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    Isn't that what Attunable is? Bind on Equip?

    Feel like this would be a good server to do a group progression and slightly old raids. You'd have group gear from 3 or 4 later expansions, and can go at level to kill raid stuff and experience it once.
  2. Rebelicious Augur

    I missed the part where he gave a crappy opinion he wasn't qualified for. What I read was valid and genuine from HIS perspective. He's paying a sub. He can ask for whatever he thinks suits him... I know I've made mistakes before... they're a wonderful learning experience... Could it be you'd rather SILENCE HIM WITH YOUR PRESUMED SUPERIOR OPINION because you're afraid his opposing view might influence the devs or something into not giving YOU what YOU want?

    You should be happy that only Vaniki has a new ruleset... and if you think it's total garbo... you can go play on Yelinak? Or maybe you think both are garbo... and you can stay on Mischief, or Aradune, or 1999.

    The way I've read your literalist comments... you seem to be of the impression... EVERYBODY on this server MUST race as FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE... just because an expac unlocks or is open... and that's ABSURD.
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  4. Rebelicious Augur

    There's a massive difference between starting a new toon late in a server's life... and struggling with grouping, esp if you choose a non-solo friendly class, *cough cleric*

    ... and the sheer JOY of starting altogether on a NEW GROUP EXTRAVAGANZA server.

    So while the end result of "getting past POP" and having bst/bzk's unlocked is wonderful... HOW you get there with other's is the whole point, and why TLP's usually only last a year or two before a mass exodus happens... it's not just TLPs taking people away... it's people enjoying the new game and starting over, together.
  5. Rebelicious Augur

    I honestly didn't mean that facetiously. I've been there. I once played a main-tank group mystic on old Nagafen EQ2 pvp server for 4 years... and I HAD to be there e'ry ding dang day. I couldn't do it now if I tried.
  6. Pappasalt Augur

    I'll also be curious to see how much flag laxation is in place on this server as some of the flagging requirements later on get pretty time in depth.
  7. Pappasalt Augur

    Since you don't know me, which I don't expect you to it's not like I'm on the forums and all much. I'm actually the exact opposite of what you stated is why I laughed. I run primarily casual style guilds with no more than 3 raid nights a week normally 2 and with a raid attendance requirement of normally 1 raid/week. I ran the casual guild on Selo up to Call of the Forsaken. I run a guild now on Thornblade.

    And what I'm "suggesting" in this thread is exactly that. Something not so hardcore. Sure you can batphone on Vaniki and have an option to raid something almost every day. But who is actually going to do that for the long term? And as for the "don't have to be top end and go back and do things" I've watched guilds try that, they die normally in a few months. Attrition in this game is bad enough, let alone when you're telling people to do "older" content on a TLP.
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    Pappa, your pager going off on those constant batphones for all of Selo must have been rough.
  9. Pappasalt Augur

    HEY! You leave my pager alone! That and my nokia.
  10. Rebelicious Augur

    This is how I see it>>>
    1. TLP's will ALWAYS have attrition... WHY? Because we're at the stage of EQ where 90% of playerbase on TLPs has played for a couple decades now... and the early part of the GROUP-SOCIAL GAME is why we play... so, early on in a server's life... not necessarily hardcore classic...but that's how most TLPs have been designed... we all jump on the new bandwagon to start over. I've got geared toons littered all over the TLP server landscape... and utterly no desire to log into one... I'm pumped for the NEW SERVER!~ That's just the way the TLP part of EQ has evolved. I don't see it changing ever. The excitement of being a noob in a group/guild of noobs is too great an appeal. That's why Project 1999 thrived... and DBG was kind enough to let them continue.. and also took some of their success and turned it into TLPs... GRANTED 1999 is much longer lasting in some respects... I personally think the TLPs are a superior experience, which is why I've always played them, regularly.. and spent a healthy krono in support of DB. They aren't perfect, but their formula has keep EQ thriving.

    2. There is NO REASON AT ALL you can't run a completely HAPPY, casual guild on Vaniki... I hope you do! I'd probably apply. I love a challenge every now and then... I don't want to make the game a misery trying to over-challenge myself or friends just because harder content we aren't ready for... is there.

    EDIT* Wanted to add... I think there are TLPers who have become mindlessly BORED with the predictable over-EASE of classic-POP TLP raiding... and really would like a new kind of challenge, a new kind of TLP... I mean, I played on AGNARR which would be considered a low pop-flop server... and had a GREAT TIME... for about a year. /shrug
  11. Digler Elder

    Oh, I agree whole heartedly.

    That's why the constant refrain of "if you want to experience the content past PoP, there are plenty of TLPs already there. Just go roll a toon and level them up", rubs me the wrong way.

    Half the fun of a TLP is the launch, at least it is for me. I hope Vaniki is somewhat successful. My hope is they do something a little similar in future years, but not so accelerated. Maybe just do a PoP launch, with some graduated level-locks up to 65 over the first 4-6 weeks so people don't feel forced to go from level 1 to 65 with max AA's in 72 hrs at the launch.

