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  1. Ariana Augur

    It would still be a batched expansion release server that starts with GoD, with all classes available. It would still release all level 70 content together, all level 75 content together, etc. The difference would be that when the level 70 content comes out, you would be 70, not 60, and that you would only be able to equip gear up to req 70, not req 80. Spell resist mechanics may actually need a change, I don't have any experience playing casters but my initial thought is that this would just lead to bugs and other unintended consequences if they mess with it. It would still have a 2 year cycle to live, not a 5+ year cycle to live. Not exactly a Phinny clone.

    But I agree with your sentiment. If Daybreak decides not to fix some of the glaring issues (in my opinion) that will affect the longevity of the server Yelinak, or maybe a return to Mischief is probably a better choice for me.
  2. Machen New Member

    No, it won't.

    People have largely forgotten how to single pull since it is almost never needed on the TLP's any more with enchanters being so OP. But, if you pull singles at Juggs, I bet a group of 40's in hate/fear gear etc would do just fine.
  3. Truetotheblue Augur

    In their relaxing requirements they should relax the level cap on charm. Let a level 40 enchanter charm up to 62, but NOT adjust what they can stun or mez. I would love to see the chaos.
  4. Rebelicious Augur

    To me, anyways, it is FAR WORSE... to have EVERY TLP be a repeat of Classic... Seriously we can almost all sleepwalk through the content as this point... so what's the point? Many of us haven't played raid zones past POP or God since 20 years ago because we miss the nostalgia of the classic experience. I never played SoF... so to me, the idea of a server actually being alive when it drops is incentive enough. I don't just raid for the loot but for the camaraderie.

    A lot of us left EQ for EQ2 or WOW about the time of GoD, OW, DoN... and haven't played Live EQ since 2004/2005, and tend to gravitate to Project 1999 and TLP's for the nostalgia of when we did play originally. So on many levels, unlocked bst/bzk, etc... and the later content is what appeals to some like me because I loved those classes and that era... not necessarily just classic thru Pop or GoD, which is sadly about the life expectancy of the average TLP.

    We don't yet know what changes they're allowing... but I would think it's a novel way to approach the game and give an unprecedented challenge while not being undoably miserable... I think that's the balance they want to strike. I mean, the very best, highest end, newest gear loot is on Live anyway... if I just wanted to chase that, I'd play on Live. What I think a lot of TLPers would like is... a server we can finally advance to live on... most of us have hopped with the exodus from new TLP to new TLP.

    But, I fully recognize it might not be your cup of tea. I'm also hoping they don't make alterations such as to trivialize harder content... that "over-ease" of raiding is already boring a lot of TLP vets... with the balance that, we don't want to go back to our youth where we did all night raiding either.
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  5. Machen New Member

    I've personally done it with someone breaking mez every 30 seconds. Almost the same!
  6. Machen New Member

    Nah. Charm would be ridiculously overpowered if they did that.
  7. Truetotheblue Augur

    And that's different from now up through PoP? ;)
  8. Machen New Member

    If you could charm mobs 10 levels higher than what you can currently, yes, yes it would be.
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  9. sumnayin Augur

    Imagine if there was more than 1 way to do things...just....imagine...or be like the majority of people and let intelligent people imagine and then copy them.
  10. AtabishiRetired New Member

    I'd imagine whatever guild wants to push for #1 on the server and do content early, will most likely have to find what many people call "exploits" to do so, which isn't always a bad thing. To be honest, the main reason why competing guilds cry about exploits is because they are mad they didn't discover it themselves before hand. Part of the fun of racing expansion launches is going on to test server for hours trying to find whatever tricks you can, and it's a skill to do so in itself considering you need to have a very good base understanding of how game mechanics work.

    Also, to be fair, the trick I was talking about with single pulling wrathe council is not a pathing exploit. It's a completely legitimate way of instantly single pulling mobs out of a large pack. While it can work anywhere, it's really only super useful on wrathe council since you can turn what normally is a 30 min-1 hour event start to finish for most guilds, in to a 10 minute or less quick snipe like what TEB would do on aradune. If I were the one that found this trick I would explain it and it would make sense how it's not an exploit, but Amdo is the extremely clever person who found it so it's up to him if he wants to share it with everyone or not since it literally makes wrathe council event 100x easier.
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Not sure where people are getting the idea that the achievements for killing PoP/GoD or other higher level events will be at level 40 instead of being closer to the level of the expansion.
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  12. Ariana Augur

    They should probably release more details about the achievements and specifics about their changes to mechanics. All they've really said is "we're doing some crazy sh..tuff" and with their track record I can only assume it's poorly thought out and will fail. I think that my skepticism this is well thought out and planned is warranted, but I'll reserve more judgement until they release more details.
  13. Ariana Augur

    That's fine. I'm not particularly interested in what the technique is, because I don't personally think rathe council is that difficult of a fight, and the challenging part of it is certainly not pulling it. Sure I haven't done it in 10 minutes, but I'm also not very competitive with EverQuest and don't mind spending 30.

