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  1. Nakoda Journeyman

    ok so I was dumb and as like oh it will be fun to do my chanter epic.....what in gods green earth is the spawn time on these mob no one has a real anwser. Some places say 36 hours, 48 hours others say 60 hours some say 72 hour and I have even see 7 days like WTF can someone help me out with a real spawn timer!!!!. I talk to someone in game said he had the window and it never pop after 48 hours they waited for like 6 or 7 hours so no spawn, no one or no where has really given me a true window time or spawn time someone out there has to know! please help me out thanks :)
  2. waalse New Member

    They are on a 2 to 7 day respawn. So the earliest they repop is 48 hours or 7 days somewhere in that time frame. Basically you have to sit and wait
  3. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    This was true like 10+ years ago. Nothing in EQ has longer than a 3.5 day respawn time anymore. In my experience with Verina it's typically about 72 hours +/- 4 hours, but I can't confirm if that encompasses the whole window or not.
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  4. xmPradah Not a dude

    I don't know about live servers, but on TLP (Riz):
    Verina: 48 hrs +/- 10%
    Vessel: 36 hrs +/- 10%
    Wraith: 72 hrs +/- 10%

    I've seen Verina go as long as 56 hours, but suspect it was due to a hotfix, and Wraith as soon as 62 hrs.
    The theories are all over the place on Wraith. I've read it won't spawn unless CT is dead (verified false), she won't spawn until several hours after CT spawns (also verified false). Our 3 most recent Wraiths were all within the 72 hr +/- window from previous death.

    FWIW, I'm just passing on data I've personally witnessed. I scouted these spawns for weeks to get timers for guildmates.
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  5. Nakoda Journeyman

    this info is 100% not right I know this for a fact.

    Verina 56 hours makes since guy i talked to in game said was sitting at spawn from hour 48 and waited 6 -7 hours so more or less the window time is prob not +/- 10% seems to be longer but this is the best info i have got so far so thank you.
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  6. Accipiter Old Timer

    Assuming the guy you talked to gave you an accurate depiction of how long he had been there.
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  7. Nakoda Journeyman

    I dunno he said he got to spawn point at 48 hour mark and stayed to 6-7 hours and she never spawned and he said F it and left *shrugs*
  8. Lineater Journeyman

    I can corroborate this is pretty accurate from what I observed.

    I completed my epic on Aradune and spent about a month watching Drozlin. I can confirm Drozlin can spawn in just over 35 hours (thought I only saw it happen once). Based on the cycles I tracked, the window is approx. 35-41 hrs.

    I saw Verina go 54-56 hours several times. Also think she can spawn earlier than 48, so I'd put Verina's window at approx. 47-56 hours.

    I got Wraith on a batphone kill so I did not spend any time tracking that spawn.
  9. Olostin New Member

    Verina seems to have a lot gong on with her spawn timer. When I got her on Coirnav, we had lost the dps race the evening before. So I set up a lev 1 with gina running, and a loud alarm for when she spawned next. The next morning at around the 12 hour mark I heard gina going crazy, rushed to computer room and logged my guys in and killed her.

    After talking to other enchanters that had done this, confirmed the 12 hour spawn is possible, but if she doesn't spawn at 12h then she wont spawn for another 24h. After that she has a chance to spawn after each 12h. Of coarse there is other variables in here to account for such as the +/- 10%, zone load, sever resets, ect.
  10. xmPradah Not a dude

    The 56 hours on Verina was a one-off, I believe, due to a hotfix that went in. Vessel was also late that same day - so...
    Between these 3 spawns, I probably logged a couple dozen spawns in November.

    Also, a little help on Vessel: If you are going inside his room, either have a pet ready or a melee wait in the hall. When he runs, he will path (the wrong way) through that one-way wall/door and you cannot follow him, but pets can.
  11. Nakoda Journeyman

    well epic is done thanks for the help on the timers GG see ya in luclin cuz my shawl is done too now so i have nothing else to do.... Bring on the Deep aoe stun fun :)
  12. Thunn New Member

    Seen 1 enchanter with epic on Aradune. None in guild and we kill everything
  13. Xanadas Augur

    Can confirm this is generally correct. Vessel seemed to be right around 36 hours for me. Previous camper gave me the kill time and I showed up around 36 hours later and got him.

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