Vaniki strategy thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zrender, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Zrender Augur

    I will be playing on this server, love the idea, but I have to admit that I have very limited experience post PoP. What will be a good leveling strategy? Are ldons going to be the best way to go post-palaudal (is palaudal even the right choice)? How are you guys figuring out what gear to go for? What raids do you think will be the big targets? Those and really a million other questions. What is your class/strategy for Vaniki and how are you researching possibilities? What kind of ideas have you come up with for group/raid targets/composition/etc?
  2. Zansobar Augur

    I bet you will get to max level (40) in 15 hours played so leveling is not going to be remotely interesting. Remember the xp is far faster during these expansions than in Classic. Also apparently you won't have to worry about gaining AA's for quite a few months as most will be auto-granted due to the expansion release and level locking issue.
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  3. Zrender Augur

    Is Palaudal still going to be the go-to for early levels? Ldons after that? What's a good path for gearing? Is there any good tradable GoD gear that's going to be attainable at 40?
  4. Gearrwin Lorekeeper

    Paludal is always amazing xp for early levels. It's going to be super packed in that place at launch. There are other options though. That's the beauty of this server. There are a ton of leveling paths.
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  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm considering tutorial at start, if its is available, then LDONs. I'm hoping if a lot decide to go the LDON route that there will be a lot of group oppertunities.
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  6. Zrender Augur

    Yeah, looks like palaudal or tutorial (doubtful tutorial will be in I think they changed it to oow) to 20ish then... Maybe ldons or some other nice find that someone mentions :) There are so many places to go it really opens up possibilities. Somewhere with some decent gear drops would be sweet. I like ykesha zones for that range but I don't think the gear is really all that, though there are a few decent items.