    Exploit probably has a different definition based on who you ask. For me, things like pulling emp's adds to the basement where you don't have to worry about them is an exploit. I would be less impressed by whoever was pushing for achievements on this server if those are the kinds of tactics they were using to avoid mechanics of the given raids.
  14. Labzeh New Member

    The Rathe council trick is pretty well documented and across various sources and a great trick at that :) . I do agree with your stance on this sort of thing and earlier on when I mentioned I'd love to see a video of it being done without mez it was a legitimate thing. I hope the guilds at the forefront of this server stream as I'd love to see the creative ways that people have to adapt and develop new strategies for - the thought of being forced to do things outside the regular status quo is reason enough for me to keep an eye on this server and this sort of thing is what will separate the top progressive guilds from everyone else. Due to my time zone (being oceanic) I can't play in these guilds but I love the competition we have seen in the past like the leadup to selos, changing how a lot of fights are handled on this server will really define about how guilds can adapt compared to following scripts.

    I'm hoping the buffer between what's achievable with 40 person raid guilds and 72 person raid guilds for events that lock progression isn't going to be too extreme but again if that's the intention of the developers and not purely just a biproduct over oversight then bring it on. If RC is only beat by an extreme few, when DoN launches on 3rd of August the PoP flagging requirements are removed anyway which will still have a level cap of lvl 60 on this server at that stage. The server achievement may be to kill quarm before the server hits level 65. We just have no idea yet. But may entice guilds to forward gear in anticipation of this unlock to then go back and work on it also.

    I think a server like this encourages various play styles and people targeting different content and hope that guilds don't feel frustrated because they're not able to compete in similar content. To me, as raspers mentioned earlier even the prospect of going "well we're level X and only have 20 players in the guild what can we do... well how about we mini raid group content that's usually Y levels higher for upgrades" It seems a good server to make what you want of it and set your own definitions whilst riding a fast lane to live - for those that have felt overwhelmed with boosting heroic characters this is a pretty great place to start if you want to catch up to live. The AA Grants for expansions unlocking earlier than the level cap in some points like PoP Grant, RoF Grand and TDS grants also gives a lot of help to players that take breaks etc.

    So yeah, I hope we see a spectrum of raiding across multiple era's from guilds that are able to achieve separate things and people set their own goals reasonable to the power of their raid forces.
  15. AtabishiRetired New Member

    Can you show where it's documented? Not doubting you I'm just personally curious how many years behind I am lol cause Amdo was first person I saw ever use it. It's entirely possible that it's been more recently documented as anyone in TEB during pop would have seen it, I just never personally seen it posted anywhere before then. I'd be very disappointed in my research techniques.
  16. Zinth Augur

    true but you COULD go to Natimbi (GoD zone) and kite trash mobs for the +manaregen necklace there. (atk/regen for melee ) the Stonemites are lvl 43-47 and the many other mobs there vary in range but it was just an example.
  17. Ariana Augur

    I got curious and googled "rathe council single pull trick" and the first non eq link was a post from 15 years ago talking about it. At least I assume it's what you're talking about. Kind of borderline for me but I guess not technically an exploit.
  18. Labzeh New Member
    probably the one Ariana also saw, pretty much says exactly whats going on by Faned 15 years ago. I take back the idea of "documented heavily" but I have seen a number of youtube video's with guild doing this technique and one specific one I showed my guild monks on TB earlier this year that highlighted it well that I can't seem to find atm.
    It's pretty much been the same tactic I've used since playing on TLP's since Agnar by each guild I've been in so assume it's pretty common knowledge now.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sure more details would be nice but from what I read the level required for those achievements will be based on the level of the expansion. Which means that you will not need level 40 for most of the raids that people have been complaining about.
  20. Dewd Journeyman

    Shows the blind and how it paths and ends up in the water.