    But, this season will be fun. I'm looking forward to it, after sitting last year out.
  12. HappyPanda Augur

    As someone who completed the Selo Journey, I don't think this is how he means it.
    Even with the faster XP on Selo schedule, very few people on the server were able to keep up and stay relevant to raiding current era content.
    As a semi-casual, still sinking many hours every week, I had to intentionally play a class for which AA was less important or I also would have had to give up.

    The middle ground here might be to leave XP alone (an increase seems good to me) but to at least boost the AA XP to help more players be able to stay more relevant and interested in the server. It would help the people who can't grind 20+ hours per week on top of raids and I seriously doubt that many will leave the server because the 40,000+ AA is just too easy to get, even with the more beneficial autogrant timeline.
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I was not convinced that more loot was needed that's definitely not the same thing as convinced it does not need it the last time I looked.

    Your response here does not appear to be trying to convince anyone it is needed either, you are just questioning why I am not on board with loot out the wazoo suggestions.

    Maybe more loot is needed, but here's the thing, we haven't seen what the proposed loot system for Vaniki actually IS yet. Maybe the devs have a plan, maybe they are gathering feedback on what players want.

    Maybe focus on arguing for what YOU want rather than against what other players want and provide valuable feedback to the devs instead of empty rhetoric to other forum users.

    No, but if that was your conclusion you have entirely missed the points that I made, either willfully or out of ignorance.

    I strongly disagree, and so do the designers of most MMORPG's it would seem.

    I 've quoted Johnathan Caraker's explanation elsewhere on the forums but boiled down Free Trade allows players to obtain items without having defeated the encounters that the items came from.
    He called that "short-circuiting the primary game loop", I happen to agree with that assessment.
    Free Trade is fine as a special ruleset however.
    There is but 1 live server with that rule, 1 TLP is plenty since it will only ever feed into that 1 live server when it has completed its journey to live status.
    I think we can wait to discuss all TLP being Free Trade until the day that all Live servers are.

    It is not Selo.

    Autogranted AA
    Hotzones for every level raise beyond 60
    And we have not been told what the XP will be for the server yet, but how much more XP do you need when you have a chunk of AA being given to you in all but a few expansions and you will have hotzones to level & aa in.
    Selo did not have that so your comparison might be lacking in data.
  14. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    If the whole goal of this server is to see what can be done under leveled but otherwise normalish loot needs to be really tuned up. This server will be blazing fast, and anything short of double loot and double named (for aug farming) is just not going to allow anyone to really see what can be done. Everyone will be massively under geared from just lack of loot dropping.
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  15. Gormgeous Elder

    Double faction should probably be a starting point for some of those expansions.

    Unless it really is just a hard mode server and the intent is for them to just say "Good luck and git gud" or some such.
  16. Rebelicious Augur

    Why do so many people think that just because content is unlocked, everyone should be rushed to breeze through it. Here we have the standard, open-at-classic TLPs... and everyone can do all the raids through POP semi-afk and wearing a blindfold. Now, for the first time... your not only offered a challenge, but a smorgasbord of choices and zones to play and level in your own time, at your own pace... the only RACE being in someone's head...

    And your solution is tune up the loot to make this TLP LESS of a challenge and just another too-easy, boring classic version. I say some changes might be needed, allowing some spells/potions earlier... but naw... earn your loot.

    Have you people even played Project 1999 servers? MAN... just trying to survive the newbie zones is deadly... and for a lot of people... THAT'S the appeal.
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Personally I'd go with No drop loot for Vaniki, the bazaar is going to be open from day one and that will more than likely be maxed out pretty fast, with people complaining that 1000 isn't enough.

    Going FV loot will just make that situation worse.
  18. Machen New Member

    What makes you think there will be any?

    They haven't mentioned doing so. Just relaxing level requirements.
  19. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    Ahh TLP ForumQuest. The gift that keeps on giving!
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  20. HappyPanda Augur

    Not sure he was suggesting changes to make it too easy, think he was suggesting changes to make it more populated and fun for more players for a longer period of time.

    In order to raid content in EQ, you need a certain number of players of a similar gear set that is required to do the content you want to do.
    You can play at your own pace, and that can be done on any server.
    You can't raid at your own pace, you can only raid at the pace of a guild.
    There won't be enough population to sustain guilds raiding at various levels that are not raiding recent content on a TLP so you have to help the weaker keep up with the stronger so they have people to play with and raids that they can do.

    EQ has lots of content such as augs and tradeskill items that can be done in an extraordinary time sink for the determined player who wants to be their best, despite easy XP.
    Players aren't leaving EQ past 70 because it is too easy, they are leaving because they can't keep up with all of the learning and time required and in some cases because they just don't care for the content.

    Those of us who have done a few TLP have seen this play out repeatedly.
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