Venril Sathir drops Phara Dar loot

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by TheGoblin, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. TheGoblin Elder

    Robe of Azure Sky and Shroud of Veeshan just seen on Bobby's stream.

    I don't think that should be happening, but hey!
  2. Finchy Augur

    maybe you should pick a different server, then :)
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  3. Random Healer New Member

  4. Ash W. New Member

    Working as intended.
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  5. TheGoblin Elder

    Just a test run for Vindicator dropping Vulak loot.
  6. ForumBoss Augur

    Hes a raid mob, complaints like this are what made classic less random and less fun. If people don't have to vp key to have a crack at items, but can vp key to get more chances at items, that is a good thing in my book. Let this server be a loot pinata, dont nerf the expansion half way through every time.
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  7. Nyvlag Elder

    That's Mischief, baby!
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  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Nothing wrong with this. The only hard part of phara dar is getting the key.
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  9. TheGoblin Elder

    We also just watched some really dope out of era loot drop from Tal in Skyfire. Even worse then mana robe from sky - he said it's 3-4 expansions ahead.
  10. Nyvlag Elder

    Now see *THIS* is a different discussion. While I'm all for chaos, because That's Mischief, Baby...Removing out of era stuff is fine.

    Removing the fun of a random loot server isn't. I wish you guys would stop complaining when the random loot server is functioning as advertised - it makes points like the one you just made LESS impactful.
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  11. Magician9001 Elder

    Spite golems dropping COF was stupid, because they can be duoed.
    Island 2 Trash mobs dropping Kunark raid was stupider because it's from a different era and to easy for the reward.
    Plane of Fear golems spawning in picks and dropping god loot was the stupidest.

    VS dropping Phara Dar Loot is not ideal but perfectly acceptable. VS is a real raid mob

    PS Devs please no Vulak Loot off Vindi.
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  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    What out of era item supposedly dropped? Not much of a claim if you can't name the item or even know exactly how many expansions it is out of era.
  13. Nyvlag Elder

    Agree here on the first few points. Non-raid mobs dropping raid loot is clearly a bug. While it was fun, and exciting, and downright HILARIOUS... I understand and am fine with that being fixed. In-era Raid loot dropping from an in-era raid mob is not a bug. That's functioning as advertised. I was terrified they were going to be boring and give VS the Phinny treatment. They didn't. I think that's excellent.
  14. TheGoblin Elder

  15. Waring_McMarrin Augur

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  16. Magician9001 Elder

    Golems aren't really raid mobs, but more importantly if they're "raid bosses" they don't belong in picks. It was a well known bug for multiple TLPs, it just hasn't been an issue cause they didn't really drop anything worthwhile. Saying otherwise is just dishonest.
  17. Nyvlag Elder

    I mean I was agreeing with you so? Ok. My point was more to the VS dropping PD loot.

    Only thing I didn't agree with is doing some boring stuff with Vulak loot.
  18. BUNGBUNGBUNG New Member

    VS dropping PD loot is the point of the server. It is fantastic and brings a incredibly fresh feeling to EQ. If you are not already playing on Mischief you should roll a toon immediately! Fantastic job by the Devs on this one. I am all in!
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  19. Gheed Augur

    I see no issue with this. Seems great! Enjoy the server!
  20. Green_Mage Augur

    Back in the day, VS was considered a hard mob to take down. In fact, it was only the clear to PD + the keying that makes PD the harder of the two. So it seems fine to me.