Vaniki DPS Class for raiding

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  1. Phased Sullon Zek Journeyman

    I am wanting to start up on Vaniki. How are monks, berserkers, mages, wizards and necros doing on raid parses? Is anything seeming to really stand out from the rest?
  2. Neuro Elder

    Wizards are doing quite well. The resist changes help them immensely.
  3. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Casters are all doing very well, and it is still too early to see how melee play out. Few of them have gotten higher tier weapons or completed epics still.
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  4. ayoforYayoh Augur

    neuro is right It has been the wizard show from what i've seen so far.
  5. amoa New Member

    Paladin is the only raid class you need. Just stun your way to victory!
  6. Phased Sullon Zek Journeyman

    Thanks for the input, I ended up going with a Pally + Druid + Chanter + Wizard x3. Pretty crazy being able to easily grind on deep red mobs so far as I'm leveling up.
  7. Thenextgoldknyght New Member

    Actually its the MAGE show, not WIZ show. Im playing a wiz though, and playing on this server verse normal server feels so much better. like this is how the wizard class was spose to be. I honestly think they should make changes to normal servers. You still get resisted, but it isnt every spell just because they are 3-4 levels above you. Even though u can do up to 10 i think , but for Mana per xp u get, not really worth. 3-4 levels above seems to be max xp you can get anyways per a kill.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    "Just about Red-con" is the sweet spot for XP on Vaniki, just about all your spells & abilities will hit & you dont really gain anything xp wise by going for harder stuff.

    Casters always were the "front-loaded" damage dealers until they started adding in ancients to give them something attractive for later in the expansion cycle.
    Epics are gonna take a while to filter in as are the better weapons so it depends on where you prefer to prosper but I think overall casters will feel a lot less handicapped for a while yet.
  9. Lumiens Augur

    So even if a monk or rogue were to get a significantly higher level weapon, if you are raiding targets that are 10+ levels above the normal you would raid them at, it does not seem like to me that they would be able to hit anything for decent damage consistently enough for those weapons to really make a huge difference?

    Feel like casters will always be better just due to the resist changes then and no bonus to mele when attacking significantly higher level targets?
  10. bobjones1208 Augur

    Is this documented somewhere? I quit my wiz when we hit OoW last time around due to resists.
  11. Xeris Augur

    On our parses, we've had necros/mages pretty much be top of almost all parses. I've been top 3 a few times and I'm pretty new to necro'ing. As others have said, big problem for melee right now is: they don't have good weapons yet; higher lvl mobs make you hit less against them (I.E. their defensive stats/lvl differences hurts melee dmg); there's no overhaste or anything yet.

    Casters being able to land spells better also helps a lot. And unless you're raiding classic mobs, the fights are fairly long which hugely benefit necros (for example).
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Check out the Vaniki FAQ.

    Q: Will spells be able to land on anything if we’re ten levels behind?
    A: Yes, we're using a new spell resist system for this server that includes an exception for Level Locked Progression servers. NPCs who are hit by a PC spell on a Level Locked Progression server will not have a resist bonus based on level differences, as they do on regular servers.