per round?

    just a sample damage data, how did he hit me 5 times before my turn? If we talking 5 times at max damage thats 67280 in a round. I cannot survive that.

    This is a furious post, I didn't complete the quest, and 5 hours I spent on it, and I only got 4% more xp than where I started. I'm not looking forward to doing this quest where the QUEST ITEM does NOT WANNA DROP, with mobs hitting like SEMITRUCKS. Then after I get the item. I have to kill TEN more mobs. smh

    So I decided to try a bit longer, I'm not sure if the last 10 are easy mobs, but to add insult to injury.

    BROKEN terribly scaled quest, gives me the duplicate item.
    duplicate items and mobs hitting 13456 x4 x5 aka 53824 or 67280 to 94 93s group. I'm so livid right now. I got sooo far, cleared almost of everyone north of zone in, still no quest item.
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  2. Tropi Lorekeeper

    tbm was a lvl 105 exp the 2nd 105 exp when i went in when it lauched my group geared wars got rolled what got you thinking it was good at mid 90's?
  3. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    The missions scale down to 75 and can be completed at that level. They're a good concept, but they screwed up the scaling and never went back to fix it. I don't know how they plan to make EQ last in the future, if they don't give a competent and adequately designed leveling path.
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  4. Axel Furry Hats OP

    The TBM HAs are pretty challenging compared to the COTF HAs. Even when TBM was released, it was hard in era at max level.
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  5. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is due to HA scaling.

    See, players were running Gribbles missions ad nauseum to gain XP and coin. Devs got mad. Why is no one XPing in current content?

    So an evil plan was hatched to both: 1) get people to stop doing Gribbles, and 2) punish players for their sins against the spirit of the game. The Devs made the decision to make Gribbles missions harder by exploiting the nature of Heroic Adventure scaling in a way that required less labor and exacted maximum punishment. They simply tied Heroic Adventure scaling to the higher expansion of the same level range. This means that HAs in the oldest of the two expansions that cover the same level range will automatically scale to the difficulty of the newer expansion.

    What does this mean? It means TBM HAs scale to EoK difficulty. You heard that right - more risk, same reward.

    Players and Devs alike both downplay the egregiousness of this mismatched risk vs reward debacle. Which is why it's never been fixed. Oh, there's been some lip service made toward a fix. Maybe even some special hand-tuning for particularly difficult HAs (which is what they wanted to avoid in the first place by strapping older HAs to the higher difficulty).
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  6. Spliskin New Member

    We use level 75 or 76 toons to molo most of the TBM missions for our mains that wait outside and only zone in to pick up loot or chest rewards, or in this case to get flagged. Into the temple B is not a difficult molo for a 75sk with group vendor TBM gear and level 115 buffs; with dropped TBM HA gear its even easier. The dropped gear is upgradeable every 5 levels with augments you purchase (or that drop). Yes the TBM HA difficulty scales unreasonably at higher levels unfortunately. The TBM HA's are actually a lot of fun to molo at 75 or 76 depending upon class (on mage I recommend 76 for new pet). I've also gotten half a dozen 36 and 40 slot bags off named mobs in the TBM HA's.
  7. demi Augur

    TBM Ha's are notoriously harder then most .. especially the " Into the Temple B" .. if your not way over lvl or have a full group with CC it could get bad .. yes they do hit like mack trucks .. need a really really good puller and a beefy tank .. if you play on Bertox let me know i'll help you out with it
  8. Tucoh Augur

    I don't remember the details but I know scaling can sometimes jump at certain levels, making it really hard at level X and easy at level X+4, then hard at X+5 again.
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  9. Dragnath Elder

    It must be a scaling issue at those levels. I did that mission at 75 with an enchanter/ranger duo using T5 tank and healer mercs. It is a bit long, but not terribly difficult. Would have been equipped with defiant gear at the time.

    One thing you will find is the drops are more common in certain rooms. Iirc it is the North, South, and east rooms that I got the drops.
  10. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    You are listening to the wrong people. HA are not for everyone in their 90's. A lot depends on how many AA, augs etc you have and your play style.

    A lot of HA veterans who swear by them also last did them when they first came out 2013 and things were different. And they were better geared to start with. Also the exp everyone raves about is not what it used to be.

    You mention all those level 115 buffs - yeah they help but they alone are not going to keep you alive. You also need AA and augs.

    In your case, based on what you have said in these forums, it would be better for you to look at the zone levels, either in Allah or on your zone guide map and chose low 90 zones. And it seems your not quite ready to push the levels ie your low 90's so look for zone specifically for those levels, not HA yet where the scaling is messed up.

