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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sinerath, Oct 20, 2012.

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    hello everquest was working great this past sunday and both my laptops then on monday i came home from work and went to load up the game and i noticed that at server select screen it took about 10 seconds for any servers to come up on the list ....then i just clicked my server and it took a long time to get to char select i selected my charactor and it took almost 10minutes to load (before monday i could go from desktop and be in game in under 5 minutes) sometimes after charector select ican enter game but sometimes it says connection to server failed but even if i do enter world its unplayeable if i cast a spell my spell bar stays down for up to 30 i did a system restore to when i installed windows erased everquest and and started over ...same resutls when trying to play my other laptop has same problem started on the same day i connect streight into my modem same problem both computers ...but stargley enough i can connect to my neighbours wifi and it works fine.....does any1 know what copuld be happening i phoned my isp and they saideveything looks goodon thier end i just dunno what to do?
  2. Motherlee Augur

    Yes, indeed the long zone times are back. Esp. loading in the first time, entering guild hall, entering busy zones. And as discussed on the other thread about this, delay on first sale to the guild hall merchant. It took 17 seconds for her to accept my first sale tonight.
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    I will close this thread. Please keep us updated in the thread posted by Lee.

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