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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Yinla, Dec 7, 2021.

  1. Kodachi Elder

    I'm missing a significant amount of keys that I had on my keyring that do not show up in the achievements... heck I'm raiding the zone and the have the item in my inventory for one of the missing keys. It poofed keys out of my bank without crediting me either.
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  2. theonepercent Augur

    You got unlucky (or just didn't try hard enough), it had nothing to do with random loot. Plenty of guilds have that same issue on regular servers. If anything the keys are dropping more on Mischief/TB because each named can drop 3x loot.
  3. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Just asking: Keys that you have in your inventory, but does not yet have the flag for(or added to the old /keys), do they poof too?

    I have a few keys, that I have yet to use on a door, and therefore do not have the achievement for yet. Should I worry about those poofing before I can reach the door?
  4. Fenl Bard

    3 times the drops in pool at least 6 times larger. If you want an insignia no problem super common. Want a Zherozsh's Ring or a key? Much bigger problem. Last I checked the ring still sells for a fair bit.

    Also your comment kinda just proves my point some people get lucky some don't. But the free trade made up for it. Dont even get me started on the drop rate for GRC i think our guild has seen it drop 2 times ever. We had to buy several copies off bazaar.

    But this is getting off topic. All was trying to say was the free trade allowed us an option to purchase harder to obtain items to make up for our random "luck". And now that has been taken away. These keys have been tradable for several years on FV and suddenly without warning they are not.

    I am fairly confident this was an unintended side effect. Because the change makes perfect sense under normal rulesets. But free trade servers deal with the fallout because there's no way to test this kind of stuff on test server.
  5. Fenl Bard

    I don't currently have any to test atm but someone mentioned earlier it didn't poof till after he entered Vex Thal so the achievement must be linked to keyring functionality and not to possession.
  6. Claan Elder

    My key to Veeshan achievement wasn't checked off yet but I had one in the bank. So I picked it up and poof it disappeared and a text popped up that I memorized it. Sounds correct so far. Achievement still says not done though. Close and reopen ach window. No change. Log completely out and back. No change. Is just the ach itself bugged?
  7. Fenl Bard

    Just discovered the Ring of Shissar is now no trade so maybe this was intentional after all.
  8. Kolani Augur

    This is incorrect. Sleepers, VT and Elemental keys were 100% tradeable on FV initially. I was there. I'm not 100% sure about the original VP key, but I seem to recall that it was.
  9. Herf Augur

    They don't poof on login; I'm not sure if they poof if you touch them, before entering the zone for that key the first time. Example: I had the VT key on my SHM, but she had never clicked in. I ran over and clicked her in, got the achievement added, STILL had the key when I gated out. But in PoK when I tried to take the key out of inventory it poofed then. I'm just glad I didn't handle it before I clicked in the first time. Getting that key sucked.
  10. Fenl Bard

    I'm talking about the state of what they were on Mischeif/Thornblade, not FV 20 years ago. A lot of other things changed too.
  11. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    On live, keys awarded are random. Ach for those keys are random also. There appears to be no correlation as different characters on my accounts get different results even though they all have the same keying work done in the past.

    Some get the key, some get the ach, some get the announcement.

    All keys have poofed from wherever they were ie keyring, house, bank etc. And they poofed on log in when the announcement showed up. Others that did not have an announcement just no longer show anywhere or in any ach as ever having them
  12. Kodachi Elder

    Logging in just now, I've been credited with a mess of keys that were previously missing, but am also still missing things that used to be on my key ring. I'm not sure how its supposed to tell which keys you had or didn't have but its missed both things I physically have the key for still AND things off the key ring.
  13. Mukkul Augur

    Which key to Veeshan, is it "Key of Veeshan" or "Cipher of Veeshan"? And which of those two achievements do you have done?
  14. Kolani Augur

    Should have just said Mischief then and not dragged FV into it like you did.
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  15. Fenthen aka Rath

    @Ngreth - Can you have an official stance on this please? Are we able to get our keys back? And make keys tradable again like how they have been for 20-ish years, and suddenly without warning they are not tradable?
  16. Claan Elder

    The item that I picked up and poofed was "Key to Veeshan" and the text in my screenshot of just afterwards says exactly this: "Veeshan's Key vanashes as you commit it's details to memory"

    However, in the achievements window neither "Key to Veeshan" nor "Cipher of Veeshan" are checked off.
  17. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    My theory is that when a key poofs and is "committed to memory"(but without giving an immediate achievement) it gives an invisible flag, that will result in the correct achievement later on, when you click on the door.

    I would like to have that confirmed before I deliberately "poof" my keys though. Not all of my current keys in bank, have their achievement(cause I haven't reached their corresponding doors yet), and some of them are not realistic to re-acquire through gameplay. :)
  18. Mukkul Augur

    There is no "Key to Veeshan". There are two keys named "Key of Veeshan" and "Veeshan's Key" which are completely different keys, and if Daybreak is getting those two key names mixed up then that's an additional bug. (They definitely got the names mixed up in the patch message.) Do you have "Veeshan's Key" checked under "Islands of Sky Keys"?
  19. Claan Elder

    Yes, that is checked.
  20. Fenl Bard

    Still no response from devs.