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  1. Sindace Elder

    There is no named to be killed. Either it spawns, or it doesn't.

    Could start being more constructive and offering solutions such as "make Vaniki an optional checkbox". But you just keep whining about rare rats and hacks. He's rare. Also spawning fine on other servers.
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  2. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    "122 hours later, if there is no interference, all 5 will despawn, and 122 hours later they will respawn"

    They spawn (phs and/or Vaniki), then they stay up for 122 hours (assuming not killed if Vaniki), then despawn, then 122 hours later they respawn. So 244 hours between chances for Vaniki to spawn, at least that's what Prathun told us.
  3. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Unless it was changed, you should see empty spaces (gaps) in your track window. Those are Vaniki's PHs. You can set track sort to 'Normal' so you can see their spawn order in reference to other mobs in the zone. No hacks needed.
  4. Cloud the Third Augur

    Odd that doesn't work on my track as normal when I log in after server up and can see no invs phes but than after around 20 hours I can see invs ph and than magically they are not on physical track.

    Good sign this game maybe should fix it???
  5. FranktheBank Augur

    Btw, there is no hack to see when Vaniki will spawn next. Even if you were "cheating" the best you could do is see all 5 available spawn spots at once, which is effectively the same as actual Tracking.
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  6. Sindace Elder

    Not quite right. I missed Vaniki on the server up and got him the next 122 hour round. If this was correct I wouldn't have seen him til the 10 day mark. Also would make him considerably more rare than he already is. Easier to keep track of the rat the closer it is to server /uptime
  7. Sindace Elder

    Pretty sure that Prathun post from ages ago was just worded oddly in the middle. There is no gap between 122s. Otherwise he'd have said it two different ways in the same post. Respawn time can't be 122 AND have a 122 gap. One or the other.

    - correct
    - not right unless you take in account it's worded oddly (no gap)
  8. Cloud the Third Augur

    So I would love for a DEV to come on here and explain what was explained back then in a proper way maybe.

    12:00 pm the server comes up from a reset.
    12:01 pm I log into the server and none of the invs Vaniki phes are up. (Just so people know the invs npc is called a Chelaki)
    3:00 pm he has still not spawned but now all 5 of the invs npc just appear. (my guess is based on everything I have read he finally hit his first spawn attempt and it was just phes)

    Now when is his next spawn chance? is it 122 hour from the server up at 12:00 pm or is it 122 hours from the last spawn attempt?

    12:00 pm the server comes up from a reset.
    12:01 pm I log into the server and none of the invs Vaniki phes are up. (Just so people know the invs npc is called a Chelaki)
    3:00 pm he spawns at 1 location. Can he spawn a second time at one of the other phes and have 2 versions of himself up? Do all 5 phes spawn at the same time so if 1 spawns the other auto spawn ph? Is there a delay in the 5 phes so if one spawns and is killed instantly can a second one spawn 5 mins later?
    1:00 am he is finally killed. So when is the next time he can spawn?
    1. 122 hours from 12:00 pm when the server came up.
    2. 122 hours from when he spawned at 3:00 pm.
    3. 122 hours from when he was killed at 1:00 am.
    4. Are all 5 phes independent of each other so it had 1 success at 3:00 pm. This would mean 4 attempts of his spawn at 122 hours from 3:00 pm and 1 chance he may spawn at 122 hours from when he died at 1:00 am.
    Maybe all you guys just don't understand how complex this could be??? I just get confused when the server comes up and I am the first person in the zone and there is no invs phes up and than a few hours later I see all 5 invs phes spawn. 10 hours later someone says they killed him because he spawned (of which I still keep my eye on the zone and never saw him up). That just confuses me on when this 122 hour time starts from a server up and how it resets. I just what I think is the invs npc maybe is not the invs npc and it just happens that whatever I see is in the exact location of where he spawns but is just there and has nothing to do with him spawning. I have killed him multi times over the years so I know at least 3 of these 5 invs npc are where he can spawn.
    I just want to know how TR people know exactly when he is going to spawn always??? I know for a fact it isn't 122 hours from server up when he always spawns but TR people keep telling me they know exactly when he is going to spawn and are harassing me by killing it every single time so I can't. They know I am sitting in the zone for weeks now and they told me they killed him for the entire guild while in a raid??? So is there any reason for them to kill him the last 3 spawns or so when noone must need it if someone in the guild told me they killed it 3 times but yet they did it as a raid so everyone has it???
  9. menown Augur

    Have them give you a time stamp of their achievement. It is likely they are teasing you because you've raised so much concern on this topic.
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  10. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Thought you quit EQ?
  11. Cloud the Third Augur

    I did.

