Vaniki starting build questions

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  1. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Planning on rolling a character on a 'close to vaniki as possible' server, and testing some ideas. I might actually play this one if I can find the time.

    -What tlp is currently closest to the expansion and ruleset of Vaniki?

    Day 1 Assumptions (please correct if wrong):
    -Tutorial available: Speed totem and Newb charm
    -PoK available: All spells and all tradeskill npcs available
    -Abysmal available?: all Wayfarers travel locations available
    -Rathe Mountains and Freeport new versions :(
    -Newbie armor starter city quests completable
    -Claims available: Gift of Legacies Lost? (maybe not, as that's defiant stuff?)
    XP potions?
    Mount (disembodied hand?) Mount Buff?
    Mercs (clockworks, alaran?)

    Anything else a close to complete newb to TLP should know?

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  2. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    Probably toxic rain.
  3. Mattling Lorekeeper


    It's 3 expansions past GoD but you can just not do them.
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  4. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Mercs don't unlock until SoD opens so you won't have them day 1.
    Mount Blessing Azia unlocks with LDoN so you'll have that, Beza isn't until SoF
    Freeport is always the new version.
    Defiant is locked to TSS.
    PoK should have spells up to Luclin, not sure which Tradeskill guys you mean, there will be some but the super TS vendors at small bank don't spawn until RoF.
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  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I hadn't considered the tutorial, looks like this maybe the best place to start.

    I've been considering LDONs from level 20, that way I won't be concerned with lack of mobs or KSing DPS racing. Maybe moving to Gulf of Gunthak at level 35 ish and doing some LoY stuff.

    I don't think there has been any other expansions after Luclin with lower level content other than those two.

    Always loved the idea of a level locked server to do the stuff we were all too big for when the later expansions unlocked.

    Focus effects will be working from day one, but I think I'm going to stick with my beloved black kitty beast rather than going full caster, especially as for once I can create her on day one.
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  6. Yarteb Elder

    So, on Aradune: (your Vaniki experience may vary)
    1. Gloomingdeep armor is awarded for quests (equal to crude defiant but no drop)
    2. Newbie armor quests are in game in the original starting zones.
    3. Mounts, bags, personal illusion items are claimable but no mercs, other out of era, or defiant items.
    4. PoK library sells PoP spells (61 - 70) and lower.
    5. Experience: level 1 toon per level 1 mob in Steamfont Mountains is 7.5% per kill. (not bad)
    6. Bottle of Adventure IV (+75%) is available in marketplace.

    There is some discussion in other threads about the lowered exp in instances, so LDoNs may not be the best way for leveling.
    The rodent clearing quests are active in cities but the experience mod in cities is too low to bother.
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  7. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    I'm torn, between my original main and my fashion quest favorite, but it feels like an awesome Necromancer server to me.
    -Human Male (eyepatch) Necromancer Innoruuk: Kill Zigg Flinn!
    -Erudite Female Necromancer Cazic (in that sweet starter armor): Bone chips, kobolds, the hole! oh my!

    Won't be raiding, won't be racing for anything specific.

    I believe I know some good out of the way places that will rock, and solo necromancy has always been about the YELLOWS!
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  8. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    Volatile dead is probably up your alley.
  9. Fhiele Augur

    And of course, the Warrens is right there too. Great ZEM there.
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