Very grateful for the Tormax server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tamagotchi, May 2, 2024.

  1. Ddezul Augur

    Cultural armor makes 'coming back' a breeze.

    It's the same as R.M.Teek.

    Swipe to win
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  2. Magneress Augur

    Random loot and free trade scares the heck outa me. I don't really like stuff that makes things easier or trivial or arbitrary. Or like just *skip all this content and focus only on loot and plat aka krono farming *

    So yeah torn. I found some good ppl starting Tormax so I'll see it through.
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  3. Until We Felt Red Augur

    Meanwhile, the only difference for the huge majority of people playing on a RL/FT server is that they can buy better twink gear and have greater variety in camps. All that stuff about farming krono and skipping content is for the sweatiest 1%. Play what makes you happy, but if you have to disparage people that like something different to brace your point, that's not a flex.
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  4. Sheila Elder

    Yeah, one thing to consider is that it is popular for a reason. If your reason is that you are just scared, then why not give it a go? You can find multiple threads that debunk the items that you have given us that seem scary.
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  5. Kahna Augur

    I saw more content on Mischief than I ever did on any other server. Went to new camps, saw new loot I had never seen before. Once you start raiding on any server group loot is all skippable, random loot servers are no different. You are just more likely to actually outfit your whole raid in gear on a Mischief server.

    It is absolutely not at all the same. Even on Mischief cultural armor costs an arm and a leg. No one is coming back on a regular server and dropping 20 krono on a set of cultural armor. You can 100% come back on Mischief rules servers and outfit yourself in comparable gear with the pocket change you get while leveling up. It's totally doable without any RMT at all on a Mischief server. I would think you would prefer that, you being so against RMT. A server where RMT isn't needed and you can still keep up with the Joneses who are dropping krono should be your dream server..
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  6. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    On which server ever was cultural armor so cheap it made coming back a breeze?

    I think people just make stuff up now to suit whatever hare-brained narrative they want to stick to? :p

  7. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    I would suggest to give it a try it out though, it is fun and not as bad as you think it could be. Like any other TLP, there will be the usual Krono lords but the random loot part is a refreshingly different take (and fun) of EQ.

  8. Magneress Augur

    where exactly did i disparage the players playing who enjoy or want random loot & free trade? plz be detailed so i can correct myself... me saying it is not fun and ruins the game for me isn't disparaging anyone who enjoys it... they are welcome to enjoy that game... at worst I said it wasn't for me, nor in the spirit of everquest or MMORPGs kinda.

    why is everyone so reflexively defensive on the internet these days?
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  9. Ddezul Augur

    Couple of things:

    20 krono for a suit of cultural? LOollllzzzz

    also, why all the cheerleading for folks to come to R.M.Teek? Are you worried Tormax is gonna make it?
  10. sadre Augur

    I tried to cosplay overly smiley girl once and got a permanent rictus now. They dared me. Lovely people.
  11. Appren Gnomercy

    "RMTeek", is that the new "Karendune" cool name? Oh, there at least one good thing with the Tormax server, more Karens will go there than on Teek!
  12. Kahna Augur

    I am worried they will invest their time in a doomed server and then be turned off by the experience and not return to EQ. I actually want the game to keep going.

    And you're right, it wouldn't be 20 krono, it wouldn't be anything, because good luck finding any of it for sale. Good luck finding anything for sale on the traditional servers once they start to decline.
  13. jeskola pheerie

    Tormax will have people in the first week. After that it is destined to become a massive failure and a footnote in EQ history much like Miragul.
  14. sadre Augur

    I respectfully differ. I think you're underestimating how impactful a Kunark launch TLP will be.
  15. Bogart New Member

    I for one are pretty excited about Tormax. I checked out the Mischief server and decided to bazaar some various no drop items I've acquired from some very dedicated questing /raiding on a Tormax type ruleset server. some of those items are visible, no way to get them without earning it. Thats really cool, little badge of honor, you dont get that on mischief. SAD

    Which makes Teek style servers cool at the same time. If you can afford it just wait till PoP and bye your lvl 50 Heroic and twink him with the best krono can bye. The game itself will still be fun i think might try both but start on Tormax cause i can just throw money around in Teek and still be a bad .
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  16. Noxious Journeyman

    I am kind of lost. There are sweaties on any type of ruleset. at least on random loot I can go to a different spot and usually get the same loot. now the word is that on the Test server they are starting to label some epic mobs as Rare, which would mean on random loot we can get it in different spots and 1 person cant capitalize, where as (if it were populated) on tormax monks would fight over kc pipes, etc.
  17. darkaero36 New Member

    They have no idea how to enforce any kind of boxing policy, so there will never be a no box server..they just announce true box and wag their finger saying "don't do that" instead of ya know, just not letting them do it.
  18. darkaero36 New Member

    How you thought this opinion holds any weight in a TIME LOCKED PROGRESSION forum is truly impressive.

    We all literally exist here contrary to this ridiculous claim.
  19. darkaero36 New Member

    the popularity of the server is what is scary...its popular because its easier? its popular because they are catering to casuals? its popular because they made it easier is what it boils down know what else is easy? WoW. To be completely honest majority of the players I randomly come across while pugging in everquest TLPs that are completely brain dead and have no idea how to play their characters effectively is astounding...I'm not scared of the loot changes, I'm scared that the population is gonna be full of clowns who still don't understand how to properly play their class, 25 years later. I shouldn't have to want to play Teek because Tormax will fail..I should want to play Teek because I want to play Teek. Which just isn't the case.
  20. fransisco Augur

    man, the salt mines are gonna be dry come tlp release!