    But now without playing EQ I have so much free time I can spend alot of it here on
  12. KarmaKitty Augur

    Wasn't the whole deal to slow access to a key that is no longer relevant to the game :p

    I assume, they keep it, because (1) they don't know how to cleanly remove it at this point
    (2) they like torturing the player base (3) they have better fish to fry (4) they still have low
    hanging fruit to work on...
  13. Cloud the Third Augur

    Clearly it was because trying to get someone with pick lock to open it (or use one of the other tricks to get through it) is just so hard to do.
  14. Sindace Elder

    Seeing as some of us have Vaniki checked, it's not that complicated.
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  15. Cloud the Third Augur

    Not hard to just let some random person randomly check until they find him up and then everyone who needs the checkbox joins a raid and you get a check without doing anything. Doesn't make the way he spawns any less complicated.
  16. Gnomereaper Augur

    Been playing this game off and on for years, influence comes from good, well presented ideas. Your complaint is valid, your ideas and arguments don't necessarily work. Given enough time knowing about the game you could probably come up with some different system ideas that could work as an expansion feature.

    The developers do read the forum, sometimes they do respond, and sometimes during a meeting they will look at a feature people want and place it into the game. Selling the idea begins within you, the consumer.

    Some of the posters in this thread are influential players in some high end raiding guilds. If you had a good idea and they liked the idea, they would advocate for it in this thread. However, as presented you have yet to give a good idea that people like and want as a feature in game.

    But ya, I'm not seeing any creative ideas or various solutions for quality of life changes to Hunters achievement system.

    What would you do to create a Bounty Hunter System for Everquest's Hunter achievement system?
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  17. Sindace Elder

    Would make more sense if I wasn't already actively giving information relating to his spawn in this thread.

    It's really not that complicated. 5 spawns. 10% chance per spawn every 122. If Vaniki/ph spawns 8 hours after server up, it's 8 + 122 til the next shot (130 hours on /uptime). All 5 start on the same timer, and most stick together for a while as it's only a Vaniki spawn that throws them off of being together. Vaniki lasts as long as he lasts up, then 122 will respawn again while the other 4 may be 120 (if Vaniki lasted 2 hours up, that spawn point would obviously have a 2 hour difference compared to the others). There's no hacks needed. No kills needed. Either he shows up or he doesn't.

    Vaniki doesn't last up if your server has a population. On FV people run through there surprisingly frequently to check. 5 hour gaps are huge. Could miss it easily.
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  18. Cloud the Third Augur

    Ok great so you are telling me these people who said they killed him after the server was up before it was around 134 hours after the server was up were completely lying about killing him. I know this because I saw all 5 phes spawn around 12 hours after server came up and you are saying if all 5 phes were to spawn it would be 12 hours + 122 hours meaning the earliest they could have killed him was 134 hours after a server up since the phes had spawned at 12 hours after server up.

    The only other possibility is they really did kill him and how you think he is spawning is wrong.
  19. Sindace Elder

    Dude you'd be the easiest target to troll in game that I could imagine. Mechanics don't change out of nowhere.

    And no, you still misunderstand somehow. After server up is the easiest time to get him. Can spawn any time after server up, mostly in the 0-16 hour range, but it varies. The 122 timer starts after the first round. If it spawns at hour 8 on /uptime + 122 the next round would be at hour 130 on /uptime.
  20. Cloud the Third Augur

    So you are saying these guys didn't lie? Someone is lying here... I am just not sure who it is. Either someone lied to me saying they killed him at 30 hours after server up or the people who keep saying there is a 122 hour respawn timer after phes spawn is lying. I am still not completely sure which person is lying. The only thing I know 100% true is that after a server up I saw 5 invs npc spawn at 12 hours after the server came up at the documented locations where I have also personally seen and killed the npc at before the hunter existed.

    Yes these aren't the exact real times because I don't remember off hand what the exact times when I saw these phes spawn was but I did have someone in the guild of TR tell me they killed him less than 24 hours after I saw the phes spawn for the first time after a server up. I am assuming the TR people are just lying but who knows maybe this 122 hour after phes spawn the first time from a server up is not true.

    I would love for a DEV to post the truth of how it is currently working from a server up and how their timer resets when phes spawn vs when the real npc spawns and is killed later. When does the true 122 hour start counting again is it when the npc is killed or when it spawned? Do all 5 phes go off a different timer when he spawns so is 4 of these 122 hour start counting even if the 5th is the named. Can he be spawned and up 2 times at different locations because the phes still were counting to spawn again even if he is up somewhere else? If noone kills him for 100 hours does that mean 1 ph can now spawn again at 122 from his death but the other 4 phes that didn't get a named spawn have a chance to spawn in 22 hours cause their timer started at the spawn time for him but can only trigger him to spawn again if the named died at some point?
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