Very Small Stone Tear

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ARCHIVED--Josiah-, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED--Josiah- Guest

    I have been exping quite a bit in Sepulcher, Sepulcher West and Sepulcher East. I have the tear equiped in my ammo slot and it is not gaining exp in Sepulcher is this intended?
  2. ARCHIVED--Josiah- Guest

    Yes, it is toggled on before I get that reply.
  3. ARCHIVED-Shiftee Guest

    while you may be killing in Sep it only levels up off of alaran models (non undead version). The best place to do this is in pillars, also doing the pillars bonus will give you an item to click and help it evolve.
  4. ARCHIVED-Warpiggs-MM Guest

    Any good solo spots (non-summoning/snareable) with Alaran mobs besides Argath?
  5. ARCHIVED-Jerus Guest

    Warpiggs-MM wrote:
    Valley of lunanyn
  6. ARCHIVED-Warpiggs-MM Guest

    Jerus wrote:
    Cool man thanks, Got mine to level 6 last night but it's going up real slow in Argath heh.
  7. ARCHIVED-Jerus Guest

    Warpiggs-MM wrote:
    Aye, far south of zone the army camp is probably best, highest density of blues vs LB, up north though there are farmers and army troops so plenty around zone.
  8. ARCHIVED-eqbud Guest

    According to Allakhazams: "This evolves as you complete the "Optional" steps in Pillars of Alra tasks (eventually turning into its final form: "The Tears of Alra")."
    Is that in accurate or do both help it evolve?
  9. ARCHIVED-Shangsung Guest

    Can we turn the final step of this thing into an aug or something? I'd really like to have the option to use it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Riou Guest

    eqbud wrote:
    The optionals only give a bigger one shot boost (like +10% exp), it isn't the only way to evolve it though
  11. ARCHIVED-Eomund Guest

    Try Alaran mobs with more XP. Beast's domain has Domain hunters, and the first group mission seemed to be a pretty good source of XP cause all the Alaran models were level 95. I would imagine City of Bronze is another good zone for this. It should be easier than Sepulcher but give more xp than Beast's Domain. There is also Oseka, Resplendent, and Pillars.
  12. ARCHIVED-Wyvernwill Guest

    Eomund wrote:
    Well, at level 5+ this thing slows down big time. It's almost absurd, but at least the optionals make it a lot more tolerable to level... the 10% per optional helps a lot, and is way better than attempting to grind it up.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gandwar Guest

    Someone linked me this item before and I was trying to figure out why it is useful. Does it still give the Defense mod when it is equipped in the Ammo slot?
    EDIT** Nevermind, I didn't realize skill mods worked in the Ammo slot. Apparently they do.
  14. ARCHIVED-d0ckmaster Guest

    Gandwar wrote:
    They always have. I take it you've never used a tradeskill trophy?

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