Very high ping and general lag

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by EverQuesterBro, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. EverQuesterBro New Member


    I play from Canada and I used to ping around 100-100 ms to the Everquest servers back around Phinigel. This time around, I always ping between 240ms (peak times) and 220ms (2-3 am EST time). I already tried to reset my modem, router, etc.

    What is going on with my ping? I have asked in-game and other people have a normal ping. Some european players even ping lower than me!

    Does anyone know the mangler server IP adress? I could try to ping it to see if something is bottlenecking me.

    EDIT: I only have a high ping in Everquest, other games, services and websites are fine.
  2. random_pawn00 New Member

    Any luck figuring it out? I am experiencing high ping to Mangler also. I live in the US.

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