    It is better to kill lower levels and live than waste it all on a high level mob who kills you which costs you exp, time and level loss.

    Mercenary achievements in any zone grant you more AA and are usually easy to do as they involve mostly killing. So check out some of them like,

    At mid 90's you should be in Shard's Landing doing the beginning quests and portal activations. You can get Fear touched armor which is level 92 and up and very nice with 2000 hp etc.

    Valley of Lunanyn is a good one too (VOA) if you have a ranger, headshot is unreal in that zone. As it is against the lizards in Feerrott the Dream.

    And never forget Franklin Teek who gives out daily hot zones up to level 95. Yes, you have to travel to them but the zone still gives the bonus exp even after you complete the kill 5 quest he gives. Plus you get free armor and there are special hot zone augs that drop. There is a trick to getting more than one task a day
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  11. Randomized Augur

    This. A quick look up on a guide will tell you where the drops are. And one is a ground drop. Got mine in the center room, the north room, and the south room. And I think a lot of it may have been gear issues. Because I molo’d this quest with a 96 monk and a healer merc no issues. Took me about 2 hours overall since I was pulling singles and splitting mobs. Those last 10 you have to kill like to social aggro horribly
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  12. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    All your advice is bad, HA's are the most efficient means of leveling and maintaining your characters geared. DPG even promotes HA's as a daily activity. They're very clearly designed to bridge 75-105.

    Going to a regular zone is a waste of time as you'll never be able to efficiently maintain your character(s) geared and you'll find yourself at a disadvantage.

    Also, you shouldn't give leveling advice if you never leveled any characters to max.
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  13. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Wow, someone got up on wrong side of the bed.

    I am speaking from personal experience during the 90's levels. I found HA impossible to get thru so I went to Shards and Valley and HOT.

    I have maxed a few characters, not raid maxed but any raid monkey can do HA.

    Perhaps playstyles are different for different people in the game but that is no reason to be such a bully and say my advice is bad. If you don't like it then be quiet as your comments add nothing to help this guy. He is having problems and I am offering some other possible solutions. And obviously all the "good" advice to go do HA is not working for him. What are you offering?
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  14. Tarvas Augur

    I didn't have a problem doing most of the TBM T1 HAs with HOT T4 gear on my tank between 95 and 105. The names were a different story, but that is a well- know bug. I think the key is your tank being geared semi appropriately, slows, and prudent pulling.
  15. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Very ticked off at incomplete titles.

    Bear in mind, this is everquest where things like-

    they introduce a stand alone expansion level path uproute with The Serpents Spine, great to run to 85, but then, in the noobiest of the open zones outside the startcity, Blighfire Moors?

    No in game map! <duh>

    Butcherblock mountains, also a noob yard? No map. No rhyme or reason as to why.

    THIS is who we're dealing with. Half the devs resist any catch up mechanics and it's hit or miss who wins the meetings apparently.

    Everquest fails at catch up mechanics and actively prevents players from catching up with dopey moves like these.

    EQ needs a Serpents Spine for Levels 80 - 115. Open world quests and mobs a semi geared player can XP through MOLO.
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  16. Braccus_Lafamilia Guild Leader, LaFamilia, Cazic-Thule

    Returning player as well. Started again last month.
    Mid 90's I wanted to experience a real zone and not HA's anymore so I tried Veil of Alaris. Pretty much what I was looking for. Easy compared to any HA I've done anyway. level range is 95ish and offers a good challenge starting at 92-93 with my chars. (SK and Shm)
    Specifically, I spent most the time in Resplendent Temple and crawled through it over and over killing everything. It offered a palace up top and a cave system underneath. Great variety and fun mobs with honestly decent pathing. Loot was good as well. I'm sure there are other zones that offer what you want to.
    I think you need to step away from that expac and look elsewhere until you hit the level that was expected of players to hit it. Like I'm in EoK/RoS right now at 110, seems very manageable and fun.

    To your point - got the faded set for ToV, went to get bars needed for combine from Crystal Caverns, long story short - mob saw hit me a couple times and dead. 250k hp SK was nothing to them.

    Good luck
  17. demi Augur

    SK ? ever hear of FD ;)
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  18. quakedragon Augur

    So no one answered my question.
    How much max damage is a lvl 94 suppose to handle in casual group content (T1 or T2 content)? I want numbers, not an opinion.

    They need to have a damage chart somewhere, so people going through stuff, they don't feel bad if mobs are so difficult, because they know its NOT SCALED properly.

