Vah Shir Left Hand(Paw) Weapon Holding : A Request

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  1. Zaviere Augur

    For a VERY long time now, the mighty Vah Shir race has had a problem...

    That problem being how they wield weapons in their left hands(paws).

    It doesn't matter what type of weapon it is, without fail the race seems unable to properly grasp a weapon in the off hand, and I for one find it extremely frustrating as someone who greatly appreciates fine visual details in this wonderful game. I am not sure which dev to direct this towards, but I am hoping it can perhaps get some attention once and for all - whether it be by slightly altering the geometry of the Vah Shir's hand(paw) to properly display any given held weapon, or by applying a minor tweak to the coding of weapons and how they are shown in the hands(paws) of the majestic feline race.

    Here are some glaring examples, using different types of weapon ornaments on two different characters. First, my Beastlord and some claws;




    As anyone can clearly see, and ESPECIALLY when equipping any type of Hero's Forge hand ornament, part of the fingers, as well as the top of the ornament and hand(paw) push through the claw ornaments to varying degrees. The angle of the weapon is also a bit off from how it is displayed in the opposite grasp.

    Here is my Bard with some swords:




    Once again, the flaw in the holding of the weapons is clear. In this case, the handles of the swords are displayed too far towards the inward and slightly upward part of the hand(paw). This basically makes it look like the weapons are going through the thumb joint and the surface of the palm, then out the other side, despite the actual left hand(paw) itself being in a fist grip position that mirrors the right.

    I'm not going to pretend to know exactly what causes this undesirable effect, but I suspect it is still something that may not be terribly difficult to fix. The only way I could see this problem being virtually impossible to remedy at this point is if it is something having to do with the weapons/ornaments coding that positions it improperly in the hand(paw). I imagine the scope of work it would take to alter such code in each and every weapon graphic in the game would be completely unreasonable. IF, however, it is something to do with the code of the character model itself, I see no reason NOT to make a formal request for a fix, so that myself and fellow Vah Shir can continue enjoying our time playing in Norrath as the superior race, all while holding BOTH of our weapons correctly.

    Thanks in advance for any time and consideration given to this request.
  2. Bobsmith Augur

    Tldr: Vah Shir are terrible at weapons in their paws......

    Solution: tape

    Cats love tape on their paws!
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  3. Sheex Augur

    There’s a bar In the northeast that makes a product that you might find useful sir:

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