Fixed Internally Vander's Bane (Pet Agro)

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Disapointed, Mar 7, 2022.

  1. Disapointed Journeyman

    In era, when this weapon was released the pets summoned could benefit from EM, which made them crazy DPS. This was "adjusted" so you could get 1 in 4 or so big "quality" swarm pets, the rest would just be annoying smaller wastes.

    Lately people have found that the weapons are creating "quality" pets that are putting out amazing DPS, which is fine. However... These pets are generating hate at ridiculous rates, which is making it increasingly difficult to move mobs around.

    While I get that the easiest solution would be to not use them in these scenario's the DPS they are doing justification is winning the argument against banning them from raids.

    Any chance you can look into why the hate generation is so out of control?

    **I referenced "in era" because this was not an issue even when they were all EM focused.
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  2. Sancus Augur

    The max normal hit on an EM 30 Magician RS pet is 15,225. The max normal hit on a pet spawned by Vander's Bane (the 17th anniversary raid version) is 35,086. Hitting for 2.3x as much is going to lead to a commensurate increase in aggro.
  3. Disapointed Journeyman


    As you can imagine, this is a BL. But the vander's bane pets (not feralgia) are more than doubling the warder's DPS.

    I have never seen a swarm pet generate this kind of agro.

    I guess like you said, more DPS more agro so the issue isn't going anywhere.
  4. Zenn New Member

    That is a lot of DPS from an item from 6 expansions ago and that DPS explains why they are generating that much agro. As I recall this was modified back in TBM as it EM'd every pet that popped which was not as intended. It appears like that previous change was somehow undone with this expansion (level increase?).