    Trying to determine if the HA is overscaled or not. Is a 94 suppose to handle 13456 quads/pent attacks? 67280, 53824 dmg per round if very unlucky?

    Yes I agree

    This was easy for you? And you molo'd it while they still red yellows con? Hard to believe but ok. I have a full group, the people have AA autogrant, they don't have full fear touched gear but 80% of the gear is RoF gear with VoA jewelery (which gives more AC, I can't use higher jewelery because I'm not at 95 yet).
    So AA autogranted, 80% fear touched with VoA jewelery (the best I can get).
    And the mobs are difficult even with 3 different slows on them, with 2 different debuffs (stat debuffs not magic resists), they STILL make it so its possible to bring the tank to its grave if they get a lucky round or two or heals are unlucky and do not crit and bring back to 100%.

    These missions they're for you to get currency so you can buy TBM gear. But how do you get the currency to buy the gear when you need gear to do the content? See the issue here? Granted I already have the gear basically from bazaar, RoF named gear.

    I think a flaw with this concept too, is that at 75, you can steamroll through upper 70s and lower 80s mobs. Especially with 115 buffs because they even more powerful when mobs are weaker/lower leveled. So you'll have enough currency and able to maintain. But if your like me and you didn't know about this until 90s. It's really difficult to play catchup in 90s than it is in 70s. Thankfully good deals in bazaar.

    With TSS like expansion, I could go back into the 70s80s area and catchup.
    But with this method, if your at 90s and not doing, your screwed. It scales to your level and you not doing well, nothing you can do about it.

    Again I have autogrant and 80% fear touched, VoA jewelery too (gives more AC).

    Also, I know about the ground spawn drop, I looted, and I got the first drop on the 4th kill, but after 15-30 kills later, still no drop for the final piece. As you can see in the pictures. Yes I cleared stuff northwest and east, and 50% of the stuff in the far north.

    Also, I looked at a lvl 100 mob, Vilefeaster.
    He does 13k max hit, the mobs in the HA instance (level 98), they can do over 13k max hit, they did 13456 to be exact. So basically everytime I fought a mob I was fighting a lvl 100 mob.

    The only difference is Vilefeaster has more HP, he's got other things going on too, AE. I actually tried to kill him, got him down to 40% then someone was randomly dying from his AE so that lead to wipe and the other time, since he moves so fast he got to a few people before tank aggroed him, he's very fast and have to pull him away from others. I think he would go down if tank had hold of him though. I mean we was doing the golems and they hit 13456, even harder, the averages in that picture show a 7-9k average hit, I saw more 10k average hit but usually it was 2 10ks, I picked this damage round to show, because he successfully hit 4 times plus 1, looks like he could do 6 attacks in a round so possible for a 6 times 13456 attack from that golem in the HA. Which is 80736 possible max damage.

    So that golem that was a lucky round in that picture, it could been worse but it was 43157 dmg in a round. Yes it had multiple debuffs (stat wise) 3 slows (I know they don't stack, its just furious with how strong they are so threw everything I can think of to get this damage output down).

    We killed a lot of mobs in that zone, but it took a long time because unluckiness, because these fight had a lot with luck due to how strong they hit.

    Is this mission meant for everyone to be 100% no mistakes made? Is catchup content suppose to be like that?

    Again, how much max damage is a 94 suppose to handle in ordinary group content, I'm not doing T4 RoF or anything, I'm just doing ordinary group content. How much max damage are mobs suppose to do at 94?

    Regardless of gear, how much max damage, are people at lvl 94 suppose to handle. I only know the max damage because of wiping multiple times and seeing the squishes take exactly 13456 (according to that image I provided, the mobs can do 6 hits of it, that was all in 1 round) several times.

    Again, autogrant AAs are on, I have 80% RoF gear with VoA jewelery(best crafted jewelery possible, it gives more AC). This catchup content is suppose to help me gear up, but already somewhat current geared up, I'm struggle with content that's suppose to help me get geared? Where is the logic in this?

    Only way we solve this not scaled properly HA's is if we have numbers in how much a certain level is suppose to handle. Max damage possible a mob can do is one of the ways to judge if its not scaled properly or if it is.
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  19. demi Augur

    just curious , you say you have a full group what is the highest lvl in group cause the HA's scale to the highest lvl so if your lvl 92 and if 1 person in your group is 96 the mobs will scale to 100 or close to it ..

    Also that mission is harder i believe in general than the others ..
  20. Tarvas Augur

    I don't know what to tell you. I was able to do it three boxing and farmed enough remnants to deck out my tank for EoK before moving on in vendor bought gear.