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  1. Cloud the Third Augur

    Hardcore started so it stopped me from doing hunter in kunark and i am fine with that no problem. But this is just anonying and stupid. It isn't like you are having to kill a ph until it spawns. Like I said I camped the guy in KT for 180 or something phes before it finally spawned. I don't mind as long as you can do something to get it. I will never play EQ again until someone can make a fix for this stupid spawn. Sitting in a zone for 122+ hours doing nothing is just boring and stupid. And what after 122+ hours is may just stay as the invs NPC that can only be seen if you use a special program... I agree who was stupid enough to put this as a required spawn instead of an optional. The queen is really bad too but at least in 2+ weeks I have seen it spawn 3 times vs 0 of this stupid rat.

    I am a keyring addict too and have been for years. I have I think every keyring item that exist on my keyring (maybe not from CoV because I stopped playing before that came out). I don't think the key you get from killing this guy goes on keyring so I never cared about trying to get it and as a bard I can just pick the lock.
  2. Khat_Nip Meow

    You're going to hate me, Cloud.
    I just finished reading this thread and tabbed over to EQ and thought, "This is an incredible longshot but let's go check DN...".
    Guess who was up in the pool room when I got there, LOL:


    Kill #4.
    Zlandicar was also up but that's a moot point in this discussion.
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  3. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I had a similar such experience a few years ago. Before there was an achievement for it though. :mad:
  4. Tatanka Augur


    (j/k, obv ;) )
  5. shiftie Augur

    Set up a tracking toon in the zone along with 2 other Alts. Every time you log into eq log those toons in first, before you log off do the same thing. If he’s up drop a fire and click over. Alternatively keep the tracker in zone with the 2 alts while you play on your main and periodically check track and campfire over if he pops.

    Of the 10 or so times I’ve killed him over the years when I had the desire to camp him I camped a tracker in the zone and checked it every time I logged on or off then ran the toon there I wanted the kill on. Trying to camp this outright given the spawn cycle and mechanics is a lesson in futility.
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  6. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    He doesn't really want helpful information. He's been ranting for days in general chat, despite the fact that on the first day of his unhappiness with his unsuccessful camp multiple people from our guild (and others) - who for the moment i will ignore that he blasting for no genuine reason, most likely due to frustration - giving him the information that he has either ignored or doesn't believe to be true.

    Vaniki has always been intentionally rare with both a lack of traditional phs, a low spawn chance rate, and a ridiculously long respawn timer. Clearly, he has a lack of understanding of how Vaniki's spawn timer works. Its unfortunate, but resorting to baseless accusations is hardly the answer. Vaniki isn't something you need to just sit there and watch to the exclusion of literally every other thing however. While we do have people that pop in and check on it I'm sure, and there are definitely folks with mages all over that zone, I don't think there's some kind of conspiracy to prevent Cloud from getting it, as tempting as it may now be after this post. Waiting around on Vaniki is mind numbing, that's for sure, as my husband and I were checking on it pretty frequently during Fableds because hubs has the worlds longest laundry list of unnecessary but interesting items. LOL.

    Good luck in your retirement.
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  7. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Actually I don't, but I'm also of the obviously unpopular minority opinion that Sverag shouldn't have been made optional, and that I didn't like when they severely lessened the requirements for hunters for the evolving item ;) That said, I'm also a card carrying bonafide crazy person member of the CheckMarksAnonymous Club which I freely admit.

    There's virtually no meaningful reward other then self satisfaction for chasing down every hunter in the game, but for me that's enough, so I play the checkmark chasing game because it amuses me wildly, entertains me, and keeps me interested in a game where I often run out of things to do.

    I kindof have a hankerin for another good long involved tradeskill quest too, so hope we see another one of those next time 'round the bend. Again, crazy person. :)
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  8. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Vaniki's spawn mechanics isn't causing the game to die, just trust me on this one.
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  9. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    I've been playing since the first few hours of the games launch. It doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother a lot of people in similar scenarios.

    You're raging at a non issue and I think you need to step back and look at things with a fresh perspective. Not having a checkmark next to Vaniki (which, in my opinion, would be fine being an optional checkmark) is not stopping you from enjoying content after the Scars of Velious expansion. The only problem is you and being, as you say, pissed off, at nothing.

    It's okay. You'll get Vaniki eventually. Do something else until you feel like checking in Dragon Necropolis again.
  10. Cloud the Third Augur

    Yea maybe for current game alot of people don't care. However if you want people other people who do care maybe you should spend some time thinking about what you are about to do before you do it. I will never pay for another expansion as long as there is achievements for old school stuff that is impossible to complete.

    Heck I have killed this mob dozens of times over the year but that was before the achievements existed. Adding stupid stuff achievements for stuff that is so hard you are pissing off old school players who are thinking about playing again, they aren't going to give you any money. Not likely new people who have ever played this game to start playing it again.

    Simply put don't add impossible to complete achievements for old school content when no matter how much you play it only depends on luck to get or you will just piss alot of us who are thinking about playing again off.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Stop over exagerating it isn't doing you any favours. Velious Hunter achievement is not impossibe, a challenge maybe, but not impossible.

    I completed Velious Hunter before CoV launched last year and it was a mob in Velks which refused to spawn, camped that stupid things for weeks on end, did get it adventually. With mobs like this you are better off checking it on and off and doing other things in between.

    That said, I don't think Vaniki follows the rules for being in a hunter achievement, I thought every named had to have unique loot and a PH.
  12. Sissruukk Rogue One

    So, you are drawing your line in the sand over one checkmark when there is probably tons of more stuff you can go do in the game? Or have you beaten EQ, and this is all that is left for you to do?
  13. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I know it was already suggested earlier in the thread, but this fits nicely for emphasis. One can't blame the game when they know how the mechanics work, but refuse to work within their limitations.

    The OP already knows the answer here. Like the RNG is going to take pity on him since it knows when he's playing and when he's sleeping? Of course not.

    The mob clearly popped while he was asleep, and was killed. The sadder part is if you divide 122 by 24, it's nearly an even 5. That means the mob could spawn every 5 days, during the time he was sleeping, over and over again, perpetuating the problem.
  14. Metanis Bad Company

    Cloud, you are always bragging about how much money you make in your really amazing job, why not just offer 10 or 20 Krono to be added to any group killing the mob you want? Half of Luclin would probably start camping it for you.
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  15. Cloud the Third Augur

    Well that would be pointless cause I do hunter for fun so that is kinda is pointless to pay people for what I do for fun????

    I offered 30 krono to get this stupid rat and noone has offered to take it.

    I don't make a ton of money (alot more than probably the average) but I have a ton of money cause my parents taught me to manage the money i make as a kid.

    Is there a DEV out there that I can hand 30 krono to and they make it spawn for me??? I don't care if it is a mob with a 0.0001% chance to spawn and has a single PH that spawns every 30 mins or something. I can camp that but when it has nothing to do with playing a game and all you can do is sit there and hope it spawns it sucks.
  16. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Vaniki is up on Vox right now if you want to pay for an xfer and come nab it.
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  17. Tatanka Augur

    Sure sounds like you're having fun
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  18. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    This seems like a slam dunk hire. Very professional application.
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  19. Nennius Curmudgeon

    That didn't take long.
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  20. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    This sentence here makes it sound like you don't know how Vaniki's spawn mechanic works. You can not force it to spawn sooner, no matter how many things you kill. Every 122? hours, you have five chances to spawn Vaniki. If it doesn't spawn, you're out of luck and need to wait again.
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