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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sobmre, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Sobmre Lorekeeper

    does Daybreak own rights to VSOH?

    If so why not open 1 server? or perhaps pillage the game for useful models and sound effect for eq?
  2. Nolrog Augur

  3. smash Augur

    I guess you do not know things about coding, no insult intended.

    But what you are suggesting is like putting a component from the engine od a micro car into the engine of a truck and expecting it to work.
  4. yepmetoo Elder

    Because the game was a failure and it didn't have people playing it at the end.

    Don't forget that game lived for 2 full years when it was down to 2 servers (one euro and one U.S.). There is no demand for it.
  5. Act of Valor Augur

    Vanguard was such a good game. It was simply released way too early. It led to stability and performance issues, as well as lots of empty content, which caused it to die an unfair and quick death. I'd subscribe to Vanguard in a heartbeat if it came back.

    I guess I'll settle for Pantheon, if the game will be any good.
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  6. Nuttmeg Augur

    I'd play Vanguard too. The problem is that DBG loses nothing taking fantastic titles away from us all access players. DoN is gone, Vanguard is gone. They have no problem gutting everything and whittling our "all access" to 1 game access and keeping their 9.99 game sub inflated to $15.
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  7. Gnomereaper Elder

    The population was unsustainable relative to upkeep. The issue is mostly not selling off the code to be used in derivative products such as using the development tools to create different games ala RPG Maker or create your own Vanguard servers.
  8. svann Augur

    Low pop was not because no one liked it.
    1. people left because at release it was buggy as hell.
    2. they fixed the bugs but it was too late. pop was too low to fund expansions.
    3. because low pop and no new content they were never able to recover population.
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  9. Ishtass Augur

    Yeah it's a shame VG didn't do better, was really a fun game.
  10. Jumbur Augur

    Converting sound-effects/music should be possible(if even necessary?). I don't know how models are stored in VG versus EQ, but the models themselves are probably just triangles with textures in both cases(unless VG used tessellation patches?). However animations may be completely different and not that easily converted, "frame-based" versus "skeleton-based"? I know some models from EQ2 ended up in EQ, so its not a stupid question....

    Wasn't VG's 3d-render based on the unreal2 engine?

    The real question is, does the graphical style in VG fit into EQ aesthetically?
  11. Geroblue Augur

    I played it towards the end... I traveled from the start point for my character, past the t-rexs, up the length of the island, before I found other players. Vanguard was a ghost town.
  12. Venea Journeyman

    It also didn't help that there were a number of broken quest lines that never did get fixed, things that were on the to-do list never got done (Even from Beta people wanted tails for the Kurashasa, Vulmane, and Raki. Sigil said it was on the list.) And some changes they made had unintended effects elsewhere, and they never fixed them. IE: the dungeon near Veskal's Exchange had mobs that were using raid boss abilities because a raid boss had been added of the same race, in a different area. What was a simple 5 dot dungeon turned into a wipefest.

    Sadly, I still stand by my original statement about Vanguard's demise. It was given a slow death as no love was directed towards it. I even visited SOE's offices one day for a tour, and spoke to the THREE devs on the Vanguard team for about 15 minutes.

    I say Daybreak should lease the Vanguard source out to a team that wants to do a Vanguard Emu server. Low one time cost for the source, one or two hundred, and the lease contract states the Emu server must be non-profit.
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  13. Nolrog Augur

    This is spot on. Once they got it sorted out, it was a really solid game. To say no love was directed at it is factually inaccurate. They put in a ton of time and effort to bring it up to par. Took another full year of development after the release (maybe more), but then it was a really solid game, with some unique takes on things. The diplomacy system was my favorite and lots of people loved their tradeskill system.

    Upon release, it was unplayable. Not bad, not just broke, but completely unplayable. Games today cannot recover from a launch like that. If they are not ready to go and well polished, the window closes fast.
  14. Sobmre Lorekeeper

    in 2017 just about any models and sounds can be ripped/ imported/ exported into about any engine given some trial and error.
  15. Sobmre Lorekeeper

    Vanguard was years ahead of its time, if i recall right. it failed because SOE bought it and killed pretty much all devolpment because it was competing with the newly opened EQ2 or something like that.
  16. fortuneteller Augur

    Wrong, EQ 2 had been our for many years at that point.
  17. Garmr Elder

    Vanguard was fantastic and the biggest "what could have been!" in the MMO landscape, imo. I played from early beta (one of the lucky ones whos machine for whatever reason could run it ok) until the servers came down for good. The mobs, the spells, the classes.....all great. Once the bugs got fairly worked out the game got even better, raiding was a good time etc. It's just a damn shame it all came way to late and most folks had long since jumped ship. Man...what could have been.

    Anyway, I'm now patiently waiting for Pantheon and hoping it turns into what Vanguard could have.
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  18. Reht Augur

    SOE rescued it, without SOE buying it, VG would not have released.
  19. fortuneteller Augur

    I kind of disagree there.

    I started up on a char, and played, then it was bug upon bug upon bug. It was released 1 year too early.

    Sure it looked ok, but it was not something total innovation, would say that compared to eq which I would give 7 in grade of how it look, I would not having given Vanguard more than 8 in the Graphics.

    Vanguard had 1 handicap and that was that it was the same persons behind it, as behind EQ and too damaged to reinvent the Wheel.

    Now Pantheon, if same persons behind, can the rethink Things, or will they make the same mistakes and release it too early ?

    However I will surely hope it becomes the thing you hoping for, the new improved EQ, and soon, as I fore sure will jump ship then.
    I love EQ, but playing on a certain server is a nightmare, and am thinking atm, to continue to play or not to continue to play..

    But what do I expect of Pantheon... It will come in Alpha, beta, then kind released, but within 1 year max, it will become property of DBG.
  20. Cactuszach Elder

    Have you heard of this game called Everquest? Its pretty good. You could try playing that.
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