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  1. Chikkin Augur

    That's the best retort ever, to a saying that is pretty much never wrong.
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    I'm not sure if MLK could have spoken your dream any better.
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  3. Neuro Elder

    I have one question about Vaniki: How robust is the tutorial area going to be? I assume it is going to have a pickzone, but if the threshold isn't very low, then it will be a nightmare. I can't imagine the zone could realistically handle more than 10 people.
  4. Captain Video Augur

    Fun fact: Once upon a time, before the F2P era, the tutorial was a free 14-day trial, and ran on its own server. It was called "Escape to Norrath". After you completed the quest line, you were given the option to subscribe; if you said Yes, you could choose to stay on that same server and play content through Velious, or take a free transfer to any live server of your choice, or ignore your tutorial character outright and roll on a live server of your choice.

    The zone is tuned to run as OW and could comfortably handle 100 toons. I believe the current /pick threshold is 50.
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  5. Neuro Elder

    More questions: In the producer's letter, it says when multiple expansions unlock, they will do so one hour after another. Can I assume this does NOT include the initial booting of the server? It would be absurd to have to wait an hour to make an Iksar on day 1, 3 hours to make a Beastmaster or Vah Shir, and 7 to make a Berserker. I am assuming all expansions up through GoD will be open from the start, but I wanted to inquire just to make sure.

    Also, are you sure the Tutorial can handle 100 people per pickzone? It seems to me the tutorial zone will be MASSIVELY overcrowded then, especially at the start when a thousand people are all trying to log in at once, and half of them try the tutorial.
  6. Zrender Augur

    I've seen a ton of people in the tutorial before. Not sure if it was 100 but probably 40+. Takes a bit longer to do the quests but still doable and the server didn't seem to have any issues.
  7. Captain Video Augur

    Quite a few players rolled alts and went through the tutorial zone when GoD unlocked on Aradune. I also observed behavior when the tutorial unlocked on Mangler, although I wasn't trying to play on that server at the time. That's my basis for estimating the /pick threshold at 50, as I said in my previous post in this thread. And yes, it could handle 100, it's a very large zone. 20 picks of that zone on launch day will be no different than 20 picks of any of the starting city newbie yard zones, and we see that every TLP cycle. I would advise that you use the /hidecorpse command if you want to minimize the risk of lag, as mob density is high.
  8. Bhane Veteran N00b

    Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later. There are A Lot of rumor and theory being put forward as fact regarding this server, and a ton to settle before guilds can plan how they're going to tackle this challenge. And I'm sure there are a lot of people keeping en eye out for this info to decide if they will sign up for this server or not, depending on how it's actually going to play out.

    Sooner we get this FAQ the better.
  9. Goratoar Lorekeeper

    One issue that I see with Vaniki being time locked rather than progression locked is that there will likely be achievements that are offered, yet no one is able to actually do them. Previously, I had envisioned a server with level based locking, where you have to do a kill a certain mob or mobs in order to unlock your personal level cap. I could see this working in some sense, especially if caps are removed for all following a timer after the first kill of all the achievement targets or a groupable unlock mission a la PoP or GoD. This would keep the server running at the pace of at the very least a top few guilds, rather than faster than Selo's as it is set up currently.
  10. Ikkan_DG New Member

    Is there any sort of ETA on this coming out?
  11. Bhane Veteran N00b

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