Vaniki or Yelinak?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Logisticz9, May 25, 2022.

  1. Logisticz9 New Member

    Wondering which server I should play on. Will vaniki be the niche server that dies in a month? Or is everyone bored of standard tlp's after doing 10 of em and thus Yelinak will die first? I'd like to try and stick it out on one I just can't decide where I should go ><
  2. Midnitewolf Augur

    You need to play on the server I am not playing on so that the ques on the one I am playing on, don't get longer.
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  3. Benito Sword of Truth Bombs

    Live and TLP players who care for special cosmetics will play on Vaniki up to level 60 or so.

    Otherwise, I think Yelinak will be the classic TLP experience that most players expect.

    I say Yelinak will follow the model of population decline in typical TLPs. Vaniki is a bit of a dark horse with the focus on cosmetic rewards and bragging rights.
  4. Lawyer Augur

    Do you like being alone? Try Vaniki.
  5. Inictus Elder

    Fake news
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  6. Thewiz Always waiting to play a Berserker

    The krono lords want you on Yelinak.
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  7. Neuro Elder

    I played Vaniki for 5 hours yesterday, got to lvl 16. It was a lot of fun. But really, it depends on what you want out of this TLP.

    If you are all about that krono life, go Yelinak. Since it's the standard classic TLP, nearly all the loot is tradable, so there should be a brisk trade in krono-for-plat. The downside is that all the krono farmers will also be there, all camping their favorite spots.

    If you want something different this time around try Vaniki. You can start from day 1 as Iksar/Froglok/Vah Shir, also as Beastlord or Berserker, plus all of the nifty Kunark and Luclin leveling zones are accessible from the start, not to mention places like Stonebrunt and the Warrens. For example, there were two picks of Kurn's Tower running last night, which I doubt I've ever seen before. With the XP bonus from GoD releasing, and the upcoming Holiday XP bonus, it should be quite easy to level, and you have a far wider selection that just the same 2-3 zones.
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  8. Chroma4 New Member

    Definitely Yelinak to relive the true EQ experience!
  9. code-zero Augur