Venril Sathir drops Phara Dar loot

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  1. ZzznakeDoctur Journeyman

    Out-of-era items are obvious unintended. Goes against the very premise of a PROGRESSION server.
  2. John Redcorn III New Member

    just a rigged server rigged for 50s + dps racing lvl 30s . Rigged for kronos and sales.

    Nothing to see here
  3. Green_Mage Augur

    Remember when Sony went through that whole phase of revamping stuff in EQ? I remember at the time thinking that was stupid. Little did I know it would continue to piss me off over the decades as I continue to be exposed to this bad moment in development history on every TLP server.

    It seems that game projects moving forward are starting to learn their lesson about revamps. WoW had that whole Cataclysm debacle -- not a particularly successful part of their history as far as customer satisfaction goes. People don't like "New Coke" etc...

    Anyway, because powerful out of era items are more likely to drop than normal TLP servers. I think its important to remove any items that were found out of era on this server and consider players warned.
  4. Astral64 Augur

  5. FranktheBank Augur

    I mean, where do you draw the line on PROGRESSION? Should we not have xtar? Should we not have HoTT? There are a lot of QoL changes we get, which personally I enjoy.

    My point that I made was that the term out of era is basically becoming a boogeyman. When ChardokB becomes in era, the loot is useless. I agree that it's probably unintended, I disagree with the statement that it should be removed simply because it's out of era. The real question is if it's too powerful.

    A neck with 36% haste and 15ac isn't overpowered. It's basically equivalent to current era. FT3 ring is a bit more questionable.
  6. Delphwind Augur

    Confirmed, we killed him tonight and he does indeed still drop VP loot.
  7. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Kunark's raids seem to be split into 2 pools of loot with Venril's being decided to be good enough to fall in with the rest of the major Kunark dragons. This seems to be a better compromise than having him drop Royals/Kithicor/Drusella/Ixiblat/Zordak Loot.

    Hoping Velious has at least 3 tables but I'm having fun either way, we did Drusella this evening and while the drops weren't great there is a chance at something good and unexpected.
  8. Gnomie Denser than most

    Like 15 pieces of VP loot dropped from the HUMAN form of Zordak Ragefire for the final cleric epic.

    I don't think VS dropping VP loot is that bad.
  9. Cainen Augur

    I think the human ragefire was fixed. Did him 2x today and never got any random loot. The DRAGON form was random and didnt always drop the container, but we already had it from other sources so it was all good.
  10. TLP Addict Augur

    Pretty sure this is projection of your personal wishes and was never stated anywhere by any EQ Dev.