Fixed Internally Vaniki Tutorial is booting anyone over lvl 6

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Nalaru, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. Nalaru New Member

    Vaniki tutorial is kicking anyone over lvl 1 out to PoK and saying that your level is too high to be there anymore. My toon is a lvl 6 over there.
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  2. Ratalthor Developer

  3. Meeko Developer(Code)

    Thanks for the report. This has been confirmed and is being tracked internally.
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  4. Lola New Member

    Category: Other [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Wed Jul 20 20:52:24 2022

    Character: Level 6 Shaman (Main)
    Zone: The Plane of Knowledge
    Location: -148.00, -285.00, -155.50, 145.00

    Description: I just got thrown out of the Tutorial at LEVEL 6, banished to PoK before I got even half of the tutorial missions done. What the Hell??? That can't POSSIBLY be intentional! Many others were complaining about being booted at 9 or 10, which also seems wrong, but 6 is just flat-out blatantly wrong. Bad bad bad! Why am I paying money for this? I'd rather see today's patch rolled back than be forced out of the tutorial so unreasonably early like this.

    Also quite annoying to be FORCED to post a bug, rather than just inserting it into the bug database with an in-game command. Both this and the "Screw you, tutorial player" bug make me want to quit playing. Again. For a few more years, at least.
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  5. Delnex New Member

    This happened to me today. I cannot load into the tutorial from the loading screen or via gate, which is where I am bound. The game immediately zones me into PoK and from there I get disconnected. I want to finish the Gloomingdeep quests for visible armor. But unless I just stop playing until the issue is resolved, if I get any higher than level 10, I will never be able to finish it. I see an acknowledgement that this is being tracked internally, but when will we have a resolution?
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  6. Xarek New Member

    Happened to both my characters last night at level 7. They were fine up until I died and respawned and immediately got sent to PoK after getting the message that I was too high level. Now I can't reenter the tutorial on either without immediately being ported back to PoK.
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  7. pointman1921 New Member

    @12:40pm EST, kicked out at level 6 from the tutorial. This has been going on for about a week now.
  8. Persnickety New Member

    This happened to my husband and I last night. We hit level 6 then died trying to kill the Overseer guy in the tutorial. When we released after death we both got booted to POK and can't get back into the tutorial.
  9. NImxat Journeyman

    This is not fixed. The tutorial continues to prevent anyone level 6 or higher from re-entering regardless of why they left: logging, zoning, game disconnect.
  10. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    It is only fixed "internally". It will take a patch to fix it so you could see it. So next patch