Very grateful for the Tormax server

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  1. Ddezul Augur

    every server? farm some mats and get rolling.
  2. Ddezul Augur

    Even Yelinak has lots of cultural for sale.

    Easy peasy
  3. Zapsos Augur

    After trying out Mischief I can assure you the alternative to being turned off from a dead server isn't to play on Teek. I really dislike the dynamic of 'everything drops everywhere' it makes camping the stuff you want impossible. Does it suck to go set up in a camp for 6 hours just because the thing you want drops there? Sure does, but that's EQ! Wanting certain items and going to get them is what drives me in EQ, getting random stuff in excess and then be expected to trade for what I actually want doesn't appeal to me. So for me at least the alternative to a more 'standard' rule server succeeding is just not playing EQ.
  4. Xhartor Augur

    The random loot and increased loot volume is reduce the problems that are created by free trade loot. A krono farmer can't lock down a specific named for a high value drop. This is a very common problem early on TLP when you have a high volume of tradable loot.

    It should go away after a while, because it creates a race to bottom. On mischief it lead to thing 19x split of Hearol and other such instances, where guilds favored volume over challenge. Once you get to OoW OW content is nearly non-existent and augs are only group content drop items people care about.
  5. Immortalus Lorekeeper

    I will be playing on both since I am in no particular hurry but I do have hope that Tormax while having a lesser population will have a more relaxed and fun population.
  6. Thraine Augur

    Mischief made a lot of camps pointless and made group gear worthless in a few days since you can go to the EC tunnel and buy up planar gear cheap. mischief also enticed a few of my friends to cheat resulting in my fellowship kinda falling apart, so im 100% tormax bound.
  7. Ddezul Augur

    Cheat how?
  8. TeekQuest New Member

    Tormax is going to be awesome for the first 8 hours while waiting to get into Teek.
  9. Raytheon Augur

    No one "wants' Tormax to fail. We just all know that DPG made a terrible mistake dedicating resources to that when Teek and possibly even an overflow server if it materializes will be deluged with the vast, vast majority of the folks playing new TLPs. If DPG had gone with literally any other popular ruleset it might have smoothed things out a bit. DPG appears to have zero sense as to why Aradune was so popular. They just mindlessly looked at the population stats and chose the top 2 to clone without regard to the fact that one of them was because everyone on the planet was sitting at home with nothing to do for that magic 18 months.
  10. Intercept Augur

    I don't think this is true at all, myself and many others are very much looking to relive another traditional TLP, personally if I am looking to play a new game I load my steam and avoid 25 year old games but that might just be me
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  11. Raytheon Augur

    I never said that there weren't people that might want to play on a server like Tormax. There are going to be people that want to play on any ruleset DPG come up with. But if you can honestly sit there and say that you believe that Tormax was a worthy choice for the freaking 25th anniversary, and that it will be just as popular as Teek, you are deluding yourself.
  12. Intercept Augur

    I mean I'd def have to say not having a traditional server in a 25 year old game would likely be a poor business decision considering that your player base keeps coming back for some reason and actual NEW players are few and far between
  13. Kahna Augur

    I guess we will find out tomorrow.
  14. Zapsos Augur

    I agree, it is trying to 'fix' a problem it itself created. But maybe because I really don't care about free trade that I see it as such a big detriment to my experience.

    Going to a random 'bad xp' camp to get that aug or clicky Ireally want is what I enjoy doing outside of raids.

    I also don't enjoy tradeable raid gear, it doesn't add anything to my experience, I know some people like it because you can get 'the good stuff' without being a sweat try-hard, and if you are a sweaty try-hard you can get it faster! But I just find that it forces me to pay attention value and markets, and I really hate BazaarQuest.
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  15. Kahna Augur

    It is perfectly possible to play on random loot servers without getting all obsessed with the price of things. If you are a 100% found loot person then it doesn't really make any difference. You can still go to that out of the way camp to get that aug or clicky you really want. That is still a thing. I don't understand when folks say it makes camping what you want hard, it makes camping what you want easier, sometimes it's the only thing that makes camping what you want possible. You still get to camp somewhere for 6 hours to get the item you want, that hasn't changed at all, now you just have more options of places you can go to get that item.

    I never play Bazaarquest. I haven't bought a krono, or given a damn about krono at all, Or really even cared about how much plat I had, in years. Random loot made that possible, because with random loot I didn't need to worry about buying gear, I can go camp it myself.
  16. Skree New Member

    I'm sure Tormax will do fine till next year.

    I want to see the TLP with a lvl 50 Start in PoP era.
  17. Zapsos Augur

    If I'm looking for a specific aug, it can now drop from every mob in the level range, the odds of getting it from the specific mob is a lot lower than it was before, in return I will get a bunch of other random stuff that I wasn't looking for.
  18. Until We Felt Red Augur

    This entire thread is a cringefest. People playing Teek don't care about Tormax. Play on Tormax and enjoy it!--it's your entertainment dollar. But stop trying to undersell Teek's popularity. You just seem desperate for attention. Tormax will be lucky to have 10% of Teek's population. So what? Do what makes you happy. But notice that few people playing Teek feel the need to validate their choice with entire thread about it.
  19. Kahna Augur

    And yet it was far easier for my pally friend to get all his augs on Mischief than it was on any other server he played on. You're judging it based on how you think it will play out on paper, that isn't how it actually plays out. The increased rare spawns, the increased drop amounts, it comes out pretty close to even in the end, or actually a little easier.
  20. Zapsos Augur

    Oh I'm not saying it's harder, with the absolute loot bonanze that is double loot and free trade I'm quite sure it's easier to kit out a toon (or multiple)

    I'm saying I like going to Mob X and camping Item Y rather than just randomly getting it while XPing or doing something else, I kind of like being 'forced' to go to those camps off the beaten path because the thing I want drops there, or if I'm distracted and working I can sit in a corner and kill just a single PH/named every 15 minutes and still make progress towards my goal. I like the adrenaline rush of finally getting that stupid Clicky illusion mask after a long camp, I get why people all across the spectrum from Hardcore to casual may like freetrade / random loot. I just know that I had a lot less fun on Mischief because the way I enjoyed playing was now pointless.

    The best way to get anything on a Random loot server is to go to the place with the fastest kill speed and the most nameds.
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