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  1. Neuro Elder

    Question for those who remember: Which class does the best DPS in PoSky, in Classic era?

    I always played a Wizard, and my spells are absolutely useless in PoSky. My nukes were resisted most of the time even on trash, and always on the bosses. I was always a port bot in Sky.

    Reason I ask: I was thinking of trying a different class for Vaniki with the intent on doing the challenge modes. A wizard would be , as the level difference between PoFear mobs would be about the same as PoSky mobs, so I'm trying to think of which classes would be best. I thought maybe Mage, as the MotM will be removed so at least the pet would be ok, or maybe a Necro since their Boil Blood spell line is almost never resisted.

    More likely, I'm assuming it's a Monk. Which is what I assume everyone else is gonna play.
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    All depends on how the spells landing on higher level mobs thing shakes out and whether Melee gain access to higher level weaponry than is typical or whether only armour will have relaxed level requirements.

    All things being similar as per standard TLP just scaled up then I expect Enchanter trilogy dominance will continue unabated & Monk superiority prior to Necromancer DoT revamp territory will hold fast.

    So Classic to Velious - Enchanter
    Luclin to TSS - Monk
    TSS onwards - Necromancer

    just my 2cp anyway
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  3. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Sky will be laughably easy without MotM. It won't really matter who does enough dmg when things only have 32khp. Which is good because it is a boring long zone normally and we only need to go there for epics on Vaniki.
  4. Neuro Elder

    I was asking as a comparison. Sky is the hardest vanilla content, so I was trying to get a feel as to what classes were going to still be useful when we are all 10 levels below. A 50 wizard is nigh-useless in Sky, so a 40 Wizard will be even more useless. I suspect the lvl 55 content (Fear and Hate) will also be too hard for wizards, thus I was asking which classes were still effective in Sky, so that I didn't play a worthless class in challenge modes. As I suspected, it is probably going to be Monk that is worth playing. Maybe enchanter, but I worry that their charms and mezzes won't work properly underleveled.
  5. Mrjon3s Augur

    We don’t know how they are gonna do resists so casters could be top dps with wizards having crit focus effects and mounts. Same could be said for all casters. Monks will probably always be strong and rogues will be once they get access to the right AAs.
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